POLL: Who should captain Wales against England?

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With the news that Ryan Jones is out for the final game and championship decider this weekend in Cardiff, it is not only his blind-side role that needs filling. The captaincy is once again up for grabs, with Sam Warburton and Alun-Wyn Jones seemingly the frontrunners, and Gethin Jenkins (if he can reclaim his place) an outside bet. Who gets your vote?

Who should captain Wales against England on Saturday?

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11 thoughts on “POLL: Who should captain Wales against England?

  1. For me the picture says it all! Warburton is just finding his form again, and doesn’t need the added pressure of the captaincy.

    1. To be fair, Warburton never sings the anthem anyway!
      However, if he doesn’t captain, I don’t think he will be in contention for Lions captain anymore.

  2. Feel desperately sorry for Ryan Jones. It’s a bit of a head scratcher, but I think it has to be Warburton – I’d rather not, but he was the captain as recently as January, and has been all the way.

  3. Has to be AWJ, Warbs at present is not mentally in the right place to be captain, needs a few more games under his belt without the added pressure – needs to enjoy playing again

  4. Give it to Leigh Halfpenny. He is the only guaranteed starter for the Lions, so he needs the captaincy practice for the big job ;-)

  5. Please give it to Warburton as we don’t want him playing as well as he did in the last game! If I was Howley it would have to be AWJ, but given the way he always goes back to the tried and tested I think it will be Warburton. And regarding the comments about Warburton not singing the anthem it’s because he’s English…….! :-) Hard hats at the ready!

    1. Funny! Is it just me or does Warburton look like he has a permanent cold? Is he catching flies or can he just not breathe very well through his nose?

    2. Staggy, if he is English then I think it tells you all you need to know about English rugby that one of the best 7s in the world would rather play for Wales … cough … 10 man rugby … cough … gym monkeys … cough … posh boys on tour … cough…….


      1. You’ve imported so many big English born gym monkeys it’s no wonder the Welsh game plan has become more English than the English :-)

  6. I dont think he’ll go with Warburton. I think he’ll want him to just concentrate on his role at 7. At times like this they always seem to go for Gethin so thats my prediction. Personally, i’d prefer AWJ.

  7. I also hope AWJ. There’s some truth in what Staggy says that giving the captaincy back to Warbs could riskily derail is comeback to form.

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