Newcastle Falcons finish 12th, face relegation from the Premiership

After failing to beat London Wasps by 24 points or score a try bonus point, Newcastle Falcons have been relegated to the Championship. Their resurgence over the last few months under Gary Gold’s leadership has given the Falcons hope, but ultimately they were unable to pull off the miracle required at Adams Park.

It means that pending the promotion of Bristol from the Championship, Newcastle will be going down. There is hope however for the Falcons with Dean Richards taking over this summer and Semore Kurdi’s investment rebuilding the club. It is however a sad day for rugby not just in the north, but for the whole of the Aviva Premiership.

Can the Falcons come back stronger from this?

Thoughts from Newcastle’s Gary Gold courtesy of Talking Rugby:

3 thoughts on “Newcastle Falcons finish 12th, face relegation from the Premiership

  1. Falcons will comeback into the Premiership. A stronger club all round than some that are in the Premiership. We get this monkey off our back and get stuck in to these teams again.

  2. We gave it a good go and still beat wasps. If vesty hadn’t been a fool last week this would be a different story but ifs don’t change anything.

  3. Sometimes what clubs need is a spell in the Championship to refresh and rebuild. Didn’t have any adverse effects on Harlequins and Northampton. Maybe it’ll encourage them to have faith in their academy too, if they’d held on to some of them in recent years they wouldn’t be in this situation (obviously that’s easier said than done sometimes).

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