Mark Cueto ruled out of first match against Argentina

Sale winger Mark Cueto has been ruled out of the match against Argentina on Saturday with a back injury. The problem is thought to only be very temporary, and he should be fit for the game next week against Georgia on September 18th. It means the London Irish utility back Delon Armitage will take his place on the wing, carrying on from his impressive performance after coming on for Cueto in the warm-up match against Ireland.

Is this a blow to England’s preparations? Or should Armitage have been starting in the first place?

12 thoughts on “Mark Cueto ruled out of first match against Argentina

  1. My two cents on this selection situation is this:

    Cueto is far from in form, appears more of a workhouse than a try scorer these days which balances the back three quite well playing alongside Foden and Ashton. His lack of tries however is poor for a Test winger.

    Armitage is a great player, I’ve watched him for years at Irish and know what he can do out of nothing. But he is not an international winger, he simply hasn’t had the exposure in that position at this level. However, when you look at the other options, i.e. Banahan, he’s the obvious choice! It will be a big challenge for Delon.

  2. I’m a fan of Cueto, I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves and agree with you Ben that he is a great foil for Foden and Ashton. Positionally he is outstanding which frees up the other two to take a few more risks. Given that Armitage is a full back he is positionally strong as well so we shouldn’t lose out in that department. His decision-making is not quite as good and he needs to keep his head and show he has matured (which I’m not convinced about) but this is a real opportunity for him. Teams will think twice about kicking to a back 3 of Ashton, Foden and Armitage.

    Is this a backline with a cutting edge I see before me? If we start throwing people into the breakdown to win quick ball and Wilko plays flat, we could do some damage.

  3. I think the thing our back line will lack without Cueto is the experience factor. I just hope Banahan is kept well away from the starting lineup

  4. Should have taken Sharples in my opinion. Younger
    Fitter quicker. Johnson bottled it and now paying
    The price with old men.

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