Marler rules himself out of Australia tour



Joe Marler has made himself unavailable for England duties this summer, a RFU press release confirmed this evening. The Harlequins prop has ruled himself out of selection for both the test match against Wales, and the ensuing tour to Australia.

The press release confirmed that Marler would have been selected in the tour squad, but has instead taken the opportunity to rest.

Commenting on the decision, England head coach Eddie Jones, said:

“Joe played brilliantly during the RBS 6 Nations and he will be a big loss in Australia.

“Joe knows better than anyone what it takes to be part of a winning international team and he obviously doesn’t feel like he’s quite there at the moment. We fully support Joe’s difficult decision and admire his honesty.

“He’s a young man with a very bright future. There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll use this time wisely and come back feeling refreshed and ready to be part of England again.”

“It has been a very enjoyable but sometimes difficult season,” said Marler who has been capped 42 times for England.

“After speaking to Eddie in Brighton I have decided that the best thing for me is to take a rest and not go to Australia. Whenever you play for England you have to be 100% and unfortunately I’m not in that place at the moment. It’s not a decision I’ve come to lightly, but I feel I would be letting my teammates and my country down if I were to tour.

“I think a short rest will really help me recharge my batteries so I can start next season with the energy and focus that’s needed to perform at the highest level.

“I wish my team mates the very best in Australia in what is a hugely exciting and challenging series for England.”

23 thoughts on “Marler rules himself out of Australia tour

  1. So Vunipola and Mullen for Aus? Nick Auterac was putting in some strong performances but think he is injured. Not sure who else is knocking on the door

    1. The boy Waller, who hasn’t had a game off since he was born. Don’t know how he does it. Not sure he’s the very best but competitive with the likes of Auterac.

      1. Ah I knew I was missing someone, his longevity is incredible, stil, I think he has quite a lot of catching up to do with the others

  2. Catt gave Brookes a horrible mauling three or four weeks ago, and on that basis should be in with a shout. Gutsy decision by Market to take some time to reflect.

  3. The irony of Enoch’s ravings is that he himself is being racist. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the evenings. Admins, do we seriously have to suffer the ravings of this utter tw@t and his beloved schoolmaster?

  4. It doesn’t surprise me, his head clearly isn’t in the right place after the 6 nations. It was clear from his recent interview that he really didn’t realise quite how bad the backlash would be on him for his comment, and it’s really shaken him.

    Be interesting to see who he calls up. I can’t remember the last time someone other than Marler, Mullan, Corbs and Vunipola have played for England at LH. It’d be interesting to see who is next with two of those out.

    Waller or Auterac would be the obvious choices, but given that neither went down to Brighton it doesn’t look as though Jones is all the interested in them.

  5. Personally I find it refreshing to see a player put his hand up and say i’m not 100% and if i play there is a reasonable chance i will let my team mates down. Eddie to actually listened too which is rare.
    Dan Carter/Racing 92 could have done with with a bit more honesty in this regard last weekend

    1. Leon

      Leave DC alone, don’t you know he’s untouchable?

      And what if 1/2 the E squad also asked for ‘leave’ just before a pivotal tour? Would that be equally refreshing?

      A def maybe, methinks.

  6. Obviously part of me is saying ‘Fair play, good on him for be honest’, but the cynic in me is saying that this might be a bit of clever PR to grab the sympathy vote.

    1. So he is missing an England tour on which he would have had a nailed on place and by doing so risking someone else coming in and claiming it for his own, so that people will be nicer to him on twitter?

      If its PR, he needs to sack his advisors

      It takes a brave man to face up to his shortcomings and mistakes and an even braver one to do so in the public eye.

      1. Pablito

        Perhaps he’s not up to the job then?

        Might take a braver man to actually go (on the tour)?

      1. I didn’t actually say that he is, did I? Of course it’s just cynicism and speculation and opinion.
        Besides, do either of you know him personally to be able to say for certain what was truly involved in his decision?

        I have no doubt that the final decision was his. I think it’s great that he’s admitted to his issues and is seeing a sports psychologist too. But to say that his PR person had nothing to do with it at all, I think, is one-eyed.

        1. Yes, its all speculation and opinion. I’m just not cynical enough to believe that he’d risk his England career for a bit of PR

  7. Lets not forget, he’s still coming to terms with the death of Seb Adeniran – Olule. That’s going to have definitely had an effect on him.

  8. So if we have a Wasps/Saracens Premiership final who will Eddie play at LH for the Wales game? If he’s without Marler, Mullan and Vunipola, who will be next in line?

  9. Has the former Mohican got the yips?

    So he took flack, but he’s now got a head keeper to sort out his nut.

    Or Is he just more tired than the rest of the squad?

    Imagine an AB or a Saffa asking for a rest? Err, probably not

      1. Jacob

        Uh, uh, it’s Chalk & cheese.

        In DC’s & RM’s case, it was surely planned, or forethought, to ‘pace’ or extend their already longish careers (as per Jamie’s astute observation). Esp so as they’d both had their share of injuries (physical).. & there was a UK tour coming up in 2015.

        Are you seriously stating that JM’s ‘last min . com’ sit is the same?

        You’re more defensive than me!

    1. Carter and McCaw both took sabbaticals, which is largely the same thing. Granted they were both at more advanced stages of their careers, but they both saw overwhelmingly positive results. I definitely think more players should take a break every now and then.

      1. Jamie

        You’re right, they were @ a ‘more advanced stages of their careers’.

        I suspect it was called career management.. & ironically they both turned up fit for the WC tour.


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