Poll: Vote for the RBS Player of the Tournament 2012

The official shortlist for the 2012 RBS 6 Nations Player of the Tournament has been announced.

The list comprises all players named as RBS Man of the Match during the first four weekends of the Championship, who were automatically placed in contention for the prestigious award. Do you think this is a fair way of creating the shortlist?

Select the most-deserving winner in our poll below, and let us know if you think any other player deserves to be on this official list.

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Please remember that this is the ‘official’ list – feel free to help us create our own shortlist and we can open a poll on that as well!

65 thoughts on “Poll: Vote for the RBS Player of the Tournament 2012

  1. What games have these people been watching?

    I can think of a legitimate reason for not voting for every single one of them!

    Kearney all the way.

  2. malzieu over fofana?!!! sexton over farrell?!! warburton has played well but…only 2 out of 4 games?!!

    this list does not reflect reality!

  3. Woeful List, devoid of genuine thought, perhaps a list made by BBC Match day bints?
    they contribute no question that isnt dull and work a day and banal.

  4. would think Stephen Ferris is worth considering for his hard work in EVERY game and his try scoring passes to help Bowe in, a selfless player, a real team player perhaps the player of the tournament – nothing glamorous just full on commitment

  5. No, that’s not a fair way of creating the shortlist. Julien Malzieu who had one good game ahead of Wesley Fofana who has scored a try in each, his first four internationals? Donncha Ryan who has only played one full game, ahead of Rob Kearney who has been sensational in each? Sam Warburton there apparently because he’s Sam Warburton!

  6. Crazy list.
    Delighted my fellow nenagh man donnacha ryan is on the list but he has only started 1 game, though he has performed well in his sub appearances as well as his MoM appearance at the weekend.

    Ferris and Kearney have been Irelands best players this tournament and they can’t even get a nomination!!

    George North hasn’t been nominated either. But Harinordoquy, who has had a poor tournament, has somehow managed to get a nomination.
    England have no players on the shortlist.

  7. Welsh….BUT should have included Gray, Ferris, Wood, Farrell, adam jones, Fatalau, Bowe.. …warburton, great player but missed 2 games. My player would be Gray of scotland , a great rugby player in an average side, shoe in for the lions….

    1. I agree with this completely. Some of the players picked are no question stand outs of this tournament but IMO many who were even better have not been picked.

  8. It’s a list of every Man of the Match from the tournament I believe, as is the Official RBS Six Nations list on their site. :o)

  9. Barmy way of choosing. Most of these players have only had one outstanding game. From the list, I would have to say Parisse just edging Lydiate. Both have at least been consistent!

    Agree with the other comments Fofana for France, Gray for Scotland, toss up between Kearney and Bowe for Ireland have been stand out whereas Wales and England have been more exceptional team performances throughout without to my mind any individuals standing out like those I have just named.

  10. its a ridiculous way to chose – the selections are based on those made by biased broadcasters for MOTM and have excluded the real stand outs who have been good in every match – susch as Rob Kearney Stephen Ferris Wesley Fofana Lee Halfpenny etc for gods sake theer is an Ireland player there who only made one start albeit he played well.

  11. Just as it should be not one English Player on there! Only chance England got us if they count Warburton as half English hahahah

  12. Rob Kearney should be up there on the list at least as the stand out fullback of the tournament.

  13. Completely silly way to decide.. Ferris, Fofana and Gray should be in there too.

    Richie Gray is beyond fantastic and deserves the credit.

  14. Its a bad way to do it i think everyone agrees. It doesn’t allow for times when a player that was second best in every game. I think Ferris would be my shout. Grey, Fofana and Denton, Kearney J Davies have also been strong.

  15. I should say first that I’m English, so you can call me biased if you want – but I really don’t agree with this shortlist. Of those who are on it, Harinordoquy, Kearney, Warburton and Denton deserve to be there but the rest…

    My shortlist would be:
    Ben Morgan
    Owen Farrell
    Richie Gray
    Leigh Halfpenny
    Wesley Fofana
    Louis Picamoles
    George North

    And my pick would probably be Halfpenny – the kick against Ireland under immense pressure, joining the line to lethal effect against Scotland, been solid defensively all tournament. Very promising from Gray, Farrell and Morgan as well! A great tournament overall.

    1. Picamoles and Warburton haven’t played enough to be properly considered although they have been good when playing. Hariordiquy has been a bit average this year except (as usual) against England. Denton, Morgan and Farrell have been good in parts but not throughout – all should have been in with a shout of newcomer of the tournament if there was such a thing. Undecided about North – not sure he’s done enough. Can’t really argue with the rest.

      1. There usually is a newcomer of the tournament isn’t there? Or am i thinking of Landrover Discovery of the year for the Prem. I think that’s an awesome prize for a youngster – get to drive a land rover for the year.

        Anyway – that would be between Fofana, Farrell and Cuthbert and i’d give it to Fofana. Farrell’s task has been more difficult but Fofana has immediately looked like a world class international centre which, as i’m sure he’s telling everyone who cares to listen, is what Hutch predicted would happen.

          1. Yes have to say that I overlooked Cuthbert as he was on the main list and Fofana because he should have been on the main list. I stand corrected. Hogg has only really shone in one game to my mind, but he should be in consideration.

  16. this is rubish were is Gray ,Rob kearney, tommy Bowe,Rory best some of the best players are missing and there is still a week to go and after Englands game v france how can u not have at least one of them
    come on

    1. I agree. The only reason a French player was because whoever picked it thought France were going to get a dramatic last minute win!

      1. It was the French TV commentary team who picked the MOM. And let’s face it, they would never have picked an English player, even if we’d beaten them by 20 points.

      2. Harinordoquy gets picked as man of the match just for stepping on the field these days (if the game is played in France). French commentators make man of the match a joke – can understand an England player not being given MOTM against Scotland/Italy, where England didn’t play particularly well, but against France where England were excellent and France pretty poor it just seems obviously biased.

        1. Disagree with the lot of you. I had Harinordiquy as my MOM as he was immense in the game. Your comments about the French commentary team may be correct but Harinordiquy definitely deserved it, with Croft a close second.

  17. Firstly no, i don’t think it’s the way they should have been selected, and I’ll tell you why. England won three of their games away, and yet no English player has been named MOM for any game. We also played a blinder to stifle Wales and stop them playing their own game at Twickenham, and still no MOM. So to have NO English players in the list at all is disgusting. Second in the table with largely a new team, I could think of at least three that could be in with a shout. Also if Croft had been named MOM on Sunday (like he should have been), he would have been on the list, but he’s been pretty poor in the other matches. My shortlist would be

    Robshaw (if only for being the first England captain to lead them to three away victories in the tournament)

    Special award for bravery should go to Phil Dowson for getting his face trodden on by his own team mate to stop France scoring a try.

    1. Can you give Dowson an award for bravery if that act of bravery occured while he was out like a light and didn’t know what was happening? Just asking!

  18. Looks like the official list above is just repeat of the MOM awards , seems a funny way to do it as a player could just have one blinder or in Warburton’s case just one full match and still be in for player of the tournament when others who have just missed out on MOM awards have contributed throughout.

    Scoring counts so Bowe , Halfpenny and Fofana should be in with a shout but are’t on the list anyway I will withold my vote until after the last game -so there !

  19. FWIW, my team of the tournament, so far, is:

    Healy; Best; Cole
    Botha; Gray
    Ferris; Denton; Warburton
    Phillips; Farrell
    North; J. Davies; Fofana; Bowe

    A. Jones; Ghiraldini; O’Connell; Tipuric; Dickson; Sexton; Hogg

    (My team of Week 4 is on my personal blog along with a view of this weekend from Paris – click on my name to go there)

    1. Huge competition for team of the tournament. Great many players in contention as its been a cracking 6 nations with some outstanding games. You’re a brave man for going first, but I’m going to leave it until after the tournament finishes.

  20. How can you possibly leave A Jones and Lydiate out of your starting teams? Both are out in front with every stat connected to their respective positions. All the English are blinded by emotion, time to move over cos it’s Wales time to shine baby!!!!!

    1. I leave Lydiate out in place of Ferris, because for me, Ferris has been consistently better.

      I left Jones out in place of Cole because, again in my opinion, I think Cole has been slightly better.

      That’s what opinion is about: the way we see things.

      This isn’t about country bias, I’ve just picked what I consider to be the best side (so far) in the tournament.

      Not wishing to turn this into another “Wales thread” I repeat my assertion that Wales are a very good side in an average tournament. Your pack, 1st choice back row aside, is nowhere near as dominant as it needs to be if you are to dominate the European game between now and the next World Cup, but it will be interesting to watch you try. Priestland seems to believe his own press after a couple of decent games in the World Cup and has gone backwards at a rate of knots this tournament.

      1. You don’t want to turn this into a Wales thread but you do post trolling statements like “I repeat my assertion that Wales are a very good side in an average tournament”. So I’ll bite, what makes it average this year?

        I’ll guess what you mean, please feel free to correct me, but I am guessing that England and France not being world beaters is what you mean? So all those years in the 90s and 00s when only England and France dominated were also average tournaments? What would have made this year not average?

        For me a tournament where the winner is still not decided going into the final weekend – a tournament where the teams at the top of the table were seperated by only a score or two in the matches they played with the teams below them. A tournament that contains 2 of the final 4 from the world cup… Oh, hang on, that’ll be this year then.

        It’s mealy mouthed and ungracious to label a tournament as average and just comes across as bitter when your team are not the ones going for the Grand Slam. I am sure if we (Wales) do it on Saturday, a far from foregone conclusion and one that has me very nervous, we’ll have a lot more of this “of course, it was a poor tournament and you only won it because you were lucky/cheated/experienced/young/old etc.” rubbish. If we win it’ll be because we are the best team and you can keep all of your ungracious digs and qualifiers, we’ll be happy with the trophy and our 3rd slam (if, I have to keep repeating if) in 8 years.

        1. I say it is average because, with the honourable exception of Wales, who, and I quote myself from above, “Have a very good team”, every other side is not as good as it has been in recent years:

          France – not a patch on recent years and rebuilding
          England – with the exception of the French performance, not as good as recent years and rebuilding
          Ireland – an ageing side in key positions who have struggled to reach the heights of the last 5 years
          Scotland – really struggling
          Italy – worse than they were under Mallett and rebuilding

          I think that qualifies the opposition and justifies my assertion that this year’s level is average, with, and I repeat myself once more, the exception of the very good welsh side.

          It wasn’t a trolling statement, I don’t need to do that.

          If Wales win the Grand Slam, they will certainly get the plaudits and rightly so. And I will join in those congratulations.

          I’ll be honest, as usual; I never expected Wales to be at this level. I thought they would lose a close one at Twickenham and they would lose in Dublin. 2 away wins at places like that shows that they are, indeed, a very good side.

          Having seen the sides selected for Cardiff, I expect a comfortable Welsh win. In your shoes I would also be stressing the ‘if’ but as a neutral I feel it safe to say that you will win, for similar reasons that I think England will beat Ireland (home advantage, team going in the right direction, fresher).

          Please don’t mistake frankness for bitterness.

          1. Thanks for the clarification … I think you got the wrong end of my ire at constantly reading over the last few days how Wales are not all that good, we shouldn’t have won in Twickenham as Strettle did score, we shouldn’t have won in Ireland as the Ferris decision was wrong, we’re all arrogantly expecting to walk the Slam etc.

            I agree with your team appraisal except for England and Ireland. I think they started slowly (and with hindsight that makes sense) but have been very good in their last two games and will likely improve. The best England players have been their new young lads, much as it is with Wales.

            I think Ireland are as good as they have ever been. They’ve won the title once in the last five years even with BOD etc. on top form. The form of their regions I think mistakes people into over estimating the quality of their national team.

  21. Wheres Farfana, Bowe, Gray, Halfpenny and Farrell?

    Zenga – I’m English but look I can notice other teams players when they play well, not blinded by emotion.

  22. And thanks for the reasoned counter-argument Brighty. This is a game where nothing is cut and dry and opinion, sometimes between fans of the same team, sitting in adjacent seats, can differ wildly. I bear no malice against this Welsh side, far from it, but I will be hoping, as an Englishman, that France win to allow us a potential sniff at the title.

    I would just like 3 good games to round off the tournament (I will be in Rome), and I’m already salivating at the thought of next year’s! With Lions places up for grabs, an improved French side, England and Wales youthful squads benefiting from 1 more year’s experience….. Quite a thought….

    1. Mark I agree with looking forward to next years tournament as for the most part this has been thoroughly enjoyable.

      Looking forward to 2013 Italy and Scotland will be fighting it out over the scraps from the top table again, the only reason these two don’t petition for Georgia to join the tournament is that it would take there oppourtunity away to play for a trophy every year!

      Ireland seeming old and creaking and need to blood some young players.

      France are work in progress and I am unsure of where there ship seems to be heading, again needs young players bringing through.

      England should compete but I think this is a lost opportunity, my opinion was to appoint the new coach prior to the 2012 tournament and write it off as a loss by way of we must beat Italy and Scotland anything else is a bonus, if Lancaster doesn’t get the job we are now 6 months behind in rebuilding unless he is intergrated into the coaching setup.

      Wales will be up there again as they always are, they are the strongest team in the tournament but were pushed all the way by a rookie England team so it may not be such plain sailing from next year.

      If anyone is a troll its Zenga!

      1. Please don’t judge all of Welsh by this Zenga idiot, we are passionate and at the moment proud to have a talented and successful side. England and Ireland were great games and really enjoyable to watch! However I do think Ireland need to re-vitalise themselves and that England do have some new talent coming in, but when they are still being accused of offences like biting and gouging, they need to improve their sportsmanship – I realise this is quite hypocritical of the Bradley Davies incident – but I cannot wait to Watch Wales against Australia and for the next Six Nations, getting better and better.

        1. Hmmm…I am yet to see any basis for accusations of gouging and/or biting. Innocent until proven guilty should be the way this is looked at

          1. Sheepy – Don’t worry I’m not going to tar all the Wlesh with the same brush as Zenga who I beleive is probably not at all Welsh and is indeed a Prat.

            I think we are going to have some titanic battle to come over the six nations between Wales and England, not writing off any other side but they were by far the two most impressive teams.

            As for the gouging and biting no evidence has surfaced yet so yes innocent until guilty but think of what the England front row did to Ireland, maybe they were feeling the pressure and were trying to get breathing room with the ref through uncontested scrums? Its a thought.

          2. Mr B, I agree with you. Also looking forward to next year, check out the middle fixture for the final day next year

            March 16: Italy v Ireland, 2.30pm, Wales v England, 5pm and France v Scotland, 8pm

            Mouth watering? Getting WAAAY ahead of myself this year, probably still a bit wobbly from Saturday, but Wales v England for next years slam decider? Come on!!!

  23. Don’t really agree with the ireland comments about “old and creaking” though admittedly Kidney seems terrified of trying new options and blooding new players. However there are good players coming through in almost all positions.

  24. Firstly, I’m Welsh and unbelievable proud to have watched Wales fight for a deserved Grand Slam! I do think that Danny Lydiate thoroughly deserves the Player of the Tournament title, his performance throughout the tournament has been superb and he has proved himself as one of the best.

    But I am in the dark as to why:

    aren’t in the selection,they have all played very well, and when if Sexton is in the lineup then where the hell are Farrell and Halfpenny?!

      1. Thats just a shame really, un-sung heroes of the tournament will miss out. When do they announce who won? I couldn’t find out –

  25. You should be ashamed to call yourself welsh if you agree with an Englishman you muppet! And what has troll got to do with this? Your all idiots! You got way too much time in your hands writing your opinions every day lol! Why don’t you go and get girlfriends l!!!!!

    1. lets starts with I’m female, then quote Phil Bennett,” Look what these bastards have done to Wales. They’ve taken our coal, our water, our steel. They buy our homes and live in them for a fortnight every year. What have they given us? Absolutely nothing. We’ve been exploited, raped, controlled and punished by the English — and that’s who you are playing this afternoon.” I follow that, but don’t think that this is all Englishmen and would rather have a mature conversation about outstanding rugby with them then spare my time for a bloke giving us welsh a bad rep!

  26. Rumour has it the British lions team is being renamed Wales with a few other nations crap players as reserves for the next tour hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

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