McGeechan: “Rugby’s in a very good place”

This week saw the launch of a new online tool designed to help rugby coaches throughout the world.  Developed by Carson Russell and supported by former England coach Dick Best and Lions legend Sir Ian McGeechan, they are hoping it can revolutionise how coaching knowledge is shared.

Dick Best spoke to Nick Heath about the site and how England are looking ahead of the visit of the southern hemisphere teams:


With over 400 3D videos to view when the system fully launches, it is hoped that the combination of feedback and input from coaches at the grassroots level, combined with top down knowledge sharing from some of the biggest figures in the game will encourage coaches and players to see it as a valuable resource.

Sir Ian McGeechan spoke to Nick Heath about the site and also about the state rugby is currently in:



Registration is free until the 30th September and the site is live to browse now at