Poll: Who are the Aviva Premiership’s most passionate fans?

Premiership Rugby sponsors Aviva and the University of Bath’s have been undertaking scientific research to find the league’s most passionate group of fans.

They recently concluded that London Irish fans were more passionate than London rivals Harlequins, Saracens and Wasps, and whilst their studies are ongoing, we thought we’d conduct our own research here at The Rugby Blog seeing as we’re a knowledgeable bunch.

London Irish

Have a read of Aviva’s research processes, and then vote in our poll for the club that you think has the most passionate fans.

The research team undertook a variety of experiments on a sample set of 48 fans (12 from each club) who applied to take part. Their anxiety and testosterone levels were measured, as well as their heart rate throughout the match.

The university has devised an equation for passion, which is calculated from the interaction of four variables:
– fan loyalty (commitment to the team)
– fan match evaluation (before and after the match)
– fan psychology (mood and anxiety levels)
– fan physiology (hormone and heart rate changes)

The results are weighted alongside an independent review of the match by a former England player, to allow all 6 ‘crunch’ matches, and 12 sets of supporters, to be compared. So far, 8 clubs have now been analysed, with 4 left to play.

Now it’s your turn to vote? Who has the loudest support? Which venue is the noisiest? Vote in the poll below and we’ll compare your opinions with the science.

Which Aviva Premiership club do you think has the most passionate fans?

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10 thoughts on “Poll: Who are the Aviva Premiership’s most passionate fans?

  1. Having been experimented on as a half cut Quins fan this week i’d say us, but there are two clubs i think more deserving.

    Exeter Cheifs – The noise levels they bring are arguably the best. They always make a good atmosphere wherever they are.

    Newcastle – You can’t fault their commitment, especially this season.

    1. Granted, I’ve only visited The Stoop for two Premiership matches, but to say that Quins have passionate supporters is surely a joke! If you’re unlucky enough to be sitting in the first five rows of of the Etihad Stand it’s genuinely difficult to see any rugby for the endless procession of “rugby supporters” walking back and forth to the refreshment vendors. Rugby seems, quite frankly, to be no more than a side-show. Now, try walking in front of real passion in The Shed at Kingsholm during the match …. and it’ll be the last walk you take!!

  2. We always have the John Smith stand full down at Kingston park, whatever the weather or the opposition. We quite possibly have the smallest budget in the premiership aswell. Having die hard fans doesnt save you from relegation though. The fight is on!

  3. Yes the Shed would do it for me seemed comparable to the Welsh version at Sardis Road in the good old Pontypridd Heineken cup days when I attended there so I could hardly say any different.

  4. Been in the Gloucester Shed and the Exeter “Shed”. No contest for banter – Glos by a country mile but Exeter do make some noise!

  5. OK, not prem but HAS to be Bristol. Their fans have been to hell and back over the last 15 years, and still they have had a few 8,000 crowds this season. Amazing and deserving of massive respect.

  6. Northampton Saints fans are the most passionate and loyal fans in english rugby.
    Never mind Bristol, every home crowd we had when relegated in league 1 was over 10,000 and most over 12,000. The recent semi final we played against quins at the stoop and our 2000 fans made more noise than the 10,000 quins fans in the ground. Against Glos in the LV cup final a 2 years ago our fans outsung and outnumbered the shedheads at worcester 20 or so miles from Glos and over 80 from Northampton a demonstrationof why I think we are the most passionate in English rugby.

  7. Ok, Gloucester fans can make some noise, but in the East terrace North at Sandy Park it’s pretty loud! (Even with a few Leinster fans!!!)

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