Poll: What constitutes success for England this Autumn?

There’s always a sense of optimism around England at this time of year. Usually it’s because we haven’t seen them play for a while, and we assume that they’ve been practising something.

I’d say there’s even more this year, on account of the Test victory in Australia, the World Cup around the corner, and the fact that Johnno’s squad is largely unaffected by injury.

England fans usually just want some indication of progress; some proof that they are getting better and the odd hint that the coaches know what they are doing.

However, there are now 12 internationals before England’s first World Cup game next year, and a sense of progress is that much more important. Was the win in Australia a one-off, or can Johnno’s squad back it up over the next few weeks?

How many games do they need to win for Rob Andrew’s inevitable review to look back at the Investec International series and declare it a success? Cast your vote in the poll, and then share your thoughts in the comments below.

How many victories would constitute success for England?

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9 thoughts on “Poll: What constitutes success for England this Autumn?

  1. I’ve voted for 3. A solitary win over Samoa is certainly not enough, and a win in that game is absolutely essential.

    So then would fans be happy with 1 win out of 3 against the big teams? At home, I don’t think that’s enough. In order to build on the win in Australia, I’d say two wins out of those three games is essential.

  2. If it’s a case of ‘success’ being where England NEED to be in order to challenge for the world cup, then 3 is an absolute minimum, on which they need to build and win the Grand Slam in the 6 Nations.

    If it’s what would be a good outcome for England as they are at the moment in the world pecking order, then 2 it is.

  3. It’s gotta be three if we’re looking to get back to somewhere near the top. It seems a long time since that narrow away win against Australia and if this squad is ever going to peak it needs to start now.

  4. Beat Somoa=1
    If we can beat anyone else great.
    Beating Nz, Aus, SA is never easy, home or away.

    world cup is June next year, this Autumn is last chance to try out people / combinations and see who is up to Test level.

    Id be happy with beating samoa and one other big nation as long as we see those players who are going to perform in NZ next year.

    rolling out Andy Goode / banahan / vickery / noon e tc as we have in the past isnt acceptable now

  5. Lets face it not a lots changed in the last year we have show some glimmers of hope like the game against France and the victory over Australia but let’s not forget though that we did loose to the French and only won when Giteau missed in front of the posts and we then lost to the NZ Maori!

    Samoa should be an easy win and a chance to try some exciting stuff in prep for the big three. If we can get 1 out of the other 3 I’ll be happy, we are not a top three team at the mo so lets not kid ourtselves we are.

    My hope is that if we loose it’s with flamboyant scorelines like 34-25 which is far better than grinding out a 15-12 loss.

    All that said I still have that mindless optimism that we will do well sure that will disappear rather quickly come the 5th!

  6. Are we real contenders for RWC 2011? Has Johnno really done enough to demonstrate that he has this role figured out and can be an effective national coach? If these are the questions, then I say we need 3 out of the 4 before we can say yes.

  7. we are defo contenders.

    We will have a pack of forwards to take on anyone and should have a pair of half backs (youngs/flood) to play the game we want.

    We have enough skill and gas outwide, maybe our lack of centres will let us down, we dont have the penetration on first phase or turnover ball that NZ/aussies have

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