Poll: Vote for your Aviva Premiership Player of the Year

The official shortlist for the Aviva Premiership Player of the Year award has been announced today, and here’s your chance to share your views.

Pick your player in the poll below, and then justify your selection in the comments.

Who is your Aviva Premiership Player of the Year?

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Are there any notable absentees from the shortlist?

15 thoughts on “Poll: Vote for your Aviva Premiership Player of the Year

  1. Tom youngs is an interesting call. Initially I wondered what he was doing on the list. But in his 2nd year as a prem hooker he has gone from sub at the tigers to England starter and probable lion. It’s been a hell of a year for him.

  2. Always enjoy seeing Borthers on lists like this…

    Good timing for Danny Care’s Lions chances – could he get the nod over Youngs?

  3. I plumped for Tom Youngs. Wade, for sure, has had a fine year, but he has been the coming man for a couple of years now, whereas Tom Youngs has really excelled this year and as simo notes has the England achievements and probable Lions selection to show for it.

    He has always looked no less dynamic than Wade when I have seen him play

  4. Has to be Wade from this list as at AP level he has been outstanding. Still not sure if he can move on to the next stage though.

  5. I’ve gone for Salvi. He’s one of those quietly outstanding players doing his job and he does so much for Leicester without getting noticed or talked about constantly.

    I think the way Tom Youngs has come into the side and internationals has gotten him on the list. Another hard worker. Similarly Qera and Borthwick are not just hard workers, but leaders.

    Care and Wade? yeah, they’ve scored some great tries this season, but I don’t know if they’ve been the full package that the other guys on the list have.

    1. Completely agree here wookie. I think wade and care have blown hot and cold at times this year. Also fair point on Youngs this is the AP player of the year.

      Salvi has been a great one, and borthers has really put his hand up this season. Haven’t seen much of glous, so can’t really comment of qera

  6. Wade, Youngs and Salvi all excellent choices.

    Tough not to get nominated – Fraser!, M. Vunipola, A. Johnson, Slater, Varndell, Manoa…

    1. Agree Slater and Fraser are glaring omissions from the list! Given that Youngs has been away with England for quite a few games, surely they would have been more worthy nominees?

  7. Nice to see Borthers name on there. He’s had a great season. Captain of the Premiership leaders, and the only Premiership side left in the HC. Must be doing something right.

    For me Youngs is probably the most deserving player on the list for this award.

    I though Mako Vunipola might have got on the list.

    Has the Discovery of the season been awarded yet? Would fancy Fraser for that one, or Jack Nowell.

  8. Was torn between Salvi and Wade. I think Salvi’s performances have been the most influential, but Wade has just been magic to watch. Could you make a highlight real of better tries scored by a single player in the history of the premiership? I can’t think of anyone who has scored more sensational tries in a single season so I’ve gone for him.

    I don’t understand Samu Manoa absence from the short list though.

    1. Yeah you’re right. Varndell has a good record this season, but I think every one I’ve seen him score, all he’s had to do is run it in. Albeit sometimes from a long way out, but some of Wade’s tries have been hard work to finish. He seems to get through the smallest and tightest of spaces. really hope he’s going to be on the summer tour.

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