Post Match Reaction: France 17-17 Ireland

Honours even in Paris as a spirited Irish side lose an 11 point half-time lead. What did you make of the draw this afternoon?

36 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: France 17-17 Ireland

  1. Did Pearson leave his cards ar home? I thought he was very generous to the Irish. Still neither side able able to close out the match, I guess the GS really is for Wales to lose now. Not sure I fancy England’s chances for the final matches either.

  2. It took until the 78 minute for Pearson to identify the French sealing the ball offensively by leaving their feet over the ruck – made it impossible for Ireland to compete legally for the ball.

  3. I waited over half an hour for Pearson to give Ireland a penalty! – strange how two people can look at the same match and see two totally different outcomes!

    Time to take the blinkers off lads – Wales aren’t that good – they have been lucky – England are actually poor at best. This is a weak six nations. Ireland and France are the best teams. They have played badly and are there or there just about. Wales have played at their best and have been lucky (got the rub of the green) and are only just winning. See whats in front of you lads!

    1. Ireland were awarded a penalty after 7 minutes and even Keith Wood couldn’t believe Healy wasnt carded.

    2. Don’t understand why everyone is slamming the Welsh side at the moment. They have played class rugby over the past few months, and have clearly shown themselves to be one of the top teams, if not the top team, in the NH. We showed great strength in depth against the Irish, playing with a mostly second-choice scrum, and without our captain in the second half. We overcame great adversity to win that match, and although we were lucky at the end, had the right question been asked about the Ryan Jones try, and had we had the right man kicking from the start the winning margin would have been larger. We played poorly against a plucky english side at Twickenham and still won. What more do we have to do to prove ourselves? And yes, it is undeniable that France have a brilliant team of players, but when was the last time they played consistently well as a unit? Last year’s six nations was a shamble and the world cup was a joke.. poorest, and indeed luckiest, side to ever reach the final. I agree that the Irish are a good side, but why are they then not able to close out matches? It’s not like they’re inexperienced. Despite what you say Wales haven’t played their best yet, just look at the kicking tactics over the past few matches. They are a young side and will continue to improve, much like the French and English will as they begin to come together more under their new coaches. Can’t see where Ireland are headed.. probably need a new coach.

      1. Bitter much? You and you’re interpretation of rugby is. Ireland the best team in 6N? They have won one game in 4, hardly best of the northen hemisphere form. There’s a reason Wales and France made the WC semis – they are the two best teams in NH.

        1. Need to work on your math – 1-1-1 is how I see it. France is the best team in NH. Bitter doesn’t come into it if you open your eyes and look at what is in front of you. When you hear horses hooves don’t look for zebras!!
          Ding Dong
          Round 2

        2. Im not bitter at all you illiterate. I stated quite clearly that if i was offered a draw with France i would take it! thus i dont understand the ramblings of some who talk like we had a right to win it. What don’t you read a comment before you go trolling or is it just a random act if stupidity that landed you on me.

          That said we should have won we were better in the first and let the sizable lead slip to a rampant France in the second. Our fault, and i will take the draw. a good Paris result if a little disappointing.

          And in point of fact, I agree wales and France are the best teams but that’s subjective. Michael Cheika is quoted on Saturday saying he believes Ireland and France are the top two NH teams. So just because you believe the opposite dose not make it true, and certainly i would suggest that you dont run away with the ideas being fact just because they are your own ideas. That would be just STUPID

  4. When I look at it Wales are currently top of the table, unbeaten, have beaten Ireland on the last 3 occassions and were unlucky not to win in the world cup against France with one man less for the majority of the game which they could have won had Halfpenny landed the penalty kick.

    Wales 22 – 10 Ireland
    Ireland 21 – Wales 23
    Ireland 42 – 10 Italy
    France 17 – 17 Ireland

    That is one win in four, who’s the uneducated one? You.
    Ding Dong, knockout.

    1. WOW, you do make if rather difficult to like Wales, but despite you i still like them a lot. love how they are playing, and the whole youthful exuberance. But to fire such massive insults at Ireland or anyone else for that matter before the competition is even over is setting yourself up for a fall.

      Ireland have done nothing to gain such disrespect, and certainly in a post match review of a game that has nothing to do with your respective team, it just reflects horribly bad on you and your nature as a Rugby supporter.

      I think we all, every team, can do without your type of support.

    2. “Wales 22 – 10 Ireland
      Ireland 21 – Wales 23
      Ireland 42 – 10 Italy
      France 17 – 17 Ireland

      That is one win in four, who’s the uneducated one? You.”

      You’re both uneducated. True, Wales were handed free wins in the last 2 6N games against Ireland, but prior to that, you’re record recent against us is almost as bad as Ireland’s record against France..

      Anyway a draw between France and Ireland completes this 6N. I think France will win now – France will beat Wales but England will beat France and Ireland.
      France’s’ loss to England will be their only other points loss. Just my opinion…
      no need to troll attack..

      1. Do you really think England can go to France and win? I really can’t see it happening. Because despite the fact that this game was seen as underwhelming by some, most see it as a great game, well contested, but unfortunate not to see a winner emerge. Rugby and drawn results just don’t sit well.

        But then on the other hand France and Saint Andre and extremely happy with the result. While Ireland are extremely disappointed. For the French it has bolstered their confidence to come back from 17 – 6 and get a draw. Saint Andre said after the match that, that was the best rugby they played thus far this year. Also now they know if they beat England its all to play for in Wales. So their tails will be up and they are looking to win something after coming so close in the RWC.

        On the other hand, England lost their last match and were totally under whelming in the Italy and Scotland fixtures. They have not been horrible but just not very good in general. Much like Ireland.

        It’s not the England team of old either, They may have a great record for beating the French but that was another group of players. These guys now are not looking like they have that bloody minded self belief that we have seen from England teams of the past 10 years.

        My conclusion is that judging from what i have seen of England and France thus far, I can’t see how England can win this game. France are far better from 1 to 15 and with home advantage its a massive hill to climb for England.

        So we should expect a show down between France and Wales, and if that happens, its winner takes all. France will certainly show up in Cardiff that day.

        If that comes to pass i will cheer for Wales, because im a rugby fan, and i don’t judge their team on the juvenile attitudes of some of their fans. I just like to watch a good team play well.

      2. So France will lose to England at the Stade de France and then go on to beat Wales at the Millenium stadium? Won’t happen.

  5. Let’s look at things objectively:

    France have the best pool of players in the Northern Hemisphere currently, but are struggling to gel under a new coach. They seem to lack a gameplan to me, and a few of them are making bad decisions at key moments (Rougerie on countless occasions today)

    Wales have the best XV on current form in the Northern Hemisphere. I maintain that they don’t have the strength in depth of England and France particularly, but their XV is rightly the one to beat.

    Ireland, in stark contrast to their Provincial sides, seem to have lost the ability to win close games. Given a line out on halfway, with 1 minute to go, you would have backed Munster or Leinster to edge their way to a drop goal position and scrape a win, as you would have done in that opening game too.

    England have potentially, with France, the best side in the NH. However, they lack definitive direction, experience and form players in key positions (2, 7, 9, 11, 14, 15) to have a chance at the tournament title this time around.

    Scotland and Italy I will gloss over for now as they haven’t won a game between them.

    That’s what makes it so intriguing this year. 4 teams had a legitimate sneak at the championship, and the passion of their supporters creates great discussion.

    I still think France will win in Cardiff.

    1. Wales may not have a pool as big as England or France to pick players from but their squad packs more quality and experience. The English (bar Owen Farrell who I think has been a well needed breath of fresh air for England) are boring and unimaginative.

      Players on the Welsh bench include: James Hook, Ryan Jones, Andy Powell – all British Lions. Lee Byrne and Gavin Henson can’t even make the match day squad, they’re not quite the players that they used to be but they are British Lions. Henson also hasn’t had much game time since he’s returned due to injury for us to even see how good he can be now.
      Also Dwayne Peel (another Lion) isn’t even considered when he was our best scrum half before he moved outside Wales. People should stop underestimating Wales, yes they’re team 10-20 years ago was among the wooden spoon contenders but they’ve developed into a dangerous, entertaining and quality side.

      1. England’s lack of imagination can be based on their inexperience and a coach who has been handed 5 games to prove he is capable of doing a job. Some of the names you give for Wales are where they are for a reason. Byrne, Hook and Ryan Jones apart, they are all well past their best, and personally I would LOVE to see a Wales side with Gavin Henson in, as he has no longer got the necessary level.

        Strength in depth doesn’t stop at 22 though in my opinion.

        I’m trying to be objective here and I think most Welsh fans would accept that they do not have the strength in depth of either England and France. As most England fans would accept that at the moment, Wales’s first choice side is stronger than England’s.

        I don’t think I am underestimating this Welsh side, but accept that many do. I do however think that there is a lot of exaggerating the level of this Welsh side within Wales, and repeat that I still have the sneaking suspicion that France will win in Cardiff.

        1. England have been unimaginative for the last God knows how many years though. It’s a bit harsh to rule Henson like that, if he starts playing regularly injury-free then you can but he’s played a hand full of games since returning.

          I don’t see England having more strength in depth, France yes, England no. Ashton is playing extremely poor and Strettle and Foden not far from that, yet if England had strength in depth they would have replaced them by now. In my opinion I can’t name one team that will win in Cardiff as it depends on who is the form team on the day. France only seem to have two levels; play some fascinating rugby or sloppy, left my head back in bed. At the moment however, Wales are winning even when they aren’t firing on all cylinders which wasn’t happening pre-world cup especially when they should’ve beaten the springboks. I don’t know how much home advantage will count for but it’ll be a great game for sure.

  6. Leaving aside the Welsh as I want to comment on this game, I just couldn’t come away from this game feeling stangely underwhelmed.

    On the one hand you had two of the better teams in the world standing toe to toe. Some huge scrummaging from the French, outstanding work in the tackle area from the Irish, tied scoreline meaning drama all the way to the end, but there was something missing.

    With all the turnover ball the Irish had, they should have buried France. With the set piece and backs France have, not to mention home advantage, you would have expected France to run Ireland ragged. It never happened. I don’t know if the two teams cancelled each other out or whether the Irish backs (Bowe aside) are rather limited and the French were well the French – Gallic shrugs all round. Couldn’t really work out either team. Both immensely strong in some areas and probably capable of beating anyone on their day, but just not firing on all cylinders at present.

    OK as everyone else mentioned them, I think the Welsh are the best team in the six nations at present, England, Ireland and France are all in the mix (one team on the way up, one on the way down and the other well unpredictable), and Scotland aren’t too far away – they’ve played some of the most enterprising rugby in this six nations despite the results.

    Interested to know what others think about why neither team could win this.

    1. The two teams didn’t try anything different to break the oppositions defense. The French defense were floating across the pitch and Ireland continually ran into them and getting stopped by the touchline or a French tackle. The Irish defense however was flying out of the traps which they gained from through Bowe’s first try. If Trinh-Duc or Parra had any sense they would’ve chipped one over the top but hey ho.

    2. “With all the turnover ball the Irish had, they should have buried France. With the set piece and backs France have, not to mention home advantage, you would have expected France ….”

      sounds like u answered your own question. It was a stalemate and thus was underwhelming.

  7. I think most of you are talking directly out of your back sides.

    Bottom line. Nobody likes a draw, but if you offered me a draw against France in Paris before the competition started i would have taken your hand off.

    Despite the rambling above, that’s is a reality the Irish (me included) have to face!

    We played well i the first half, they played well in the second, on balance the only real controversy was the Rob Kearney didn’t get man of the match. But Bowe deserved it for his tries i guess.

    1. Maybe you should start watching Golf, it’s an easier game for you to get your head around; must get ball in hole. Got it?

      1. No how bout u explain it one more time.. and while ur at it.. take a running jump in to troll river. troll

  8. Personally I thought it was a greta game to watch, sloppy at times and the ref was Irish for the first half and French for the second. But all in all an exciting game with two great tries form Bowe-well worthy of man of the match- and a good show of grit from Fofana. I think that the Irish are old thought and are now a 60 minute team..had they been an 80 minute team, they would have won today.

    I think that Wales should and will win against France in Cardiff, with a young talented squad that has proved one of the best in the World at the moment, sure France are unpredictable-but Wales have won and that is what counts.

    1. I have to say that in many respects, I agree with the “old” Irish comment. We may have seen the best of this team and it is now time to rebuild as per the English. The backline just doesn’t seem the same without BOD but then how many times has he been missing before! (have to say that I singled out Bowe earlier – On reflection I think that was very harsh on Kearney who did nothing wrong and everything right!).

      The pack was incredible at the breakdown for 60 minutes as you say, after that they seemed to largely disappear – is it age (possibly) or is it the fact that if large forwards are being moved around the park so much they are going to tire quicker, no matter what their conditioning (possibly) or is it a combination of the two (probably).

  9. Seriously? I’m sorry I thought the people here would be a bit more mature, I won’t appologise for being Welsh and trying to have a decent conversation about a decent game.

  10. I thought it was a poor game dominated by mistakes rather than graet rugby.

    I respected Ireland for holding on, they are a good team, they are lacking the decision making of BOD in crucial situations, but so would any team losing him.

    France have by far the best pool of players, but they have to decide what tupe of game they want to play. The problem at 10 hasn’t been solved, TD is great player but he can’t lead the team and therefore they get a bit lost when conecting forwards and backs. The midfield is also failing to function, Rougerie was a disaster, he isn’t a centre at all, I would like to see mermoz enter the centres, he can pass and read situations, a real class act, and see if they canlaunch the backs more frequently.

    It seems more and more like Wale’s year, and I agree that on form they are the best team, although I can see France winning, I’m going Wales.

    Wales have a good team, they are over dependent on the fitness of a couple of players, but which team isn’t. If Adam Jones breaks it coould be a huge problem,

    Wales need to develop their attacking game more, it is still a bit bang, bang, and bang some more, they need variaty, but they are young and can develop this.

  11. Why oh why does International rugby tolerate referees who are clearly sub-standard? We saw a perfect example in Paris on Sunday – Dave “grinning idiot” Pearson teamed up again with the equally inept Wayne Barnes. They miss or totally ignore so much that players, sadly inevitably, take advantage of their glaring inefficiency and the quality of the contest suffers.

    1. I have to agree, Pearson should not be allowed near a game outside of a local pub team.

      He seems like a nice chap and all but gowd! he cant do his job.

      The only caveat is that he was bad for both teams.

      Barnes on the other hand has become quite a good REF but again agree, he had his eyes shut for large parts of that game

  12. I think England may surprise France on Saturday – certainly they shouldn’t be too worried on the showing yesterday. That said, I can see Ireland winning on Paddy’s day, having lost to a Scotland that catches all it’s passes for once. Wales then to take the Slam against a weary France, having stuck 40 on Italy.

    If anyone can point me in the direction of a greater sports tournament ANYWHERE than the 6 Nations, I would be surprised. We don’t know how lucky we are. It’s just a shame that some posters adopt such an agressive persona online. Generosity of spirit has traditionally been what distinguishes the Rugby fan from those who follow other sports.

    1. +1 !!! Well said.

      On your prediction could well happen, Paul O’Connell and Conner Murray are our for the rest of the comp for Ireland, So now we have to not only replace one our best players in POC but also replace our captain. NOT EASY! But Scotland beat us in Dublin… mmm cant see it.

      As for the best tournament, i don’t know but certainly the Heineken Cup is gathering momentum and popularity and i was speaking to an English lad last week who believes firmly the HC is a far better tournament.

      1. Thing is with the HC is that its spread out over such a long period, whereas the 6 Nations is a brilliant tournament that gives us concentrated international rugby for 6 weeks

        Not sure that an Ireland without POC or BOD will be mentally strong wnough to beat England in Twickenham. Also think that D’Arcy and Earls/McFadden will have a torrid time against Barritt and Tuilagi

        If England can keep Bowe, Kearney and the Irish back row quiet then they will be well on their way to winning

        As for England v France, god only knows. Depends which French team turns up

        1. Paolo

          I guess we could say that the 6 nations is the best perennial “international” tournament. And i suppose the HC is subjective each year. As it depends what teams are in the knock out stages. For example, the 6N’s has not been a good year for us Irish, so we will turn to the HC and look forward to some excitement and believe we have a good shot at winning. But then if i was welsh i would be saying the HC is awful and the 6N’s is the best. :D

          But from a personal point of view i count down the days every year to the start of the 6N’s, however as a Leinster supporter, recent years have swayed me toward the HC. Tho the 6N’s is a very special tournament and always will be.

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