POLL: Who should captain the Lions in Australia?

The rumour mill has been working overtime in the past week or so with regards to who will captain the Lions, with a supposed ‘leak’ speculating that it will be Sam Warburton leading to Betfair closing all bets on him after his odds plummeted. How much truth there is to these rumours is debatable, although he is undoubtedly one of the front-runners. But who would you like to see be named captain? And will Gatland name a separate tour and test captain? Is that a strategy that can work? Enter our poll and have your say below.

Who should captain the Lions in Australia?

  • Brian O'Driscoll (31%, 138 Votes)
  • Chris Robshaw (16%, 72 Votes)
  • Sam Warburton (12%, 56 Votes)
  • Kelly Brown (4%, 19 Votes)
  • Jamie Heaslip (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Ryan Jones (4%, 17 Votes)
  • Gethin Jenkins (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Paul O'Connell (21%, 96 Votes)
  • Alun-Wyn Jones (10%, 46 Votes)
  • Rory Best (2%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 452

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23 thoughts on “POLL: Who should captain the Lions in Australia?

  1. Moving towards PoC… Back row is so competitive and the other players need to concentrate on getting into the starting XV (if they make the squad). Admittedly PoC does too but he’s well rested, playing well and he’s done it all before…
    This completely hinges on how he plays against Hines and Cudmore on Saturday though!
    And hasn’t Gatland already chosen Warburton?

  2. I went for AWJ. The only reason I did think is that he is the only person who I feel will definitely start. The back row is so competitive, it is difficult to have someone there. O’Connel and O’Driscol and experiences and good options, but are they the best in their position? I am not sure.

    1. AWJ here for the same reasons, clear cut starter, great leader, takes pressure off the back row to compete for spaces.

    2. Have to agree with the rationale as at this time AWJ along with LH are the only two definite penciled in starts.

  3. AWJ or PoC for me, I see BoD is leading the poll but to be honest I think he is past his best by a way ( though still a greay player) & cannot see him starting all 3 ( or indeed any) of the tests.

  4. I’ve gone for POC but purely as a squad captain. The big ugly SR as captain worked with Johnson! Hope Gatland will pick the captain for each test (and mid week game) after picking the teams.

  5. I hope that the bookies have it Right and that Sam is Captain, however I am with Staggy in that it would releave pressure on Gatland if he was to be brave and not name a Captain. NB limited as centre is do not expect to see bod on the plane.

      1. And was he not also captain for Wales’ 8 game losing streak when most Welsh fans were calling for him to be dropped for Tipuric and berating Howley for refusing to make the tough choices?

        (A losing streak which included 3 games on the trot to Australia and 4 in total)

  6. Pablito – before Sam W was made captain we had a run of mediocre results. After he was captain we got to a WC semi final and won a grand slam. He’s got the best international trophy winning record of any of the proposed options. So I would say yes, he has been a success for Wales as a captain. We could have done better – but he has successfully presided over a decent period for Wales, better than the one before it.

    1. I am a massive Warburton fan, and not long ago I was sure he would be Lions captain.

      BUT, my first issue is this – he turned down the captaincy for the England 6N game. This suggests to me that when it really counts, in the big games, he does not want to be the main leader, and the teams focal points, the guy everyone looks to. Can you imagine O’Connell ever turning down the Ireland captaincy in any circumstances? Yes I understand his reasoning, and yes he played fantastically in that game – but for me it just put him down slightly in my estimations of him as a leader and a captain.

      Secondly, the back row is so competitive. Once we are out there on the hard ground, it could well be Tipuric who gets the 7 shirt, and I wouldn’t want to accommodate Warburton into the 6 shirt when there are players like SOB, Wood and Robshaw who are better suited to it.

      For that reason, I would have AWJ, or maybe O’Connell.

    2. Just had a quick look at results since (and including) the 2012 Six Nations. If I’m correct:

      Under Warburton, Wales have won 3 and lost 7

      Under Robshaw, England have won 10 and lost 6

      So that includes 2 Six Nations tournmaments + autumn internationals

      Its not a convincing case for Warburton, is it?

      1. We could write that differently though.

        Under Robshaw England have lost 2 Grand Slam chances, both to Wales, home and away.

        Under Warburton Wales have 2 6n trophies, 1 triple crown, 1 grand slam and a WC semi final.

        I know what you’re getting at but I just think you don’t rate Warburton, which is fine, but the use of stats like that doesn’t tell the whole story, as my stats show.

        1. Brighty, the problem with your stats are that they aren’t right. Warburton certainly didn’t captain Wales to this 6N win did he? I am pretty sure the only game he captained was the Ireland game, which you lost? Also, he was injured most of your Grand Slam in 2012 – I remember seeing an interview with him where he had to be talked into going up and lifting the trophy as he felt he hadn’t earned it due to lack of playing time.

          Now I don’t think that Robshaw is far superior to Warburton, and I actually think both at their best, Warburton is the better player – I am just pointing out some facts in regards to your “stats”.

          1. Same as BOD can’t see Robshaw starting necessarily three games with SW and Tuperic there – has not got the leadership qualities either in my opinion

    3. Reason I would be uncomfortable with Warburton is his form has not been consistent. When we’ve got a number of really good candidates I don’t see the point in taking the risk and giving it to someone who is first and foremost needing to show then can keep the form they found at the end of the 6N (unburdened from national captaincy).

  7. BOD! Seriously! Shouldn’t even be on the plane let alone captain. People are arguing about Warburton being a winning Wales captain. 2 grand slams 2008 and 2012 and a six nations win in 2013 when Wales seem to have come back from the dead (8 game losing streak) and who is responsible? Ryan Jones. How are people looking past him. He is inspirational, experienced and a reliable player every game. But hey, only 9 people agree with me.

    1. Moggy some else with sense re. Bod. Ryan should be on the plane, ,not as tour C, but perhaps as mid week C and as back row and lock cover. Discuss, discuss, discuss…………

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