No upsets in Round 2 of the Six Nations…just

Wales 30 – 15 Scotland

Wales remain unbeaten after their victory over the Scots, although the scoreline suggests it was more comfortable than it actually was.  Shane Williams was awarded a try despite his foot being in touch, and this gave the Home side an unassailable lead.

If it hadn’t been given by the television match official, Scotland may have had a chance, but now they remain rooted to the bottom of the table with two defeats from two.

France 26 – 21 Ireland

Three quick tries from Vincent Clerc gave the French a commanding lead, and at half time Ireland seemed shell-shocked and bereft of ideas.  After the break though, a penalty try sparked them into action and they almost produced one of the finest combacks in the history of the competition.

The forwards drove relentlessly for the line and the required try looked possible in the last 5 minutes, but the French held on and the Irish wasted the final play of the game.  Ultimately, it’s fair to say that the result was typically Irish – a narrow, but heroically brave defeat to France.

Italy 19 – 23 England

There was a hint of deja vu at the Stadio Flaminio as England completely dominated the game in the first half, but then (nearly) threw it away in the second.  Jonny Wilkinson responded to his critics by setting up a majestically crafted first try, but then the second half was once again a shambles.

Towards the end, when another try was given away through a charged down kick, there were some worrying minutes, but Brian Ashton’s men clung on for their lives.  They now sit in the middle of the table, which seems to be a fair reflection of their performances – average, middle of the road, nothing special.

What did you think of this weekend’s games?

12 thoughts on “No upsets in Round 2 of the Six Nations…just

  1. Shame on you boys – did you not know it’s illegal to do anything less than shower unequivocal praise upon the Welsh?!

    As this incisive writer rightly points out, Wales were “always in control”. Yes, that’s right, letting the Jocks back to within one point, then later on within two points, was all part of a grand plan!

    Granted, there was no point in that game where if I was forced to take a bet I’d have put my hard-earned money on the Jocks. After all, Wales were at home and were the team that had the most variety about them, but I can’t see how anyone can really argue with your conclusion that the scoreline made it sound easier than it was for Wales.

    Still, this is the nation that beat Canada at home and Shane Williams said it showed that they could beat the All Blacks the following week (cue arse kicking from the All Blacks) but they don’t like us English, because WE are arrogant!

  2. owch Rob .. you are still clearly hurting from your fantastic performance against Italy yesterday.

    I think the point the bloke made in the 1st comment is about Wales looking like they could score numerous times and did appear to be in control as opposed to Scotland who looked like creating nothing.

  3. Did anyone else laugh their head off when Brian Moore screamed “For God’s sake!” when England relinquished yet more ball in the second half?
    His ridiculous inability to articulate poor play by saying anything other than “this is dull” further demonstrates that the man is not fit for international commentary.
    …and i’ve just remembered he also said “i’m just saying random things that come into my head”. Excellent considered prose that must make Brian.
    I could probably go on…but i wont.
    I still thoroughly enjoy watching France. Clerc is a hero. I wish i could play rugby like he and Heymans do.

  4. The current English team are rubbish and must firts admit it to themselves instead of coming up with silly excuses.That is the firts step to be taken.

  5. I was slightly surprised when he made the comment about saying random things that came into his head because it implied that this was a departure from his normal commentary which it clearly wasn’t.

    I do agree with Rob’s point that it seems England are the only ones anyone is allowed to accuse of arrogance and delusion. If you believed what their coaches and pundits have been saying, both Scotland’s losses so far and Ireland’s loss to France were entirely down to bad luck and the bounce of the ball, nothing to do with being thoroughly outplayed. In any sport, being honest with yourself as players and coaches is absolutely crucial, and the only way to progress. If Ireland and Scotland really think that that is why they lost then I fear for them slightly.

    Similarly, when Ashton cites the fact that England didn’t collapse to defeat this time as evidence of progress, he is being disingenuous. If Italy had a back line, we would have been stuffed. I hope that this is not what Ashton really thinks because then we could be in a bit of trouble.

    And re the Welsh, at 17-15 after an hour the game was in the balance. Granted Scotland created nothing all game but England got to the World Cup final doing that. Yes Wales were far the better team but for much of the game victory was far from assured.

    Finally, given the havoc the French back 3 are causing, I bet Bernard Laporte is feeling pretty silly right now having not allowed them to get the ball for 2 years.

  6. I don’t think you can say my lads are rubbish Namblack. When I looked up on the odd occasion from watching the Corrie omnibus on Sunday afternoon, they seemed to be doing fine. Even my mate Balshy got his shirt dirty. I shall have a quiet word with him abiut that – can’t have my full back running around all covered in mud. I think he was just trying to show off. Young Cip made a bit of a blunder playing in his normal position, which I think just shows my brilliance in playinghim out of position against Wales, thus keeping him out of trouble. Have to sign off for now, Balshy has just brought my tea and bourbons in. Balshy says eating bourbons is good psychologoiical preparation for our next game against the French. Eating Garibaldis last week certainly worked for the lads!!!

  7. Perhaps I had/have a severe case of beingthereitis. Am going to watch the game again now on the old iplayer to see if I did indeed have dragon tinted glasses on.

    All I can tell you is that after a number of pints and an electric atmosphere in the stadium (for most of the match) Wales seemed to have it in the bag.

    The “Wales were always in control” comment I made is perhaps a reflection of how I felt throughout the game. An unusual feeling for a Welsh supporter. I just had that feeling that we would do it based on the times when we looked dangerous and Scotland having to rely on Mr Paterson.

    Rob, we Welsh do like the English. We like the Jonny Wilkinson English, the Josh Lewsey English, we prefer the Martin Corry English to the Lawrence Dallaglio English and certainly have less time for the Austin Healey or Jerry Guscott English.

    Which English are you?

  8. And in return, we like the Rob Howley, Scott Quinell, Scott Gibbs and Ryan Jones Welsh, respect the James Hook Welsh and near enough despise the Shane Williams and Gavin Henson Welsh!

    Arrogance exists in every professional sportsman to varying degrees, it has to for them to be succesful and believe they are better than their opposition. Granted its best mixed with a certain amount of humility and needs backing up through performance as well as chat, but as for us supporters, we’re all guilty of arrogance because we all big up our own team – it’s called being a fan!

    Good time to be Welsh in my opinion: settled, young, injury-free and in-form team with a first class captain and an outstanding coaching team. England were largely dross yesterday, at 20-6 up going into the 2nd half we should have run away with it, but fair play to the Italians, they will be a half decent side under Mallett. Still, pretty confident we will make a habit of turning the Frogs over in Paris and blow the competion wide open…?!

  9. Despise .. harsh words, although Will Carling stirs much the same sentiment. Jason Robinson the complete opposite, welcome everywhere.

    Gav … yes. He has not helped himself over his short career. Lets hope he learns and does his talking where it matters.

    Arrogant fans … never, not in our hemisphere at least .. ahem

  10. Don’t diss Austin Healey – a guy who speaks his mind but with his tongue firmly in his cheek. And he actually comes out with some quite good analysis these days, although that might be because anything sounds sensible after listening to Moore and Butler prattle on with their ‘edgy banter’ for an hour.

    Wales were clearly the better side all game but England were the better side for 50 mins against Wales. When the scoreboard is that close you can never feel that comfortable.

    And sadly, nearly losing to Italy was not the most embarrassing thing that happened to English rugby yesterday – the 7s team got turned over by Kenya yesterday. So proud.

  11. Fair enough rugbyrwgbi – all I was saying was that I couldn’t see why you took issue with the initial account of the game on this blog, which I felt was not nearly as critical of Wales as you were making it out to be. As I said in my initial comment, I felt Wales would win throughout, but when there’s only a point in any game there’s never any certainty (or in England’s case anything less than a 20-point lead!).

    Personally I would never be so fickle as to let my objective, considered opinion be swayed by the consumption of a few beers. Well, OK maybe just a little bit!

    We like the Josh Lewsey English too. Unfortunately our coach doesn’t and prefers the Iain Balshaw English. I expect you do too, for a very different reason!

    And Harry, I get his point, just didn’t see what was so off the mark about the original post on here, that’s all. I wasn’t trying to say England were anything other than crap yesterday (again).

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