Nick Heath: Taking The Mic

Hi, Nick Heath here – producer of The Rugby Blog Podcast. This new regular feature on the site is to try to give you a little insight into my ambition to becoming an established rugby broadcaster – I hope to be able to show you some of my progress plus a bit of behind the scenes action at some of the biggest rugby events over the coming season. 

10th August 2010


Since my work on the podcast has gained some notoriety, this Summer has seen me get my first few professional gigs. This one was for SportsMedia and I was charged with getting post match reaction on the new Premiership Sevens for local and national radio stations who might want some post match interviews for their sports reports.

After a drive down the M4 from south London, I was greeted by Andrew McMorran of QuickMcMorran. They are the agency that came up with putting their client JP Morgan together with a Premiership 7s event. They then concocted the longest tournament phrase we all had to cope with dropping in nonchalantly to any and every broadcast…the snappy ‘JP Morgan Asset Management Premiership Sevens Series’. Thanks for that!

When I arrived, I was told that they’d also like me to help with a promotional video they are doing to cover the success and atmosphere of the event. Jerry Guscott and David Trick were there, as well as Roger Thompson, UK head of JP Morgan.

I had about two minutes to prepare myself before they were brought over to me and I was thrown into conducting the interview from off camera. With my head rushing and trying to control any obvious signs of panic or nervousness, I managed to nail the right number of questions and with the right tone to give the guys what they needed.

Bath RFCIt was one of those moments where you just have to trust yourself that this is what you’re good at so just get on with it. I was quietly pleased with myself.

The evening then kicked off and I was able to slip up to the press box high above the pitch to crib any pertinent facts from other journos and see how each team was getting on.


In fact – it was Newcastle Falcons who made it to the final instead of Quins as I suggested in that video. A note to the organisers – make the points system clearer next year!

Interview with Ryan Glynn of Northampton:

I managed to interview Noah Cato who had a blinder of a night and Kevin Barrett, the victorious Saracens skipper as well as a few others. I then had the pleasure of having to sit in the press box until 11.30pm sending the edited audio clips to all of the local and national radio stations that may choose to broadcast them in their sports reports in the coming hours.

The Rec was empty. I wandered to the car, found the M4 and was back in London at gone 2am. Not much glamour, but a great privilege to be able to watch top class sevens rugby right on the touchline and speak to the major players.

Next stop, the Middlesex 7s.

If you have any questions about the media’s coverage of rugby, then Nick will do his best to get behind the scenes or find the answer for you, so just leave a comment below.