Poll: Does Gavin Henson have a brain?

I’ve been reluctant to give Gavin Henson any more airtime after the latest episode that has resulted in a one-week suspension from Toulon, but his behaviour is just so remarkable.

Reports are suggesting that he had a few too many beers after they beat Toulouse on Saturday and then criticised captain Joe van Niekirk, and taunted Jonny Wilkinson, the golden boy of England and now France.

His one-week suspension means that he’ll probably not play again for Toulon this season, and that sort of incident is unlikely to carry any favours when renegotiating for next season.

There have been mixed views on Henson on this site, with some people writing him off as a waste of space, whilst some others are just as vocal in saying how important he is to the Welsh midfield, and that he should definitely be going to the Rugby World Cup later this year.

Personally, I’m in the first category. He was dreadful in his brief stint at Saracens, hardly looked interested in the game, and then claimed it was ‘a bit boring’ playing at outside centre. You may remember the Gavin Henson highlights clip we put together.

It was really no surprise when Saracens let him leave, but what was incredible to me was the fact that Toulon had signed him – what they thought they were getting I’m not sure, but I suspect they might know a little more about it now.

So what are your thoughts? Does he still have a chance of going to New Zealand? Does he deserve a place in the squad? Or is he really as brainless as he sounds and will find it hard to get a contract anywhere next season?

Take the highly-scientific poll below and then let us know your thoughts – we’ll find out the answer to this once and for all.

Does Gavin Henson have a brain?

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Does Gavin Henson have a brain?

  1. His off-the-field antics aside, has he even played anywhere near even averagely, let alone well, for either Sarries or Toulon? I didn’t see his Toulon debut where he scored a try, but for a guy to be considered for a national squad, he has to put a string of excellent performances together. Rob Howley agrees apparently.

    The Charlie Sheen of the rugby world.

  2. As amusing as this article is, and it did make me laugh, I think the only way to deal with Gavin Henson is to ignore him. Oscar Wilde said that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about (pls forgive the very non rugby quote but I feel it’s apt in this case). Henson is a talent, we all know that, but he isn’t Dan Carter and never will be. His ego will be the end of him, and will we miss him? No we will not. I don’t even think Wales will.

  3. I think he’s a good player – he has great timing on his pass and reads the game well but he really does just seem a bit thick. You never really know what goes on behind the scenes when these stories come to light. If the story is as you’ve described on the article, what if Van Niekerk and Wilkinson had been taking the p!ss out of Henson the whole night and he just snapped back? What if Boudjellal and Saint-Andre have realised that if they want to keep Henson, it is best for him not to make the World Cup squad so they’ve decided to make an example of him to limit his chances? (or other more plausible theories!)

    However, anyone with a brain who is on trial at a club and desperately trying to make a world cup squad would not have been on the beers and would have taken themselves out of a situation where they might have done anything to upset their new teammates and club. So…he is a brainless fool.

  4. This all comes down to thinking like the coach of a national team. In all honesty, if you were the coach of a national team would you take a player who has been in the international wilderness for a few years, who has a reputation as, let’s be honest, an attention whore, who has recently been banned for insulting key members of the club he has only just joined and has only played one quality game since finishing on a reality TV programme in December just because he may miraculously get his head out of his arse and actually do his job?

    Sorry, no contest in my book.

  5. He’s a waste of space. I’ve never seen what all the fuss is about on the pitch to be honest. Yes he’s good but not the superstar many made out. And if you are mentally not right then that’s just as bad if not worse than not having the skills.

    And Spike, nice conspiracy theories but given what we know of the characters involved, do you honestly reckon that’s what happened? He’s been in trouble before on the beers. The only way he will salvage his career is if he gains a modicum of self-awareness and thinks ‘hang on a second, maybe the fact that all these screw ups happen to me and not anyone else is because I am the problem and not because the rest of the world is wrong’. Not holding my breath though and, to be honest, am past caring.

  6. In fairness, he is a decent 12, has good hands and Wales always looked better balanced with him in the side.

    But as Stuart says, the mental side of the game is as important, especially at professional level. An article in the Grauniad compared him to Drico, as a (near) contemporary. I mean, I nearly laughed. Bod is one of the great centres, and Henson only showed (very) brief flashes of being at that level, but when it comes to professionalism, preparation, success and leadership, there is no contest. Henson may not even have made it in the amateur era. I remember Stephen Jones gushingly comparing him to Ray Gravell in the pantheon of great Welsh centres – dear oh dear – Ray would be turning in his grave!

  7. Conor makes a good point, henson wouldnt have made it in the amateur era due to attidtuve problems.

    sadly, i think he really does have underlying mental issues which explain his behaviour @ sarries and toulon. i dont think the charlotte church family issues, injury issues, obsessive personal issues have or will be resolved.

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  8. It irritates me that he is so overhyped. All he has done is scored one try in one match for Toulon and everybody jumps on the bandwagon saying he should go to the World Cup. If I was a Welsh centre and he was picked over me I would be furious.

    Somehow he always gets himself in the limelight but the truth is, he hasn’t been in that limelight for rugby reasons for years.

  9. I heard a brilliant quote recently about Gavin Henson. He loves the idea of being a professional sportsman and taking the plaudits that come with it but not putting in the hard graft in training and living the lifestyle necessary. I dont think it was a coindence that he made his comeback after he split with Charlotte when it is possible he might have slipped out of the media spotlight had he not resumed his career.
    The welsh management cant afford to take the risk of bringing him to the world cup because he could be a very disruptive influence in the squad which already has players like Andy Powell and Lee Byrne who have been known to get themselves in trouble. The last thing Warren Gatland needs is a bust up half way through the tourament where they already look like they will struggle.

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