Men’s Health: Valentine’s Day Online Clinic

Man MOTTo give men a Valentine’s Day confidence boost, sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox will be hosting a special Valentine’s surgery on February 14th at Man MOT (, the online surgery exclusively for men.

Research from Pfizer reveals that 1 in 5 men lack confidence in the bedroom, with several citing special occasions as the time when they are most concerned.

Graham Jackson, Chairman of the Sexual Advice Association added: “We know there are a lot of men who avoid talking about sexual issues which can often put them under immense pressure on occasions when they may be expected to perform. Too many men continue to suffer in silence and avoid their GP, which in some cases can lead to potentially serious medical conditions going undetected.”

The Man MOT (Monday Opportunity to Talk) online surgery was launched specifically to provide men with instant access to qualified healthcare professionals.  Men who lack the confidence or time to visit their GP can seek advice on a broad range of health issues in an environment they feel comfortable in – anonymous and online.  

Men wanting to seek advice on sexual health and confidence issues can log on to between 6pm and 10pm on February 14th. GPs on Man MOT can talk to men about any health problem, suggest the best course of action to take, and direct them to appropriate health services if necessary.

Bear in mind though, as they do not have access to medical records and are not able to perform a clinical examination, they cannot give individualised medical advice or offer a specific medical diagnosis.