Newcastle Falcons record another draw

Newcastle Falcons recorded their third draw in four matches against Harlequins last night. The remarkable, although unenviable statistic of drawing 75% of their matches has left us turning to the record books.

No team has ever had two consecutive draws to start the season, and we can’t find any evidence of another club that has drawn three out of four. To put it in context of how rare draws actually are in rugby, we’ve had a look at the number of draws in previous Guinness Premiership seasons.

Last year, there were 5 draws in total, with Bath and Worcester recording two each and no team drawing three.

In 2007/08, there were only three draws all season, with Worcester again playing a part in two of them, and Wasps also playing in two. You have to go back to the 2005-2006 season to find another team with three draws, when Leicester Tigers and Wasps both involved in three stalemates.

We’ve been back through every season since the 1997/98 Allied Dunbar Premiership, and no team drew four matches in any one season, so there’s a reasonable chance that the Falcons will break that trend as well. In fact, if they carry on as they are with three draws in every four, they might draw 16 of their matches!

I wonder if they could avoid relegation without actually winning a match.