Post-Match Reaction: Italy 15 England 19

A rough, unique encounter in the snow in Italy, but after trailing 12-6 at half-time England managed to battle to another victory thanks to yet another Charlie Hodgson chargedown let to another try, two in two weeks! Lee Dickson and Ben Morgan made a real impact, and Owen Farrell kicked magnificently.

What did you make of the game at the Stadio Olimpico?

11 thoughts on “Post-Match Reaction: Italy 15 England 19

  1. The game should never have been played. Thank God nobody was hurt,well done England bad luck Italy it does not matter the game was a farce.

  2. Italy: a missed opportunity! Bad luck for Martin (his Six Nations ends here!), too many mistakes on the kick, and an ugly second half.

  3. Pretty woeful all round. Again.

    Front row, pretty good.

    Dickson – good when he came on. Should start ahead of youngs for next game (unless flood is back at 10)

    Farrell – very good.

  4. Youngs struggled and couldn’t carry his team mates with him, England second row were good around the park but it took too long to make changes in the line out. It was bloody cold but not dangerous, the snow was slushy and soft. Partissi was everywhere, great to watch, the weather didn’t bother him! The Italians looked a good unit, they missed Castro who was playing like a 25 year old, question for Italy is why did they take Burton off??? he didn’t look injured.

  5. Farrell immaculate, Youngs disgraceful, Cole impressive round the park, Dickson must start!!! Nice to see Hodgson playing ok, although some poor kicks gave cheap ball to Italy.

  6. A bit rushed at times,weather against both sides, Youngs out of sorts, Dickson gave us more when on after 50 minutes. Front row superb against an excellent Italian unit. Gifted 2 tries,lacked firmness at Ruck, need to hog the Pill and gain the knack of keeping possession.
    referee blew early when we had the ball over the Line, fine margins as always. We didnt panic and played better with Morgan at No.8, Botha grafted and Farrell huge still need to get ball out to strike runners and clear midfield of Forwards, more players to clear rucks, but all in all A WIN AWAY. Do not knock it we are on a learning curve. Wales next.

  7. Not sure about all this love for Farrell. Great at kicking goals but i thought he was pretty poor in open play both with ball in hand or kicking for touch.

    We kicked far too much. If we’re not going to run on first phase ball on the halfway line against the Italians when are we going to run?

    Dickson and Morgan to start next for me. And I want a midfield of Flood, Barrit and Tuilagi. If they can show some form for club.

  8. England lacked urgency in the first half, gifting Italy with the second try that meant a marked change for the second as once more we were behind. The change at scrum half worked as did a generally more aggressive intent that helped England back into the game. The match could have gone either way, but we did well to win once more away from home. Italy are far from pushovers in Rome as we have seen before.

  9. Firstly a good win away with Barritt again a stand out performer. Constantly in amongst it and tackling like a demon. Youngs has had two chances now, and should be stuck on the bench for the next game. Dickson looks sharp and should definitely start the next game. Morgan was great coming off the bench, but though both Dowson and Croft were much better today. Would maybe start with Morgan against Wales and have Dowson on the bench, as he can cover the whole back row.
    Secondly, after watching some of the Leicester game, I think Flood needs more game time before knocking Hodgson or Farrell out of the squad.
    Leaving Flood out, but bringing Tuilagi back in (because we are lacking that creative spark in midfield), there are three possible combinations to try out.
    10. Hodgson, 12. Farrell, 13. Tuilagi…….10. Hodgson, 12. Barritt, 13. Tuilagi……..10. Farrell, 12. Barritt, 13. Tuilagi.
    Farrell has proved he’s not phased at this level, and like Hodgson has better distribution skills than Flood. Flood and Youngs compliment each other, but both need to learn to adapt to other players around them.
    With Dickson at 9, and Hodgson or Farrell at 10, getting better faster ball from the pack, and Tuilagi linking up with the back three, there is a serious potential attacking threat. Would be a shame to drop either Barritt or Farrell because they have the winning mentality that England need, but I feel it may be necessary create more try scoring opportunities, which against Wales, France and Ireland we are going to need.

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