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Welcome to The Rugby Blog, with it’s fresh new look ahead of a big season leading up to the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

The new site is designed to be simple, going back to basics a little with the blog format displaying articles in chronological order, and it should be fast. In a world where scrolling has become as habitual as breathing, the layout should make it easy to find anything you haven’t read yet, and you can find where the latest discussion is taking place using the links on the left.

The change of menu options and colour palette also reflects the shift in focus for The Rugby Blog since late last year, whereby we are primarily covering on England and the Premiership, allowing us to explore the talking points in more depth rather than worrying about delivering a balanced view of everything going on in the Rugby world.

Most of the functionality remains the same, although I’ve added a Like button underneath each comment so that people can show their appreciation for other people’s insight and hilarity. I took out the Dislike button, as I’m a positive kind of guy.

We’ll start building up to the new Premiership season in the next couple of weeks, whilst keeping an eye on the Rugby Championship with my weekly predictions. Matters are complicated slightly by my moving house at the end of the month; I’m making the big move out of London with my wife and three kids, and we’re heading to Cheltenham, so things will be a little hectic.

That said, once we’re settled in, I’m hoping to have more time to contribute more regularly this season with my own feature articles or a column beyond the brief rugby predictions.

I am also keen to hear from anyone else that might like to get involved with some writing or ranting, so feel free to drop me a line if you are interested, or if you know someone that might like to contribute.

There will be lots to discuss over the next 15 months and beyond!


4 thoughts on “New season on The Rugby Blog

  1. Recent Brower updates (eg. Chrome) are now flagging your site as ‘Not secure’ because there is no https option available. This could deter some users. However you are in good company, Sky Sports is the same!!

    1. Even the RFU can’t copyright a font! It’s actually a Google Font.

      I was using it for article titles until we realised it’s very hard to read…


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