POLL: Does Dan Cole deserve a ban for biting?

coleThe main controversy on the opening weekend of domestic rugby in the UK and Ireland has come from Welford Road, where Leicester Tigers prop Dan Cole has been accused in some quarters of biting the hand of Worcester fly-half Ignacio Mieres. Slow motion replies appeared to suggest the Argentine had shoved his fingers in Cole’s mouth (so what did he expect?), but nonetheless there was blood on his fingers so an investigation is absolutely necessary. According to reports a decision will be made on whether or not he will be cited by 4pm this afternoon.

What is your take on the matter? Does Cole deserve to banned? Vote in our poll and give your thoughts below.

Does Dan Cole deserved to be banned?

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20 thoughts on “POLL: Does Dan Cole deserve a ban for biting?

  1. Big fan of Dan Coles, and think it is difficult when Mieres quite obviously shoved his fingers in Cole’s mouth. Nonetheless, he needs to be banned. Biting can not be accepted no matter what. Hartley got banned for the exact same thing, so not banning Cole will be very difficult.

      1. Absolutely agree with that. The question here was about Cole though, and he should be banned. Ferris got away with it though and I’d be surprised if Meires actaully was cited.

  2. I’m not sure its an intentional bite to be fair. He has his finger in his mouth and the tackle takes him to the floor – the impact of hitting the floor would surely result in Cole to bite down regardless of there being any fingers in there?
    Having said that, if he is cited, it means he would likely miss the game against the Falcons and we need all the help we can get!

  3. I don’t think he should be banned. If someone sticks their finger in my mouth I will also bite it. If anything the ban should be the other way. Who knows when Mieres just started washed his hands.

  4. I agree with Jacob – Dan Cole is a great player and I defy anyone not to bite if someone has stuck their hand in your mouth without an invitation.

    BUT Hartley received a ban for exactly the same thing (in fact it was worse as he was the victim of a fish hook – which is a rather unpleasant sensation). – So for the sake of consistency I would not be surprised to see Cole banned, he does have a considerably more favourable disciplinary record on his side though….

  5. I don’t think he should be banned. If someone stuck their fingers in my mouth I would also bite them. If anything the ban should be the other way around. Who knows when mieres last washed his hands.

  6. As with the Hartley incident, I can’t believe that fingers in the mouth is not a mitigating factor for biting them! I support bans for abusing refs and gouging, and think Calum Clark should have been banned for life for what was tantamount to GBH, but this is daft.

    1. “think Calum Clark should have been banned for life for what was tantamount to GBH” – yep. It sickens me every time I see him on a rugby pitch.

      As for Cole – he’ll get banned but he shouldn’t be.

  7. To the letter of the Law Cole should be banned however I think mitigating circumstances would nullify this. Mieres blindly put his hand under (from the angle he was at) Cole’s head to try to stop him. No intention of fish hooking, it’s just where his hand went when he couldn’t see where he was putting it. Two inches higher & we’d be having a debate about eye gouging. No blame on either party here, just an unusual circumstance. Of course, this is all just my personal opinion!

  8. I think the Hartley decision is irrelevant – I work in law and generally the rule is that you don’t have to follow a bad precedent. I think Hartley was banned partly on his reputation, but Cole is squeeky clean – I can’t ever recall him being banned.

    Mieres’ hand went into Coles mouth, accidently I’m sure. Cole doesn’t wear a gumshield + impact of going to ground = cut finger. End of.

  9. It was clearly an accident, he was being tackled to ground with fingers around the mouth, what would most people’s reaction be?

    Cole is the last person in the Premiership to do something like this intentionally.

    Really saddened that so many people answered ‘Yes’, how clueless.

  10. It’s awkward. There is precedence for him to be punished after Dylan Hartley’s biting incident. Personally, I’ve still not seen a good image of Hartley biting to call his incident either way though. That said, Pedrie Wannenburg playing for Ulster in the clip below wasn’t cited, presumably based on the fact that the positioning of Hartley’s arm was a little inconsiderate for preventing him from like, you know, breathing meaning he had no option.


    My personal opinion on Dan Cole’s bite is that someone’s got his hand in his mouth and dragging him to the floor in a tackle. There’s an element of A, his mouth is going to slam shut when he’s taken to the ground. B. someone is pulling on and tearing his cheek (which I assure you is unpleasant) and the only method he has to stop him doing certain damage is to bite. C. a natural physiological reaction under the circumstances of being tackled, pushing forward and being in pain is to clench one’s teeth. For this reason I would also advise against putting your hand in the mouth of a woman in labour.

    I’m not sure what I expect to happen in this case. It could be that the citing commissioner sees the way that Mieres is abusing Cole’s mouth and decides that Cole had no option, or he puts it forward to disciplinary. The disciplinary panel may also look at the incident and decide that Mieres’ fingers being there gave him no option. However, if they do charge him with it, I expect mitigating factors and disciplinary record to mean a maximum 6 week ban

    I don’t think he’ll be banned. Too much has been made of it I suspect for the citing officer to not bring him in, but I suspect that like Wannenburg, it will be considered the fault of the “victim”

  11. I think he deserves a ban, what was stopping him from politely asking the opposition to remove his fingers from his mouth, oh wait I think I answered my own question…………………………………..

  12. Mieres should be the one looking at trouble for tackling around the head. If you want to tackle someone by grabbing their cheek and putting your fingers in their mouth, then… you get what you deserve.

    I don’t think that a precedence needs to be set by disciplining Cole as xxxwookie said, the effort of landing and being tackled propels you to close your mouth so a bite is inevitable.

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