POLL: Who will win the 2013 RBS Six Nations?


Who will win the 2013 RBS Six Nations?

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19 thoughts on “POLL: Who will win the 2013 RBS Six Nations?

  1. SurelyFrance have to start as favourites. There just isn’t a wek link in the team and their subs bench is looking pretty good too. As usual the only people wo I think can defeat them are themselves.

    Getting more and more worried about Ireland (as an England supporter) as we run up to the 6N. Quietly going about their business and the team they’ve picked for Wale seems very good. Could be the dark horse.

    Actually getting more and more worried about England. Tulagi and Corbisiero are two cornerstones to lose. Still think that we have more developing to go yet. Still hopeful of a second place finish though.

    1. Agree totally. France for me, especially after their clinical performances in the Autumn. Ireland in Dublin is *always* the fixture that worries me the most.

    2. Agreed also. Although autumn form isn’t necessarily a lot to go on, they do look to have found a degree of consistency in both selection and performance, which has always been lacking in the past. If they get it right, with the players they have, they should win it. Still, trips away to Rome, London and Dublin won’t be easy.

      As for England, it is going to be really interesting to see how they play against Scotland. They showed against NZ that they are capable of playing an attacking style, but I’m afraid they are going to get dragged down into an arm wrestle with the Scots, which they will probably win, but not by much. England by 5-10 would be my prediction.

  2. I’d love to vote for Wales, but France get my vote.

    That said, I do think if we get a good result against the Irish on Saturday it could be the confidence booster for Wales to get some decent results. It’s not like we lack the skill or the fitness, just the mindset isn’t there right now. A good win against a good team could change it all.

    As it stands though I’d have to say:

    1. France
    2. England
    3. Ireland
    4. Wales
    5. Italy
    6. Scotland

  3. I went for England, but only because I see France slipping up this year.I wouldn’t even speculate as to who they will slip up against being France. Wales have already reached their zenith I feel, and Ireland have many younger untested players at this level.

  4. its ireland for me, its all about the wales game. if we beat them then we shall be okay against france and england at home, grand slam time

    1. Should be okay, despite the fact Ireland have won just one of their last 13 meetings with France? That’s some monkey to get off their backs…

  5. It’s tough to call between England and France but England just pipped it for me given that they’re at home to the French.
    Would love to Ireland win in Cardiff and begin a challenge for the Slam but I fear Wales will beat them there, it’ll be close though.

  6. If the Welsh team beat the Irish side on saturday then i must vote for Wales.
    England had a lucky win at new Zealand and cant see them dominating and you never know with the french how they are going to play
    i think it will stand like this at the end:
    1. Wales
    2. Ireland
    3. England
    4. France
    5. Scotland
    6. Italy- although they are improving
    IT should be a great rbs 6 nations all the less!

    1. Ok, I’ll bite.

      No-one puts 38 (!) points on the All Blacks through luck. Biggest winning margin since 1936 wasn’t it? That’s not luck

      Give England some credit for what was an incredible result.

      Its not the start of a new era, England aren’t all of a sudden the best team in the world, but if they play even close to the same standard in the 6 Nations, it’ll take a lot to stop them

      1. OK I’ll Troll!

        “Give England some credit for what was an incredible result.”

        It was an unbelievable result – just like when Wales beat Ireland in the WC -Without cheating!!

        Ding Dong!

        1. You’re obviously a bitter irishman, who gives irish people a bad image because your immature and pathetic. wales smashed you in the world cup that was great. 2012 six nations wales deserved to win because they out played ireland again and the spear tackle at the end of that game deserved a penalty

      2. you can bite its your opinion
        however the all blacks are a rugby sensation
        it is unbeleivable and the english will brag about the win, and fair enough they did put away new zealands mistakes.
        New zealand had a off day.
        and i think it will be tight between the nations

        1. the virus stuff surely can be ignored on 2 accounts, 1. the way that new zealand finished dominating the last 10 minutes and 2. because the all blacks said it should be :)

          1. 1. which should really worry England since NZ were ill!
            2. for they are professionals and honourable men and the last to make excuses for themselves.

            If it had been the other way round, we’d never have heard the end of it.

  7. But it wasn’t the other way round, and in terms of the other Home Nations, hasn’t been for 60 years. Seems England are the only ones to be “lucky”.

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