Mike Tindall appeal hearing: RFU Statement

Mike Tindall has been restored to the England squad today, following an appeal against his heavy-handed punishment.

It seems slightly immaterial, given that the squad will be reviewed again on 1st January and there’s obviously no England activity between now and then. Is this fair? Is it yet more reason for Rob Andrew to step down?

Here’s the full statement:

Mike Tindall’s fine for breaches of the England Elite Player Squad Agreement during the 2011 Rugby World Cup has been reduced from £25,000 to £15,000 and he has been reinstated into the England Elite Player Squad.

Regarding Mike Tindall, Martyn Thomas, Acting Chief Executive Officer who heard the appeal, said, “We accept that there were mitigating factors which do not appear to have been taken into account to the extent that they might otherwise have been. These include;

i. Mike did not intentionally mislead the RFU team management when he stated that he could not remember where he was on the night of September 11, and that he was relying on other people’s versions of events which were relayed to him

ii. That there was no evidence of any suggestion of sexual impropriety of any nature with the woman in question and we accept the fact that she is a family friend who he has known for a long time

iii. That Mike expressed deep regret during the appeal meeting about his behaviour and that he had apologised to Martin Johnson and the team for the events which unfolded as a consequence

iv. That there was no evidence that Mike had been involved in any incidences in the past which could contribute as aggravating factors.

“Taking all these factors into account we have decided to reduce the fine to £15,000 and reverse the decision to remove Mike from the England Elite Player Squad. It is however important to stress that we believe Mike’s behaviour fell way below that to be expected of somebody of his calibre and experience. He exposed himself to a very compromising position and exposed the rest of the team to damaging publicity.”

“We are aware that the EPS Squad will be reviewed on January 1, 2012 and wish to make it clear that this decision does not prevent those deciding the composition of the EPS Squad from taking into account this incident when making that decision.”

11 thoughts on “Mike Tindall appeal hearing: RFU Statement

  1. What a bloody nonsense! Moot point really because he is far from good enough to play for England anyway. Hopefully the new management will not feel obligated to the old boys! How can someone be at their peak 8 years apart? Move on and build a team for the next 5 years. I hope Mallinder stays with Northampton but from an England supporter perspective it makes sense. (Just leave the Saints boys in the club :))

  2. Mitigating factor v. Mike was being judged by a man under pressure for his own job and the judgement may have been swayed in an attempt to use others as a scapegoat to detract from his own failures and inappropriate behaviour

    1. And the result is that more pressure is likely to be applied on Andrew to resign (as if there wasn’t enough already)!

  3. The amazing thing is that no one would have batted an eyelid if this had been the original judgement – just goes to show how poor the decision making is in the RFU.

    But hold on, isn’t Andrew going to come out later on today and say that discipline isn’t in his remit and that it was nothing to do with him!

  4. Tindall is a good player, great reader and organizer on the field, strong in defense, and sets up tries with little grubber here or a break and off load there. He fecked up alright. but to say he is not good is rubbish

      1. I have to say that I am a Glos supporter and a Tindall fan (much to my old man’s annoyance, as he can’t stand him!) but even I reckon Tins time has come in international rugby, and actually it probably came 12 months ago. He still has much to give the Kingsholm faithful though.

        1. Do you mean Toulouse? If so he played well, but there is a difference between club and International standard. Being selfish, I want him to keep going for Glos and “being retired” from international rugby is a good way to extend his club career.

          1. Oh yes oops Toulouse.. Well I do agree with you, and no he should not play for England again. I think he is better than people say, but good luck Tindall and thanks for the world cup in 2003.

  5. yeah can’t pass, yeah slow, you hear it all again and again and again. BUT we have been controlled in a game twice since jan and he wasn’t playing in either one, there is something about tindall, and I dont know what it is but he really helps the side.
    without lewis moody, the forwards were fine, without tindall, the backs were crap….. don’t knock him too hard guys

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