Poll: Which coach will be happiest at the end of the Autumn Internationals?

The anticipation ahead of the Autumn Internationals is building quickly, and there are a few optimistic noises coming from various camps.

However, we remember all too well how this optimism can quickly be replaced by crushing despair as the Southern Hemisphere teams waltz into town and blow the Home Nations away.

In this week’s poll, we’re interested in your thoughts on which coach will be most satisfied once the dust settles and December begins.

With less than a year to go until the Rugby World Cup, these fixtures should offer a real insight into the state of each of the home nations, and despite all the media talk of focusing on the next match, every coach will have a plan for where they want to be once they are over.

For some, the relief that three or four very tough matches are behind them might make them happy, but for others, any perceived failure will be followed by the inevitable scrutiny and a miserable couple of months before the Six Nations.

Of course there are different definitions of success, as we’ve discussed at length, and it might be measured differently by each nation, but cast your vote below and let us know what your expectations are from each team.

Which coach will be happiest in December?

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Which coach will be happiest at the end of the Autumn Internationals?

  1. I think that Gatland will be the happiest as he has the least to loose. Wales are now ranked 9th (the lowest of any of the home nations) and will probably be more likely to throw caution to the wind than say Ireland. If they play freer then I think they could pick up a few scalps and climb back up the rankings.

  2. The Welsh have underachieved recently but there are some exciting new youngsters coming through. The star performers who disappointed after the Lions tour should be coming back to form along with those who were injured. If they hadn’t given away interception tries so many times their results would have looked much better anyway.

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