Matt Giteau retires from International Rugby

The 92 cap Wallaby has called time on his career with Australia after not being selected in the 30-man squad to play in the Rugby World Cup 2011 starting next month. Part of the national set-up since 2002, Giteau scored 29 tries playing for the Wallabies, racking up 684 points in total as he often was the team’s kicker. One of the best utility players ever seen, he started at scrum-half, fly-half and at centre for the national team.

The reaction to his exclusion has been mixed, with former players such as Mark Ella claiming that Giteau is simply “too good to be left out of the squad.” But with the 28 year old already confirmed to be moving to Toulon for the start of next season, following stints in Super Rugby with the ACT Brumbies and the Western Force, it appears his time is up. The star tweeted: “Really wanna thank everyone for the support! Was a huge honour to get the chance to represent my country as often as I did #veryprivileged”

What are your thoughts on Giteau’s exclusion and retirement from Test Rugby?

22 thoughts on “Matt Giteau retires from International Rugby

  1. Huge mistake from the Wallabies leaving him out. There is only so much pressure you can pile on inexperienced heads. When Cooper et al begin to panic in the World Cup they’ll miss Giteau’s settling nature.

  2. What a bloody slap in the face! Still a great player, with so much experience and loads to offer… BIG mistake Aussie, big mistake….

  3. We don’t know everything thats happening behind the scenes but from an outside perspective this seems crazy. Giteau is versatile, a good goal kicker and experienced. Surely all these things are important for a RWC squad. Maybe his game just isn’t where the management want it. On the other hand Toulon will be delighted with this development with Wilkinson & Contepomi both at the RWC.

  4. Big shock and big mistake leaving out your most experienced backs in what is a fairly inexperienced backline.

  5. Well I am shocked. Can’t believe they could leave someone of his experience and versatility out of their squad. I watched some of the game against SA at the weekend, and Cooper could prove to be a real liabilty in defence. Which could be great for other teams if they try to exploit it. Din’t know who else they are taking as cover at fly half, but as Giteau can cover several position, and all of them well, it seems crazy. England are still picking players who don’t play that well in one position.

  6. Quade Cooper is a liabilty under pressure.

    Do you remember when the old tactic of sending tyour biggest player @ the oppo flyhalf was all the rage?

    well it still works with QC. send a few meatheads at him, give him some verbals and watch him crumble.

    when this happens in the rwc who will the aussies turn to?

  7. Spot on jimmymc1. I’m kind of hoping we get the chance to send Moody after him. He might no be a meathead, but I’m sure he’s a pscycho.

  8. Giteau has not been good enough. Simple. I would have had him on the bench but there wasn’t much chance of him getting in the XV with the players ahead of him. Someone mentioned his GK, well, they have Cooper, Beale and O’Connor already in front of him for that. If anything it shows the amount of talent coming through the team although I agree with the comments made about experience at the back, or lack of, but the Wallabies have one of the best backlines in the world. I would think they won’t miss Giteau – time will tell.

  9. Boys, you’ve got it wrong. For all his talent, Gits has been a chronic underachiever in the Gold jersey and no good under pressure (see his performance v Samoa and even Scotland).

    Also re: Quade, yep the man can’t tackle for sh*t, but he is never afraid to run, regardless of who’s lining up against him. That’s why he’s dangerous (to the opposition and ourselves!).

    Gits is out because Berrick Barnes will be in. Another utility, a very good alternate fly half (as is James O’Connor) and most importantly – a man known to be a team player. Gits had a rep for always looking out for Gits.

    This has been on the cards for about a year. Good call from Dingo.

  10. Come on rugbyblog…don’t tell me you’re not working 24/7 covering important news from down under! I had to go to an inferior site for my live Wallaby squad announcement!

    Anyway- taking Berrick Barnes to cover 10 is a big gamble. Oz squad looks strong in back row, 9 and outside backs but weak in front row and centres/10 cover. A lot will depend on Cooper’s form/fitness.

  11. This was a bad call, Giteau can play from 9-12 good left boot how can McCabe and Fiangaa be ahead of him for RWC selection
    This is a mistake Cooper is good when he is having his own way but cant handle pressure and will implode

  12. Giteau’s appearances as 9 have been pretty crap.

    Also consider this – he’s a known prima donna who destabilises teams and coaches when things don’t go his way – see what happened with the Brumbies this year – the coach was dumped as a result of a revolt from the senior players, followed by a rubbish season replete with infighting, and yet Giteau was happy with his performance and is now swanning off to play in Europe. He did something similar at the Force.

    The guy’s just not a team player and doesn’t get on with many of the starting Wallabies. He won’t be in the first XV, so would you want that kind of guy sulking his way through the world cup?!

  13. I agree that he doesn’t really fit in with how the Wallabies are looking to play. I don’t know about the attitude thing but know that Cramps has his finger on the pulse (so he claims). He has been pretty average for the past year, his goalkicking has disintegrated and that could have been the thing which kept him in there given Australia’s problems in that department.

    I like the fact that Deans has made ballsy calls such as this and chaning his captain. I hope Johnno realises that changing tack and reacting to chaging circumstances can actually be a sign of strength while stubbornly sticking to your guns and refusing to listen to anyone can actually be a sign of weakness. Often your strengths, in Johnno’s case single-mindedness, loyalty and self-belief, can become your weaknesses if they are overplayed.

    1. Thanks Stu – I think. So in lieu of getting back to work (I know your mind’s already in the land of the willing sheep) – what would you do in Johnno’s position? – Not that I disagree with you that something needs to be done.

    1. Makes sense. I’ll have a word to Johnno. Meanwhile pack your boots next to your velcro gloves and cross your fingers!

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