POLL: Who is your favourite pundit?


With the news that Lawrence Dallaglio is to spearhead BT Sport’s rugby punditry next season, we thought it would be interesting to see who everyone’s favourite pundit is. Vote below – not everyone has been listed (we’ve kept it to ex-players otherwise the list is too long), but if there’s someone else you prefer just explain in the comments section.

Who's your favourite pundit?

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50 thoughts on “POLL: Who is your favourite pundit?

  1. Anyone who says Jonathen Davies must be Welsh. Will Greenwood is far and away the best and I hope they find a place for him at BT Sport.

    1. I’m English and Jonathon Davies was a close second for me. By far the best on the bbc in my opinion.

  2. If LD becomes a pundit then we really will see and hear biased nonsense, you think JD is bad who is doing suprisingly well in the poll

    1. I always find Dalalligio very informative and fair.

      Jonathan Davies doesnt commentate, he simply supports Wales over the microphone…

      “Go left… now… now!! Run at Michalak. Get Cuthbert to run at Michalak. Do it. Now!”

      ^ That, is not commentary or punditry

      1. But it was very funny, it was better than the game.

        I like Davies, and have no issue with a bias (i.e. a perspective), think it’s better than some false neutrality or having people commentating that have no interest in the outcome. I think his observations are astute and he does (when the action isn’t live) articulate them well.

  3. I like all of the ESPN team – but Greenwood speaks a lot of sense and doesn’t pull any punches so gets my vote.

  4. The only explanation that sits well with me is that Stuart Barnes has managed to get to 3 People’s houses and hold them at gunpoint till they put a tick next to his name.

    And Jonathan Davies has a much faster car than Stuart

      1. True, only explanation – not a great choice to choose from to be honest, not keen on any of them to be honest, JD i like but purely because he annoys and irritates everyone apart from a section of the Welsh

    1. I think this would be far more interesting if you asked who peoples least favourite pundit is. I think there would only be two names on the list Eddie Butler (my personal least favourite) and Brain Moore and worst of all the combo of the two of them bickering.

  5. I think guscott is the best. Possibly he is disliked as he doesnt pertain to the same biased viewpoint as other beeb pundits like Davies and Andy “we are seeing improvement in Scotland” Nicol.

    greenwood and wood are good also

  6. Hate to vote for a non English choice, but I always felt Michael Lynagh was very balanced and rational!

  7. Of those not on the list I like Lynagh and Fitzpatrick.

    Although Dean Ryan often talks a bit like a repressed management consultant I do think he has some insightful views.

    1. Ryan has the best understanding of the game of anybody regularly on bbc or sky in my opinion

      1. What I like the most about Ryan is he isn’t just a master of hindsight (Barnes and Morris). He provides the most astute in game observations and the best pre-game analysis in my opinion.

  8. Brian Moore, along with Ed Butler. Moore, even though he is English through and through, always gives an honest and un- bias commentary on the game. I also like the way he which demystifies the perceived dark arts of the front rows. Butler is Moore’s foil.

    1. Totally agreed – you need both, although I am another Englishman who quite likes JD’s commentary. He quite often sees the move before it happens which is refreshing. Not a fan of Dallaglio or indeed many other English ex players.

  9. Austin Healey… bit of an idiot but you aren’t really supposed to take him seriously.
    Ben Kay… not terrible analysis but has all the personality of a flannel
    Lawrence Dallaglio… His arrogence annoys me. Also once picked Cipriani in his all time England team that he played with.
    Stuart Barnes… Againthinks his opinion is gospel.
    Will Greenwood… Entertaining and reasonably insightful. Has by far the best banter of any of the pundits so he got my vote.
    Brian Moore… His rants annoy me and quite often i think his suggestions are plain wrong.
    Jonathan Davies… my second favourite on the list. I’m English and i think he comes across very well seems like a top bloke.
    Jeremy Guscott… Every negative english stereotype personified. Also once I remember him making fun of Ibanez’s struggle to keep up with the English conversation it was almost like bullying. Also i don’t think he actually watches much rugby. Whenever he comments on southern Hemi rugby he never knows s15 form just international. His Q&A on the bbc is embarrassing.
    Dewi Morris… not the worst analysis but hes not great.
    Andy Nichol… “scotland have world class player”… no they don’t
    Keith Wood… I quite like him but hes very Irish biased and anti English
    Eddie Butler… Nobody can do a monologue quite like him.

    Francois Pienaar, Michael Lynagh, Dean Ryan and Martin Johnson always talk a lot of sense and i like them all.

    I think Pundits is another area of the game that they just do so much better down under. The Aussie rugby programs seem to have so much more genuine banter with this sort of thing http://www.rugbydump.com/2013/03/3043/a-look-at-the-top-5-clearance-kicks-gone-wrong along with the usual plays of the week.

  10. Its a shame Francois Pienaar doesn’t get/take more TV slots. The guys a complete legend, plus he’s very fair and down to earth.

  11. To me Lawrence Dallaglio is the Alan Shearer of Rugby punditry (that’s not a compliment). Brian Moore is the Geoffrey Boycott of Rugby punditry (that is a compliment).

  12. Sky’s coverage of the Heineken Cup is hard to beat as the coverage on the Beeb can be a bit anodyne and sacharine. I actually think Stuart Barnes is an interesting and very fair pundit. Will Greenwood is great fun and seems like a top bloke and Eddie Butler does a great voice-over when the occasion requires to make us feel nostalgic and fill the hole left by the great Bill McLaren. Dean Ryan is also very knowledgeable. Brian Moore can be quite fun in a “for King, Harry and St. George” kind of way, though he and Butler clearly need to learn the difference between Eoin Reddan (21) and Ian Madigan (22).

    One thing you are missing from the list above though is the RTE panel. For true Punch and Judy punditry is hard to beat the (George) “Hook & (Brent) Popey” show, though thankfully Conor O’Shea and Shaggy Horgan (he of the dyed Elvis hair) provide some wisdom and insight to complement the bombast of Hook. As long as nobody lets ITV near our rugby coverage, then the world is at peace.

  13. I’m a big fan of Will Greenwood. While he is very excitable, he does often pick up on a lot of interesting things that the others miss. For similar reasons, I like Dean Ryan.

    Fitzy and Lynagh are pretty good too. No nonsense from them.

    I hate Stuart Barnes, I’ve never met anyone who likes him. His perceived wisdom is often inaccurate and his view of incidents in games is shocking A lot of the “excellent dummy runs” look similar to the “cynical blocking runs” he describes. He just seems to misunderstand a number of the rules. It’s more frustrating than the refereeing a lot of the time to hear Stuart Barnes hail a bad call or knock a good one.

  14. Brian Moore mainly for some hillarious rants and getting his mic silenced in the England vs Italy game of 2008?

    1. That was classic Brian Moore. Like Jonathan Davies, he is a supporter sitting in a pundits chair. Pure brilliant!

  15. Brian Moore without a doubt, if only for the entertainment value and being so outspoken compared to the rest of them. In all seriousness I would have to say Will Greenwood though… honest, unbiased and understandable.

    Another who is close to my vote though would be Austin Healey, but only for club games to be fair. Too biased with regards to England, but I do enjoy his pointers to younger fans and people and who may not be so knowledgable with regards to when basics are/aren’t done well and explanations of some of the finer points. With the World Cup coming up in a a couple of years and more people undoubtedly turning on to watch rugby, this could be good.

  16. Seriously, how can that many people have voted for Jonathan Davies??? He adds no insight to commentary apart from shouting ‘it’s on!!!’ or repeating ‘numbers’ over and over again.

    Also it really irritates me how he refers to Wales as ‘we’ – maybe I’m old fashioned but I like my commentators and TV analysts to at least pretend to be neutral. Dewi Morris is the other one I’d be rid of – I get the sense that he only watches the games Sky pays him to go to and isn’t interested otherwise, you can tell from his shocking lack of knowledge about the current state of the premiership. At least fatty Barnes seems to know what’s going on across the premiership.

    Greenwood’s a class act – if I had to sit between Barnes and Morris on the Rugby Club every week, I’d probably pack it in pretty quickly.

  17. There’s one that nobody has mentioned, can anyone guess who this is…..


    ….. think RWC 2011

  18. How about the WORST pundit/commentator: Jonathan Davies by a country mile or three. It’s a disgrace anyone who isn’t Welsh has to listen to him at our expense.

  19. Gotta say I’m amazed at the number of people gushing about Will Greenwood. Personally I can’t stand him, he’s so love with the sound of his own voice then even when he’s talking sense I just wanna punch someone.

    J Davies, K Wood and A Nichol are all fine, but as has been said here by others, incredibly biased about their own national teams. Esp. Wood refusing to condemn Cian Healy’s stamping on Dan Cole. If you have the time, you should re-watch that on youtube, Davies is constantly trying to get his two cents in but the other keep talking over him. It’s pretty funny. I think Guscott is fine, biased towards England a bit but not afraid to admit when they perform poorly.

    Most of the time when I watch the 6 Nations I watch it on the BBC, but I gotta say you UK-based folk are missing out on the Hook and Pope show over on RTE, it’s hilarious. Hook is so loud, overbearing and incapable of speaking without hyperbole and Pope is so measured and calm that it’s a great dynamic; there’s great banter. Connor O’Shea does a good job with them too.

    No mention of Sir Clive in this poll, I see. I would love if just once John Inverdale would turn and say “And Sir Clive, how would you *micro-manage* this current English squad?”

    I love Brian Moore (despite his own national bias) cos he’s knowledgeable, unafraid to speak his own mind and sounds grumpy all the time. Reminds me of me.

  20. Good – Greenwood, Moore, Dean Ryan, David Flatman (when he used to do the analysis).

    Mediocre – Nichol, Guscott, Morris, Wood, Healey

    Just awful – Davies, Woodward, Butler

    Special circle of hell reserved for him – Stuart Barnes

    Award for useful punditry but dreadful predictions – Dallaglio

  21. My favourite pundit quote has to be Brian Moore some years ago when a streaker decided to run on the pitch during an England game. The streaker was then caught by stewards and escorted from the pitch to which Moore said, “I hope they give him a good kick in when they get him in the tunnel”.

  22. Pundits should not be allowed to be in the commentary box for games involving their country.

    Its ok for the number 1 commentator as they dont state their opinion, such as Eddie Butler and Andre Cotter. But the second commentator should not.

    Jonathan Davies barely ever mentions the other team when commentating on a Wales game. its very frustrating!

    Brian Moore is better at getting the balance right and has improved remarkabley, Davies has not.

    Instead of pointing fingers at certain people just make them all have to commentate on a game not involving their nation!

    1. Deano that means that the ‘greatest’ ever rugby commentator would not have been able to give his very un-basis commentary on matches with Scotland.

  23. I like the “fan” coverage of the 2nd commentator. It’s clear that Jiffy is a Welsh rugby fan so why anyone can get annoyed when he get’s excited about them or even concentrates on them mystifies me. Do you get annoyed if you’re standing next to opposing fans in the ground? Before telling me it’s their job to be impartial I’d rebut that and say “why?” and “who says so?”. I don’t see that it is their job to be impartial at all.

    If you stopped the biased 2nd commentator then we’d lose the fantastically deluded rantings from Andy Nicol and the terrible self righteous indignation of Keith Wood. I’d miss that.

    Finally, I’ve grown up watching “England”, in various sports, club & country, offered unflinching biased/partisan support from BBC/ITV/SKY no matter who they play. The anti-French/German/Anyone culture in most English sports commentary and print coverage is sickening. So it does tickle me to hear Jonathan Davies constantly picked on for being in the tiny minority of pundits who doesn’t big up England.

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