Matt Stevens fails drug test

Just seen this news on the BBC site…

Click here for the story.

We really don’t need this in our sport. Sounds like the right decision have been made in banning him from everything pending investigation.

It does leave a spot open in the England squad…

3 thoughts on “Matt Stevens fails drug test

  1. Agree that it would be nice not to have people taking drugs in rugby but there’ll always be someone who does it anyway. The important part is that he’s been caught – i think rugby’s very stringent on testing for both recreational and performance-enhancing so this should serve as enough warning around the world (as Sailor’s ban did a few years back) to deter other players for a good while.

  2. I’ve been joking all day about them bringing back Julian White and what do they go and do! I think that’s actually quite intriguing in that it really is win at all costs at the moment and all the talk about building for the future is nonsense. I can’t say I’m too against it as if the team is winning again its easy enough for White to slip out but I think I’d still rather have seen an up and coming prop get a chance.

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