POLL: Who will win Super Rugby 2013?

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Super Rugby kicks-off tomorrow, and it is set to be as unpredictable as ever. Still, if you fancy putting your neck on the line, have a go at our poll below and explain your decision in the comments section.

Who will win Super Rugby 2013?

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20 thoughts on “POLL: Who will win Super Rugby 2013?

  1. Dear Rugby Blog – please note from the paucity of responses NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE SO CALLED ‘SUPER’ RUGBY.
    Damn I’ve just made it 2 comments now!

    1. Ignore baz brown. We all love super rugby! I advise baz brown so start watching it; it is a rather good standard to watch.

    2. Baz,

      Over 200 000 spectators, and watched by far over a million ONLY this weekend. More than 40 000 at Loftus.

      Really smart comment baz…

    3. You are likely one of those idiots who doesn’t play any sport right?? either that or you just don’t anything better to do with your time.

      1. Pablito, in that case stick with your current exciting sport chess, and leave the rugby to our die hard boys and girls. your move…

      2. Pablito, I would like to point something out to you with regards to your “little to no tackling” comment. Statistics will show that there is a lot more tackling done in a Super Rugby match, than in a Six Nations match.

        For example, this past weekend compared: Super Rugby – 7 matches – 1874 attempted tackles, 258 missed = 86% tackling success rate; 6 Nations – 3 matches – 694 attempted tackles – 70 missed = 90% success rate.

        On average, 231 solid tackles are made per Super Rugby match versus the 208 made in a 6 Nations match. A SR team misses roughly 18 tackles per match versus the 12 tackles missed by a 6N team.

        This to me proves one thing: Super Rugby teams run the ball more and they run it harder, therefore more tackles are broken as well.

        I doubt anybody complains about a 86% tackling success rate when you are entertained by end-to-end stuff as well as getting more than your fair share of big hits and try saving defensive efforts.

        If you happened to miss the Kings vs Force match, do yourself a favour and watch the highlights, for that matter the entire match, and treat yourself to some sublime tackling.

  2. Like to think Highlanders will give it a nudge this year but Chiefs are very solid despite SBW’s exit. Rennie seems to be able to get the best out of his players, when it counts.

    1. You love Super Rugby don’t you Baz – else why would you keep posting on this article?

      I bet you wake up at 7am and switch on the TV in the hope of catching a Quade Cooper sidestep or a Richie McCaw turnover.

      I know your secret shame. The first step to overcoming your addiction is admitting you have a problem.

      We’re all here for you…

  3. @Spike – I like and respect SH rugby, its just 99% of people on this blog are more interested in the 6 Nations (see no comments on these SH articles) and it is in the middle of the 6 nations. I just find it pretty insulting that RD seems to want to discuss some obscure SH rugby now. Please realise we neither know or care about the players as we have no relationship with them. No disrespect, just don’t care.

    1. Baz, thanks for the feedback, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t post stuff about Super Rugby – after all it is the beginning of their season too, and there are plenty of readers of the blog who are based in the Southern Hemisphere. It does not take away from the amount of articles we post about the Six Nations, it supplements them. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to read them.

      Also, you seem to be confusing us with Rugby Dump.

    2. You have a wonderful way of constructing an opinion based on facts Baz.
      It’s interesting that therugbyblog have shared with you their readership stats and your analytical reasoning is spot on, given that you’re posting on an article with 11 comments and a poll with 88 votes.

  4. What are you doing here baz? We love Super Rugby, that’s why we read these columns! In fact, I would like to see more coverage of it here. If you follow the 6 nations, you can get all your info here, whereas a SR enthusiast has to look elsewhere. There’s been some ballsy previews, but nothing else. The 6 nations feature on the front page with news and team announcements, etc. You need to look for the SR articles to find them. So what are you doing here baz, just stay away from these articles. I quite like that the SR here is being covered by a girl(Jackie) – right? She has taken some really brave stands and we all know girl look at things differently. They also tend to think with their heads and not their hearts when it comes to sports. I look forward to seeing how TRB will handle the rest of the SR season. Will there be reviews, fantasy tips, etc?

  5. Hi Jasper, thanks for your positive feedback, chicks dig rugby too! Look out for my weekly review – it should be up a bit later today, and tomorrow we will publish my Team of the Week, a real head scratcher this week. You can see last week’s TofW in the comment sections of the team that played in round 1. I can tell you one thing, I struggle to not pick my fantasy teams with my heart.

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