POLL: Who should win IRB World Player of the Year?

The IRB have just announced their shortlist for World Player of the Year – who would you pick?

Who should win IRB World Player of the Year 2013?

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11 thoughts on “POLL: Who should win IRB World Player of the Year?

  1. Two words. Nick. Easter.

    Seriously though is it the law that Parisse has to be on the list and MOM every match he plays in? Great player though he is he doesn’t half get the rub of green by way of his reputation.

    1. completely agree, as great as he is has he done anything this year to warrant his inclusion with the other names there? no.

  2. The inclusion of parisse over jean de villiers, francois louw, michael hooper, AWJ, Corbisiero, folau or willie le roux is a complete joke.

    1. Corbs and awj have spent a good part of the qualifying period injured. Wouldn’t put Hooper on there. Folau is pure class and probably deserves a nomination. Don’t really know enough about the saffers to comment, but probably agree parisse hasn’t really done it this year, and I think was injured for some of the time.

  3. Guys, the list should comprise 4 people only, and you know who the 4 are. I personally think it is a 3 horse race, and although I would love to see a South African win, I think it will go to a New Zealander. I certainly agree with Staggy, I think Israel Folau probably deserves a nomination over Parisse, but there you go.

  4. It’s a two horse race between Halfpenny and Read.

    We have to take the entire last 12 months into account and the top three tournaments in world rugby have been the 6 Nations, The Lions and the Rugby Championship. Leigh halfpenny has won Player of the Series for two of those. True, he played against the All Blacks but that’s not Halfpenny’s fault that the schedule hasn’t allowed him to.

    If Shane Williams can win it in 2008 (what a joke decision that was) then Halfpenny should easily win it this year.

    I wouldn’t be unhappy if it went to Read though.

    Parisse nomination? Boring, standard, ignore it.

    1. “If Shane Williams can win it in 2008 (what a joke decision that was)” – what an absurd thing to say. Shane was well deserved.

  5. It is of obvious dillusion and blatent disregard that there are no Scottish players on this list as they are erstwhile in there plucky attempts and are undoubtedly an excellent team who deserve more credit than they get.

    As it is heart that wins games, not points my dearest and nobelist of sirs and ladies and I will, like with this post throw a load of words at you if you disagree, in an attempt to look far more intelligent than I actually am.

    In essence it doesn’t matter what you say I am always right and you are always wrong!

  6. Hi Jamie no I cannot say it is I!

    I would say I will go for Leigh Halfpenny, although being English it pains me to do so but the boy has had a phenomenal season with the boot for both Wales and The Lions, I also agree as to the confusion around Parisse on the list, although a great player what has he done this season to merit being on the shortlist?

  7. Yep, 1/2p for me even though Read has been magnificent. I think it’s hard to come up with an objective calc of why one over the other though. I think with these things, once you have a decent shortlist, you have to go with your heart and for me 1/2p has been the most exhilarating to watch. So I suspect most Kiwi’s will go for Read and I wouldn’t blame them.

    Parisse — bored, bored, bored of this “if he was in a good team” thread that the IRB perpetuate every year.

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