McGeechan appointed Lions coach in 2009

Ian McGeechan

There’s a sense of deja vu – the Lions are touring South Africa, home of the World Champions, led by Ian McGeechan, the greatest Lions coach ever. Can he really do it again?

All we need now are replacements for key players like Johnno, Gibbs, Guscott, Wood, Jenkins. Is it time to start picking those Lions XVs?

One thought on “McGeechan appointed Lions coach in 2009

  1. Well what with the recent appointment of Johnno we English are of course familiar with misty-eyed nostalgia of late!

    Memories of “Living with Lions” came flooding back the minute I saw the news. Geech’s words of wisdom flowed through my mind like it was only yesterday: “A wounded animal returns in frenzy…..this is your chance to kill a Springbok!”

    Let’s hope that come the end of the second test Geech is once again sat in a chair again while someone reaches for the hair clippers as a drunken chorus of ‘Wonderwall’ fills the air.

    Normally I would excitedly reel off my Lions XV even though it’s a year ahead, but with all except Wales in such a state of flux it’s hard to know where to begin. We seriously need the English, Irish and Scots to get back to their best in the next year, but it can be done.

    The only unit that really picks itself for me at the moment is a back row of Haskell, Williams and Jones. There are a lot of places up for grabs.

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