Post Match Reaction: Ireland 21-23 Wales

Tommy Bowe and George North

It’s all over at the Aviva Stadium, and what a match it was! A fantastic away win for Wales sealed by a try from George North and the boot of Leigh Halfpenny in the last minute of the game. However, the match was blighted by the issue of a tip tackle from each side.

What did you make of the game? What will both sides take from this match? Where do you stand on the tip tackle issue?

46 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: Ireland 21-23 Wales

  1. If a speartackle off the ball isn’t a red card, I can’t see how Ferris’ tackle was a dangerous one… Though Wales played a great game, mostly better than ireland, their victory was a present from Barnes

    1. what game were you watching and did you see the serious foul before the raction albiet stupid from Davies/, Take the blinkers off mate

      1. Well said mate !!! It was a silly thing that he done but when you got 30 men knocking seven kinds of out of each other for 80 mins things like this will happen. The refs need to get it right, not just the refs the irb. Anyway no more said about it know. Wales earned a great win away from home and they deserved every bit of it……

        1. Now don’t get me wrong here, I never said Wales didn’t deserve to win, it’s just the way they did. And retaliation like this is simply a red, nothing to do with blinkers…

  2. Wales had a good game, but Ireland still didnt learn from the worldcup game. Colin Murray should not be in the team, as he is way too slow and sometimes not even near the ball. Reddan and Boss are much better players and would do a much better job. Maybe its time for a new coach, as this coach do not have a plan B or should i say, no plan at all.

    1. He’s useless. He’s been made to look good (as was O’Sullivan) for too long now, just because we have some top players. It’s a pity – good players – crap coach, and when we run out of good players, we’ll be allowed to have a good coach again, conveniently. I’m tired of this.

  3. Well just about come down to earth the feeling at first was how did we win that ? More appropriate question was how were we losing it in the last five minutes ,sort out the kicker which we may have with Halfpenny and the lineout and we would have been out of sight anyway .

    Tip tackle well if Warburton;s was a red in the world cup then Bradley Davies’ was in this one the last Irish one didn’t even look like a penalty to me seems like the referees are running scared on this issue , I can’t see why it can’t be called by the refs based on intent , likelihood of injuries etc as they do with high tackles .

    Anyway game of the weekend roll on Scotland .

  4. Bradley Davies deserved a red. Donnacha Ryan should be cited for the cheap shot at Davies’ unprotected back that provoked the incident in the first place, and neither of them should appear again in this year’s 6 Nations.

    Watching the incident that led to the final penalty in slow motion, it looked a fair tackle by Ferris, taking one leg to stop the ball carrier. It was also easy to see how it could look like a dangerous tackle at full speed and without the benefit of slo-mo replay. Disappointing, but the Welsh backs deserved a win for their tremendous power in attack.

    1. Stupid of Brad Davies to react in that way to after Ryans cheap shot. Fully deserved a red card. Ferris tackle not as bad but surprised to get even a penalty out of Barnes. Ryans wasn’t the only Irish cheap shot this afternoon. I await the citing report with interest. The Law really needs sorting out.

      Overall though a good game. Light years away from the dross served up in Edinburgh. Thought Scotland had made good progress over last 2 years but not much to show this year

    2. At last a sensible blog, well written mate, pity it was not against England instead of our Irish friends, at least they understand the spirit of the game unlike the prima donnas of England. I really hope England get smashed by all the other teams big time.
      They just don’t get it!

      1. England perfectly understand the spirit of the game, but against Scotland , didn’t really get the chance to show too much of it. We were too busy defending a strong Scottish side who are used to playing together (a bit like the Welsh and Irish teams). If you were starting with half a team who had less than 10 caps, you probably wouldn’t have had much attack play going on either, as they would need game time to gel. The fact that this new England team beat an established Scottish team in Murrayfield is impressive.

      2. @Mark Taylor thats a cheap suckerpunch. By all means make constructive comments about Eng but there’s no need for that ridiculous chat!

  5. wales should of been out of sight at half time but ireland through it away in the last ten mins o garas 2 kick offs give the forwards no chance

  6. Forget the officials as they can always make mistakes and concentrate on the most exciting and entrhralling matches in a decade, Wales were always better than Ireland behind the forwards and Heaslip is fine going forward but is pretty damned poor in defence, I thought Bradley Davies lost his head because of the very cheap shot by the Irish second row which caused injury to the Welsh player and he should be cited as well, I also thought that reland were lying over the ball in the tackle all day, why does Barnes allow it and all the other referees do not.
    Jonathan Davies and George North were incredible, Priestnad looked off the pace as did Jamie Roberts, but still deserved the victory.
    Thank God for a great game, after the rubbish at Paris and Edinburgh, England if they carry on like the first match will bore us all to death if they contine like they did in the first match!

  7. Thought Wales were the better side but that penalty was Best game of the weekend and was disappointed with ireland.

  8. We are out of everything, forget the 6 Nations for 2012. Time to walk away, Kidney, you are not up to the job. The IRFU blazers shafted Gatland just as his ideas were coming good. We ended up with O’Sullivan, got rid of him and ended up with Kidney who is clueless. Like in the World Cup, he has no ideas, no coaches and very fixed opinions. He picks someone who cannot get on Munster team and can someone please explain, what has Leo Cullen done wrong. He is captain of European champions and cannot get even on the bench.
    How long did O’Gara get today? Was that fair on him? He should have refused to take the field. How long should our scrum half have got? The coach cannot even make timely decisions. Take a hike, Kidney, you’re a disaster. Take the honourable course of action and walk away.
    Gatland 4 – Kidney 2

    1. Leo Cullen is injured after undergoing surgery. I wouldn’t be as harsh on Kidney, the only Irish coach to deliver a grand slam in my lifetime as well as two Heineken Cups to Munster, as you are. For me, Darcy was the real weak link in defence. No where hear good enough any more. The two tackles in question though were mile apart Either one gets red and the other yellow or the first gets yellow and the other is perfectly legit. IRB need to clarify this point in the game asap.

    2. He’s crap. The team selection was crap. He’s just not up to it. His whole way of thinking is outdated and biased. Is he even allowed to pick the team? With that selection, you would think it was the Welsh coach who picked it just so we could lose. Not good enough. Losing at home is not acceptable against any team, let alone Kidney’s appalling record – beaten by France, England and Wales now in the last 3 encounters at the Aviva.

      But well done to Wales – nothing wrong with them.

  9. Objectively speaking, both sides wold have beaten both England and Scotland on this opening weekend’s performance.

    I said the key clash was O’Brien vs Warburton, but extending this to the entire back row, Wales won the battle hands down. Jones was excellent I thought, and the much vaunted Ferris, O’Brien and Heaslip did very little between them. Ireland’s tight five laid the platform for a win, but the back row, half backs and centres all disappointed. Kearney was excellent I tought, but both wingers did very little.

    The best team won on the day, so well done Wales, but the way they did it leaves a sour taste in the mouth, as if Ferris’s tackle was a penalty, rugby is in danger of becoming a non-contact sport. My Ireland ratings will be up tomorrow, but I thought Jonathan Davies was outstanding (the centre, not the biased studio expert). North was also magnificent.

    1. The best team won but ireland should have closed them out after the try. Sexton was never going to get that penalty from inside his own half, a lineout with the extra fwd was surely the better call.

      1. Bad calls – that’s all this team makes under Kidney. He’s not there at this level. Wales deserved the win. Simple.

  10. Barnes issued the wrong cards each time! Davies should’ve got the red and Ferris shouldn’t have even been issued a card! Video replay clearly showed proof of Barnes bad calls.

    Couple that with Ireland’s bad tackling, careless errors, turnovers and missing kicks it’s no wonder we lost!

  11. Happy with the win, Davies should have got a straight red, and we’ll see how the citing changes the next XV. Disappointed with all the booing though, unless it was directed at Kidney. We could do with seeing a 6 Nations with respect for the kickers.

  12. A lot snide comments on here about England. No one is saying that they played great but given the circumstanses that was one hell of a gutsy performance from a very inexperienced team. By the time we play Wales and Ireland there should be a bit more settled and with the added experience of Flood, Wood, Lawes and Tuilagi.

    1. I totally agree and this is from a passionate Welshman, I think England will always have issues though due to too many foreign players in the Premiership playing for a pension rather than with a passion for their team.
      The new coach has done what Gatland has previously and told the prima donnas to get their head out of their bums kike Gavin Henson was, there are so many great pplayers in England especially behind the scrum that never see the ball, a case is Ashton, how many times does he see the ball in the game?.
      As you said though if the likes of him and Foden start to see good ball in some space the rest of us can look out.
      And as for clamping down on the players from a disciplinary perspective he needs to be very carefull or tell them to let off steam behind closed doors, I played representative rugby for many years and he should give up trying to keep them under complete control now.
      He has dropped the best scrum half in Danny Care for a driving offence, so does the new coach think he is judge and juror as well now!

  13. Well done Wales. Better team won on the day. Ireland were poor again defensively. You cannot afford to let a team of Wales quality break the game line with ease and make 5 metres in the tackle. In terms of postives Trimble justfied his selection on the wing Kearney was excellent, Murray did what he could in the circumstances and Mike Ross and Rory Best did particularly well. Donnacha Ryan showed why he should have started as well.
    The bigger picture is once again the Irish team failed to produce a cohesive performance that makes best use of the repective players talents while Welsh players who looked like they were struggling for form at club level produce another brilliant team effort and could easily mount a Grand Slam campaign now. Kidney needs to either radically change the team to fit the current game plan or else go back to the drawing board and figure out how to get the best from these players. I for the first tme have doubts about his suitability for the job because we havent improved since we won the grand slam and in professional rugby standing still is effectively going backwards.
    I relation to the tip tackles Ferris is lucky he was yellow carded as he was still holding the player when his upper body hit the floor. The Bradley Davies decision was correct although I do not understand what people mean when they say Donnacha Ryan took a cheap shot (maybe I missed something).

    1. If Kidney doesn’t change his conservative approach to the game and we continue to get worse, I’m praying we go after Graham Henry. A foreign coach (whose previous team currently holds the Webb-Ellis) with his style of play might just be the change we need.

    2. The ‘cheap shot’ was Ryan slamming hard into the back/side of Adam Jones. A similar ‘cheap shot’ in South africa from Bakkies Botha, during the lions tour, left Jones with a broken arm. It is no excuse for Davies actions but this is what is being referred to.

    3. have a look at the cheap shot by Ryan on Adam Jones on the floor, he should be cited for that, although Bradley’s response was excessive the cheap shot resulted in Adam having to leave the field, but Wales did not whinge about that!.
      Ireland missed Brian greatly as the centres missed several tackles and Darcy in particular was lacking pace against the youngsters Davies and North.
      Still wish we did not have this contreversy though against our friends in Ireland.

  14. “Both teams beat England and Scotland this weekend”? Err, no they didn’t! They played each other, what are you on? Unfortunately for you, you have to actually play and beat a team to claim victory. Scotland played some aggressive, hard running rugby and couldn’t finish it off due to English defence; then England win by grinding out a victory, not bad for a new team who have had little time playing together.
    I for one am buoyed by the performance of the English boys and relish the day they click and open up the poor relations like everyone knows they will. Another era of English dominance is coming, enjoy your time while it lasts and stop cooking yourself so much humble pie for the not too distant future!
    Now, all that said, Roberts and North worry me immensely, as does Bowe for the Irish. Watch out for Denton (Scotland 8), he has skills!

    1. Read what I said again. “both teams WOULD HAVE BEATEN England and Scotland on this weekend’s performances”. I Know who played who!

      For info, I’m English and as far as THEIR performance is concerned, I thought they did what they had to do. A win was more important than a performance for them.

      1. I disagree, that was the failure of the last lot! Win at all costs. We are all hoping that in it’s infancy that this new Eng set up concentrate on the performance and the wins will follow. Much rather we loose to Ire, Wal & Fra by 10-15 points but playing attractive, positive rugby than grind out wins.

        1. Not the place to debate the England side I guess, but I will say that I think 8 debutants plus a debutant coach means that a substance over style approach was good enough for Week 1.

          However, I now want to see some rugby played.

    2. Another period of English dominance? Doubtful they will be dominant, but a good championship winning side is likely. Have to remember that the Welsh side is still young with plenty of development ahead of them, and France will always be dangerous. Unsure about the future of the Irish at the moment, but once Scotland finally harness the talent they possess they’ll be a pretty tasty attacking side. Me thinks you’re getting a little ahead of yourself.

  15. Even if a penalty hadn’t been given against Ferris, Wales would probably have landed a drop goal. They played the better rugby and deserved to win.
    When will Ireland EVER learn that if you kick away possession against good teams, you lose and deserve to, particularly when your tackling is feeble.
    The only things worse than Conor Murray’s infuriating box kicks, were Kidney’s usual lame platitudes after the game
    Ireland can play well ball in hand, so why do they persist in kicking??? It’s 2012, not 1992!

    1. I agree. As an Irish supporter I was particularly disappointed with the tactics, which appeared to consist of one or two phases and then the garryowen, irrespective of where they were on the pitch. Oh, and rather than have some local radio twerp on the mic, thoroughly pleased with the sound of his own voice, can we revert to someone with a little knowledge of rugby tradition, who shuts up the ignoramuses booing and shouting when a kick is being taken. Disgraceful.

  16. Lying in my hotel room reading all the comments about the penalty was it wasn’t it. . . All I will say is it makes a refreshing change as wales are usually on the receiving end of these decisions. Well done wales

  17. best team won but ireland need dk to go how he can still pick darcy is silly.o brien is not a 7,move ferris to 4 o brien to 6 o mahonny or ruddock to 7 and bowe to 13 with mc fadden at 12 and earls or d kearney at 14 for france game we might aswell try something different

  18. Did anyone else not think Fergus McFadden had a really poor game? I thought he looked really uncomfortable all game. I didn’t think D’Arcy contributed much either. Wales deserved the win, but I think Mike Phillips tendency to take the ball on so much will tell in some games.

  19. You only need to look at the stats to know that Wales deserved to win and had the referee asked the correct question about the Ryan Jones score and Priestland not missed the easiest kick of the match then the result would not have been in doubt. Bradley Davies should have been red carded but Donnacha Ryan should be cited for his cheap shot.
    Who will play instead of Davies should he be suspended?

  20. So Ireland lose and then we get to listen to father Deccie give us his homily on why and how we faltered in the game and its around now I begin to think that I dropped a tab of LSD accidentally in my coffee! Is it me who is hallucinating or does he not actually understand that Ireland kicked the ball back to Wales all the time? And it is no secret they are very large and big men who run rather quickly so you do not want to give the ball to; but give it to them we did – here you go Messers North and co, this rugby piece of thing us like it was a hot potatoe and since we Paddies only eat lasagne, we don’t need it! THat is how the script read and someone – maybe a head coach even – must have told the fellas in green to give it a right auld thump after you lob it around a bit in your own half; it is worrying that apart from the other and real challenges of playing this talented Welsh side, Father Deccie did not seem to understand that the biggest problem was giving us away possession; he muttered on about video analysis and work to be done when he really should have been earning his crust at half time by saying keep going through the phases, keep running at them, don’t give the ball away; and if this rant has any purpose and reason, it is to wonder if that dark time is not arriving when the coach should be called to shore and given a land lubbers job such as feeding the chickens (no – they don’t eat scrambled eggs) and collecting the nice rugby shaped eggs. Perhaps he could paint them green: but say it not in jest; if he does not understand what the problem was – then how can he fix it? Next coach should be from far away …. like Joe Smith … Sad this but I think the use by date is up on Kidney…

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