New Poll: Who should play full-back against New Zealand?

Martin Johnson’s selection of Ugo Monye at full-back has a dramatic failure, but will he stick with the decision against the All Blacks? Or will he move Mark Cueto or bring someone else in altogether?

Answer our poll and we’ll send Johnno the results…!

Who should play at full-back against New Zealand?

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7 thoughts on “New Poll: Who should play full-back against New Zealand?

  1. Interesting idea. I think I’d rather see Jon Callard strap the boots on again than endure another afternoon of Monye under the high ball!

  2. Seriously, if Cueto starts at 15 that will be asking for trouble. I don’t know why he’s even being considered? On Saturday it was a case of Ugo having a nightmare with no options on the bench. He can’t seriously be considering making the same mistake he made with Monye in the first place, and putting a winger at 15….can he?!?

    No question I would start with Foden, but would make sure Tait was on the bench.

  3. Who voted for Andy Goode? Come on…own up!

    Heard a rumour today that Foden was going to start at full-back with Monye on the wing and Banahan dropped.

  4. Think the answer to that question Jmaes could well be Andy Goode himself! Surely no one that uses this blog site is so mentally unstable – or at least I’m hoping they’re not!

  5. There is only one man for the Job…Nick Abedanon he is in a class of his own and should be the natural choice for the no. 15 Jearsy!!!!

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