New England Rugby World Cup Kits Revealed

Nike and England have caused more controversy by creating an all-black change strip.

Images of the all-white strip was released yesterday evening, whilst the black jersey was held back and revealed this afternoon, presumably for maximum impact.

Here are the new designs – what do you think? Marketing masterstroke? Downright disrespectful?

England RWC Kit

18 thoughts on “New England Rugby World Cup Kits Revealed

  1. Not worth the controversy – especially due to the fact that is seems to be covered in electricians’ tape.. :S

  2. disappointed England chose to do this, i’d be interested to know whose decision it was.

    Ashton’s not shy of a gym.

  3. Rubish / what was wrong with the Purple or Grey we had as back up
    HOPE is not used – so very wrong

  4. I think they couldve probably played a little with the chain-link armor texture on the jersey, giving it a medieval knight feel.

  5. I don’t see what the fuss is all about, the All Blacks’ away kit is All White. I think it’s a great psychological shot at the Kiwis and after watching their recent performances we need to knock the psyche as much as possible.
    It was the strength of mind as much as anything that won it for England in 2003 and the psychological edge for France that knocked the All Blacks out in 2007.
    I’m standing by my bet that the AB’s won’t make the final and things like this give me just a little bit more hope.

  6. I like it – not sure what all the fuss is about.
    It’s just a marketing tool, and as Rob says a bit of a dig at the kiwis – just to put a little more pressure on them. Their away kit is white and i didn’t see David Cameron getting involved when they unveiled that.
    The kiwi’s problem is that they think they have a devine right in rugby and it only comes back to hurt them.
    Yes they are the best in the world right now and should win the RWC, but we will see!
    Pressure is a big factor.

  7. Not sure if you have a clue what the All blacks think about the Black Jersey.. Not one of them have come out and made any notions that they have the devine right in rugby!!! If you had any notion at all… NZ team colours in all their teams are black and white!!!! Not just rugby but hockey, cricket, basketball etc hence the away kit being white!!!

    WE should’ve have stuck to our colours – using tactics like this makes a joke of us….

  8. Honestly. I’ve said it before, England could be wearing tutus and tiaras for all I care, as long they are winning.

    As for the All Blacks having “divine right” over the colour black, that’s ludicrous to say the least (and whoever commented on all New Zealand sports kits being predominantly black can I refer you to the football team, known as the All Whites). Needless to say, I don’t recall anyone from the land of the long white cloud having kittens when Wales came out with their black kit a few years ago.

    Having said that, if this is some kind of “psyche out” from the England marketing team it’s a pretty weak one to say the least. Despite the New Zealand public and politicians having a little bit of a hissy fit over it I’m pretty sure McCaw has already come out and said it doesn’t bother the team whatsoever and why should it?

  9. It’s hard not to see this as some kind of petulant dig at the all blacks. Dunno why a blood red strip wouldn’t have been preferable. Still, riling the kiwis is a sport in itself and England could sport the St George’s cross and then the Crusaders would complain about it.

    If the plan is in fact to upset the kiwis, a morris dance before kick off could be a nice addition.

    1. cramps – i believe that foden is using Le tigre, a softer look for catalogues etc.
      who cares about the kit?

      its publicity for Nike and the RWC, which is ultimately good.

      I find the whole All blacks, Haka “respect” mawkish at best.
      let the rugby do the talking.

  10. It just comes across as childish. Who cares if you think NZ have a divine right or not – this is just showing up the English as being petty and trying to poke fun. Even though I’m sure it has nothing to do with martin Johnson I’m happy to blame him as I generally do. The fact is that if England do come up against New Zealand in the World Cup, whatever jersey they’re wearing, NZ will serve up a walloping. England don’t have that extra gear to take them down.

  11. I thought at first that it was an outrage that we (England) would dare to have a black kit, but now that i have seen it i dont mind it. It looks good. I dont reckon it is a dig at NZ or an attempt to rile them, i think it is purely marketing. And as has been said earlier we will let the rugby do the talking. And in all likelyhood it is going to change at the end of this season anyway, so there seems little point making a big fuss about it.

    P.S I like Cramps idea about the Morris dancing, would be priceless to watch the ABs face as we show them our culture!!

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