Ospreys win the EDF non-event

The final of the EDF Energy Cup took place on Saturday, with the Ospreys freezing the Leicester Tigers out of the game in a defensive bore.

The thrill-less final brought to an end the cup competition that has become almost meaningless, and the performances of both teams suggested that neither was really that bothered who won.

It has long been a bugbear of mine that the Anglo-Welsh cup has replaced the national cup competition. I’d like to see a return to the all-inclusive club competition, whereby teams in lower leagues can compete against those in the top-flight.

The Premiership teams could still use it as a development opportunity, and it would give the lesser teams valuable exposure on a big stage. I don’t really like looking to football for examples, but look at the ‘magic’ of the FA Cup.

What are your thoughts? Does the Anglo-Welsh format do it for you?