New PUMA v-Konstrukt III boots

Football and rugby boot technology appear to be converging with the latest offering from Puma that is so hi-tech that it can combine comfort, performance and protection.

Whilst the new PUMA v-Konstrukt III may look like Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest boot of choice, they have actually been designed with the rugby player in mind. They are fairly eye-catching and so probably more suitable for the fleet-footed backs amongst us, but they offer more protection than the football equivalents.

They have a ‘glove-like’ fit for comfort, which helps to minimise any waste in energy, but also feature impact protection sufficient for rugby whilst the off-centre laces will give you more control with your kicking.

They are currently being worn by Mathew Tait, Dwayne Peel, Alex Tuilagi and Nick Abendanon and are available from

Whatever happened to the high-ankled all-black steel-toed boots that used to be so popular?! Probably for the best that they’ve been consigned to the bin.