Post Match Reaction: Australia 25 Wales 23

A last gasp penalty from Mike Harris snatched victory for the Wallabies in Melbourne. The lead changed an astonishing 10 times in an absorbing Test match, but Australia took the spoils despite a brilliant kicking performance from Leigh Halfpenny.

What did you make of the game?

21 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: Australia 25 Wales 23

  1. bastard penalty…Wales fought tooth and nail for that, in it to win it for the next match! Proud of them whatever, just wishing we hadn’t kicked it away.
    lwc ddrwg bechgen.

  2. Priestland. Just stop it please. Everyone can see what you are doing wrong so why can’t you?

    1. I think that’s a bit harsh. Biggar may be a better 10 than Priestland but the ref called advantage over as Priestland had already committed to kick -a kick to end advantage presumably. That’s either really bad luck or bad refereeing. Priestland undoubtedly assumed no advantage would come from the kick and he could run down the clock a bit more. I think it was a bit dodgy personally. I was ready to declare the Welsh bottlers again but not after watching that. That’s just bad refereeing – rugby is truly not a global sport just yet obviously and the referees demonstrate this time and time again.
      On the other hand, Priestland shouldn’t have even thought about kicking for even just a second. He also needs to be a little bit more adaptive. If you’re a number 10 and you hear “advantage over” as you’re about to kick, I think the best thing is ground the ball and end the phase. Get your head back together. Maybe he didn’t hear the ref. It’s a very tough call. Then Wales collapsed the maul – u could argue the ref was being nice to Aus there too. Wales still lack cool in the big games – cool or savvy not sure which – did they plan to collapse the maul? and take the 3 point gamble. As for Ireland – not a lot you can do about a last minute dg. It’s something Irish teams are normally beneficiaries of so that must be a bitter twist for the boys. Another harsh day for the NH teams.
      6-1, and all tests won for the SH teams as usual. As for Scotland – back to a running game and they concede a massive 25 points against Fiji – nothing much going on there. Argentina can beat France, and it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary of course.

    2. Priestland really didn’t have much of a choice, Rhys Webb as trying to create something! Passing it to the backs when we should have been playing keep ball, if you want to blame someone, put it on Rhys Webb and his inexperience.

  3. Bitterly disappointed. Wales will always find it a difficult task to beat S/H teams when they cannot do the basics right i.e the lineouts in opposition half have to be a must. We need to be far more disciplined, clinic and be mentally harder we looked average at best at times. Why oh why was Priestland on the pitch, if one player can win a game it’s Rhys unfortunately it was for the opposition. Tuperic must play next week ( Warburton looks tired ), Ian Evans also must start – not sure where this Welsh Team goes from here.

  4. Its hard enough to beat a15 man Australia without an pathetically biased referee who if he isn’t Australian probably will be after this performance. Message to irb why not give the referee a no 16 Australia jersey so at least we know what we are up against can think of countless examples in the match including 3 free kicks from scrum to Wales where full penalty would be awarded but first occasion to Australia well let me guess full penalty in last minute. Can only think its tv coverage if in football would be referring port Meirion 10yr olds v Bangor at the height of his reclimb

    Let’s get some honest ref not on the take


  5. So close, like Ireland Wales were in it right up to the final whistle, gutted for my NH compatriots – at least it shows we can play and foot it with the SH teams.

    1. Unfortunately we need to start winning these games, Ireland were the better team and riled the All Blacks. Wales were beaten, Australia had the flair and more importantly the tactics to win big games. Wales need to learn composure.

  6. Absolutely crushing. Poor play from Priestland towards the end (NEVER give it away in that situation), and there was definitely sloppy moments (lineouts and kicking in particular) but we played well. Halfpenny in particular had a stormer.

    Feel like we could’ve used Hook and Tipuric. Warburton didn’t play badly but we needed someone doing more scavenging to counter Pocock.

    I won’t dwell on the ref, but I think it’s clear he made some questionable decisions. The one thing I’d say is we would’ve undoubtedly done better with a NH ref as we’re still not particularly comfortable with the SH breakdowns.

    Great game though. Absolutely crushing, but well played by the Aussies.

    1. I agree that the ref wasn’t the difference between the two teams, but he did make some odd decisions, especially with regards to forward encounters and crossing. It’s curious that the other two NH v SH games this weekend had NH refs as a turnaround to last week, but we didn’t?

    2. I think we can discount the ref, our performances were not good enough, Priestland was dreadful all game, where was North and Cuthbert, should have been used alot more effectively throughout, you have two man of their stature and speed and they were missing from most of the game.

      1. The ref was a liability especially at scrum time and to be honest he was always going to give that last penalty. but the comment about our performance is right .

        70% possession and nearly that in territory in the first half to Australia tells the tale. Basically if you chuck away most of your line-out ball and kick aimlessly then any team is going to struggle to win.l .

        At every level of rugby from schoolboys upwards you don’t kick away possession in the last minute when you are a point up .Priestland should have been off by then in any event and if your going to base a game on kicking then Biggar should have been out there..

        The last game is a dead rubber for Australia but Wales should get motivated to break that SH duck and the majority of this side can bank this result for a return mission same time next year with the Lions.Still gutted though.

  7. What are the views on continuing with Lions Tours – do you think the home nations benefit from the tour. I would prefer Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland to tour separately. I cannot see the benefits for the players or Wales with continuing with the Old School tour – this is the proffessional era after all.

    1. I’m a warm-hearted (non petrol-bomb throwing) type of Republican Irishman myself so I’m not really into the Lions tour, but I would still support them whole-heartedly. I tend to agree that it’s somewhat deprecated/defunct in the modern era though. I’d like the Irish provinces to be broken up and tour South America – in particular Argentina, but Brazil and Chile too – something different and good to spread the game..

    2. I agree amathus, spot on there…we are better going in as individual countries…it means more to us than the collective…I’m Irish and a supporter of all the home unions when they play and also a big fan of France..Consign the Lions and Barbarians to history where they belong.

      Good luck next week to all the countries mentioned above.

  8. Mike Phillips needs to go he was to slow and made way to many bad decisions e.g. we call a scrum to tie down Pocock to run the ball out wide and what does he do; runs straight for the open-side and makes hash of it. Warburton was playing more like a 6 or 8 than a 7 so I would consider moving him and bringing in Tipuric at open-side, The whole game needs to be speeded up, Priestland was having a good game I thought he made some great tackles and good runs his kicking was greatly improved, until the last kick in my opinion it should have never gone to the backs in the first place. Webb should have just organised his forwards and slow it down. Should have been a straight red for the Ozzy winger when he took out halfpenny shocking sportsmanship! For the next game I would keep 15,14,13, the same bring back Scott Williams, Beck faded into the shadow of J Davies, I would keep Priestland at 10 (I now opinion is divided but I garentee if we had wont there would be no blame on him) Webb or WIlliams at 9 warbuton at 8 ian evens instead of b davies and Ken Owens if fit as hooker

    1. Preistland tactically is inept as a kicker, not sure which game you were watching but he was appalling, his kicks were to long for welsh chasers, kickes to the opposition which allowed them to run back at us and gain the advantage every time – i would not pick Priestland again, he showed no composure or skill, defended well agreed but 1 out of 10 for yesterday – lost us the game from start to finish.

  9. While i’m definitely not Priestlands biggest fan i think the last 3 minutes were tough on him. The aussies had kicked it back to us, we’re just outisde our own 22. The correct thing to do would be pick and drive… well we did that once and Pocock was all over us! (like he was all match) we barely got it back, i was thinking he’s gonna ping us for a penalty! He’s so tough to remove once he’s in position!! We need to develop a strategy for the last game, he was killing us. So what do you do? do you pick and drive and perhaps concede a penalty in an easily kickable position? or do you hoof it long to give yourself territory but surrender possesion?? We know what Priestland did, and we know what happened – i think you have to applaud the Aussie pressure, rather than criticising Priestland.

    As gutted as i was with the final outcome, i still think the better team won.

  10. Interesting split of views on Priestland. The decision to kick was limited by the ref’s awful “advantage over” call and by Webb’s inexperience shown in not keeping it tight. However, through recent games his kicking out of hand is woeful and he’s already conceded the spot kick place to Lee. Gatland is renowned for dropping off form players. Perhaps the time to change?

  11. On the Lions it’s a major moneyspinner for the SH unions and the home ones now they getva share. Sky love it too , it takes place in a summer with no Olympics or big football tournament to compete non rugby supporters actually go down the pub to watch them. So economics dictate they will continue .

    More importantly (in my view) the players themselves regard it as an honour to play for the Lions and to match themselves with their peers from the other countries and very much want a Lions cap on their CV .

    Concerning Priiestland his kicking most of the game was not good but after that last kick other players gave away two crucial penalties which were not down to him it’s a team game so it’s not fair to single him out for the loss. It’s a different question though to ask whether his form currently justifies selection.

  12. I agree, Priestland was not the only player who gave away penalties, the lineouts in the first half were poor to say the least. Rather then a Lions tour i would like the home nation Teams in turn to play in the super 12, will never happen but what an experience that woould be lol. On a serious note it shows the expectations i have of this Welsh Team and the set up. 3,10, 15 years ago i would have been thrilled for Wales to tour a S/H country and come away with the current score line. I really hope we come away with a victory this weekend, the Team and supporters deserve a win and a platform to move on and develop.
    Still gutted but still proud.

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