Poll: Who will win the Six Nations?

We’ve seen all the Six Nations countries competing over the last few weeks, and although with some teams you never quite know what will happen, the recent games should give us an idea of how next year’s tournament will unfold. Take our latest poll and let us know which team you think will win.

Who will win the Six Nations?

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After a quick glance at the Six Nations Fixtures, I have voted for France, although I think Ireland will come close. The clinching factor for me was that France have three home games, and one of those is against the Irish at Stade de France, which just tips the balance in their favour.

Wales stand a chance too, although will need to improve on their recent form, particularly for their trip to Dublin. England and Scotland will probably continue to frustrate – mercurial is an over-used term in rugby, but expect one impressive performance followed by a couple of rubbish ones.

Italy could well be in the same boat. They have home games against England and Scotland, and unthinkable as it may seem, they could feasibly win both of those matches and finish mid-table.

What do you think? Pick a winner in the poll, and if you want to predict the final table positions, leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Poll: Who will win the Six Nations?

  1. Ireland are looking like the favourites so far. Do you think they can go to France and win? Or will they rely on France slipping up somewhere along the way?

  2. 6N tends to be about consitency – Ireland have shown that throughout 2009 and throughout the Autumn Series. They have a very solid and experienced core of players, including some match-winners. France are probably better on the day, but with a young and inexperienced team they are always likely to have a bad day at the office.

    Between those two, with Ireland taking the title for me.

  3. No question about it, Ireland to win the championship – reason why? – Declan Kidney (though maybe not back to back Grand Slams)

  4. You’d be a brave man betting against Ireland or France but for me Ireland will get it – more experienced team and more reliable – able to pull out a result when they need it and playing badly.

    Horirble cliche so forgive me, but the French are still just too inconsistent – Lievremont is not exactly a coach who has shown much inclination towards the “win at all costs” mentality and until the team is a bit more experienced in having had those matches themselves, i can’t see them developing that…

    What about England? God knows… If it is the same conservative tripe as the Autumn that it will be a disaster, but with a little bit more ambition (i’m not talking about running it from our own 22 – just try attacking with a couple of people on your shoulders for offloads – go on give it a go – it might work) then we could surprise some people. Lets hope…

    And whilst i know it is a previous post and also that i am going to get a lot of disagreement for this, i struggle with the idea of Moody at 7 yet alone Captain for England. Yes i know he was our best player in the autumn, but that’s because of passion, effort and intensity. Whilst he has got his body angle better at the breakdown, he is still too upright and doesn’t drive people off the ball enough for my liking. His skills are aggression and determination – meaning he is great for slowing the ball down and giving it a good scrap – but he is not (and has never been) an offloading 7 link man – in the style of a Neil Back in the olden days or his peers – Will Skinner, Stefan Armitage or Tom Rees

    This is perfect for the game plan we are playing at the moment – don’t give anything away, slow the ball down, etc… – but it is not a blueprint for the future. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t think Rees or Armitage are doing anything to justify their inclusion ahead of Moody at the moment and so i wouldn’t necessarily be selecting anyone else.

    But whilst i can dream of a more expansive game plan one day, Moody is wouldn’t be the man in the number 7 shirt. Possibly a contender for 6 (his proper position IMHO) – but if we can get the Tom Croft of the Lions then there is no debate…

  5. I think we (France) are going to lose against England. So even if France beats Ireland, I think Ireland will win anyway.

    No grand slam this year IMO.

  6. Wow, only one vote for Wales, and four for England!? If I was Welsh, I would be feeling pretty good after hearing the reaction coming from the coaching team over the last few days. We weren’t good enough/we have to go back to the drawing board/we are ashamed of our performance. I found that so refreshing. Let’s face it, their overall performance over the series was no worse than England’s, but this response shows they are not satisfied with mediocrity. Contrast that with the dross emerging from RFU. Amazing but true – they don’t even realize how crap we are.

    I think it will be Ireland, with both France and Wales in with a shot of second place. England and Scotland will then battle it out for fourth and fifth. England will be without the serendipitous statistics that they clung to last year to justify the crap served up (most tries, fewest conceded….etc. yawn…). But it will all be the fault of the rules, so don’t dare blame them.

  7. No matter how much the England team dampen my enthusiasm for watching them play, i still get ludicrously excited about the six nations. This year i think France might pick the same team each week and find the form that could propel them towards becoming one of the favourites for the world cup. In terms of individual ability they have the finest players in the world at the moment.

    What’s this twaddle i’m reading today from Rob Andrew? Stop blaming the laws and try to play some bloody rugby! At times over the autumn Australia, France, Ireland and New Zealand played some wonderfully exciting rugby under the same laws England were playing under…the difference is THEY ARE TRYING TO BE POSITIVE!

  8. ENGLAND will win this year no doubt about it. There biggest fear is france this is because they are the only other team to have still got 100% in there games so far.Irland havent got a chance with France in the way but i believe England will show the french whos is back.

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