Post Match Reaction: Ireland 32-14 Scotland

Ireland beat Scotland convincingly in Dublin this afternoon – what were your thoughts on the game?

The first half saw 4 tries – 3 to Ireland and 1 to Scotland – but the second half remained scoreless for 25 minutes until Ireland ran away with the match.

Let us know your views on the match as if we were discussing the event in the pub!

19 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: Ireland 32-14 Scotland

  1. The first half was very enjoyable, and the Scots started fairly brightly. It was typical Scotland though…lots of possession and effort, but very little in the way of end product.

    The way Ireland went for the corner early on rather than taking 3 points reminded me of the approach teams used to have against Italy…we’ll win eventually, so we might as well score some tries.

    It feels like another missed opportunity of a tournament for Ireland. A narrow defeat at home to start with set the tone…just like last year, when if they’d beaten France at home, they might well have gone on to win the title.

  2. i said it 2 weeks ago to a friend of mine. “I’m done expecting anything from the scots” And another guy i know had an argument with me before the comp started because i said they would be fight the Italians for the wooden spoon.

    Fact is the Scots are not a good team. And every year some eeegit in the papers touts them as dark horses.

    On the game today, i thought the Ref had a good first 40 and then someone slipped him a brown envelope filled with pounds because that period of whistle happiness against Ireland was bordering on blatant idiocy

    1. Even though I was backing the Scots in this affair, I have to say some of the calls by the ref that went our way in the second half were ‘questionable’.

      The first half was not TOO bad from a Scottish point of view. They really let themselves down with a couple of moments of poor discipline but apart from that it was pretty good. The second half was a different story.

      The team have a good set of forwards, their half backs are more than competent for the task and their backs are pretty good, however, they don’t seem to be able to bring it together and then keep it together.

      Scotland HAVE improved beyond belief since Robinson came in as Coach, however, they seem to have stalled at a point where they exhibit much promise in the first half and then let it go in the second. The question is how they develop into a full 80 minute team and that comes down to coaching.

  3. I thought Leigh Halfpennys yellow card was a joke…and then I saw Max Evans’! Earls dive was straight out of the premier league!

    1. Evens had no business interfering with earls. NONE WHAT SO EVER. And while earls milked the touch ref some what it was only justice rewarded giving the idiocy of the 4 straight penalties against ireland by the ref 5 mins before.

      All in all it balanced out.

      1. That’s the problem with these donkey refs. All they do is f$%k it up for one team and then balance it out by f$*king it up against the other team or assisting the wronged team later on – they’re a disgrace, and rugby will never be a truly credible international sport with them involved.
        ALL they have to do it ref the games stringently according to the rules and they can’t do that… they just can’t do it.

  4. Is Richie Gray the worlds fastest 130kg human?

    Really enjoyed some of the Irish back play, nice depth on it with lots of runners challenging the line at pace. Made a nice change to everything being done flat and nullified at the gainline.

    I really hope the IRB find a way for 16 blokes to have a pushing contest that isn’t a lottery/farce/non contest that takes up 20% plus of total game time. I love a good scrum contest, I’m one of those who think a penalty try from a dominant scrum is just as exciting as a scintilating backs try. But it has to be one of the most important aspects of the game for the attritional, gladiatorial, technical and strength elements not because it takes the most time.

  5. On another matter. the rules state that a the tackler must release the tackled player upon reaching the ground, YES?? Yes indeed!
    SO WHY
    why the Fk was bowe not awarded his try? when the Scottish player held him in the tackle! and fine ok i concede that maybe it wa not a try, but the penalty went against bowe!!!!!!!!!!! When the Scot held him in the tackle and did not release

    And before some EEEEJIT argues with what i have just said! The Video REF clearly said it was BEFORE the line not behind it! So the Scot player sould not say he was holding him up! and neither can the ref! What a bloody clanger!

    And to think we go all the way to the southern hemisphere to get these guys to ref the game. And all they do is Fk it up!

    1. The rules regarding the tackle/tackled zone only applies to the field of play (ie without the try areas). The try line is considered to not be part of the field of play, therefore, the rules regarding the tackle tackled zone did not apply to Tommy Bowe or the scottish defender. The referee’s call in this instance was correct.

  6. good win for ireland and great to see ryan and o mahony doing so well the future is bright. I think its time for darcy to call it a day hasnt played well in years and is offering nothing to the team also o leary cant understand how he was in the 22 and then he comes on for reddan who was going well with the result of slow ball and poor passing

  7. I was bemused by Evans’ card. A tug on the arm warrants a recommendation of a yellow card from the same touch judge who decided that Bowe completely taking Hogg out 5 minutes earlier…was just a penalty.

    There’s an awful lot of consistency issues with rugby at the mo. Scrums are atrocious. Handling at the ruck is alternately tolerated or stamped on. Offside defences are policed strictly or not at all. Any number of clear decisons being horlicksed by “international class” referees and linesmen – no red card for the tip tackle by Bradley Davies (linesman AND Barnes getting the ruling wrong); Ferris’ yellow in the same game; North not being carded for slapping the ball out of play v. England; most of Poite’s performance in the Scotland Wales game. It’s making the game unwatchable.

    1. Dont know what game u were watching! Scotland played the dummy to hogg and Bowe thought hogg was getting the ball. So why would you card bowe? when scotland played that move for exactly that reason, to remove an irish player from the line. Also that move removed hogg from the attacking line thus both players had nothing to do the the pla going forward.

      How is it possible to compare that to the Earls penalty? You must have to really dig deep and twist things in your brain to find a comparison there.

      1. Disagree entirely. Bowe was way off the ball and knew exactly what he was doing. Slow down the support player so that they can’t join in the attack. It was cynical. What he didn’t expect was for Hogg to go down like the proverbial sack of spuds meaning the touch judge didn’t have much option but to call it back. It was a penalty IMO but only a penalty. Would like to see more of these awarded for cynical off the ball instances, but the refs and touch judges generally don’t see them BECAUSE they are off the ball, and the officials are following the ball.

  8. Some rugby blog this….where is the ‘post match’ Wales vs Italy thread ? the table topping team do not warrant a mention ?.

    1. Job done for wales, they beat Italy. And rang the changes to save their players for a possible playoff next week. Perhaps England will do you a favour today. I doubt it tho. But other then that there is hardly any reason to comment on the Wales, Italy match. Certainly no reason to be a moaning child about it.

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