Post Match Reaction: New Zealand 22 Ireland 19

Dan Carter’s drop goal snatched victory for the All Blacks against Ireland in Christchurch. It was a fantastic effort from Ireland, grabbing an early try through Conor Murray and 14 points from Johnny Sexton, but it wasn’t enough.

What did you make of this morning’s game?

13 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: New Zealand 22 Ireland 19

  1. Truly gutted for Ireland. O’Driscoll really is a cut above so to see him fall short against the All Blacks again is horrible.

  2. Wow didn’t think Ireland had it in them, what a shame they couldn’t hold on. Hopefully this will act as a wake up call to all the home nations. NZ are not invincible supermen they can be beaten.

    Well done Ireland for taking it to them.

    1. Benjit

      They could and did hold on. Reddin did not knock on and had this clear fact been understood Carter would not have been able to drop goal. If this is another case of the AB aura skewing referee sentiment then now must be the time to address the issue full on.
      Ireland were on top of that game and were beaten by the frailties of the man in the middle not the 15 players against them.

  3. Also shocked that the all blacks won from a drop goal. I was under the impression that those type of points were beneath them!

  4. Gutted – so close. A thousand percent improvement on last week, can’t say enough about the commitment of the lads, totally inspirational from 1 to 15. Competitive for the full 80 minutes, makes me proud to be Irish. Can’t bring myself to watch the replay after being at the game but listening to the commentary makes me think that Ireland has made an impression here after being totally outclassed last week. So looking forward to next week, Hamilton look out Ireland are coming

  5. Another great effort but once again as in the 6 Nations against Wales a missed long shot at goal allows the opposition better field position that they would have had if the penalty had gone into the corner and the pack run down the clock – Jonny Sexton needs to learn to play to his ability…

    1. pretty sure its the captains call!!! and johnny can kick 55 meter kicks great effort hind sight is a great sight. great performance.

  6. Ireland really took it to them and had them rattled. It was a real test match Ireland should have won they were the better team.
    This should give them great confidence going into the test next week
    The ABs are not invincible and Ireland pushed them to the wire

  7. These great games are increasingly subject to the capricious decisions of the referees. Owens, Rolland, Barnes – all deeply flawed in interpretation and sheer ignorance of scrummaging.
    The game pace has quickened over the past 10 years and 44 professional players and millions of supporters deserve the correct decisions to be made each time and if this can only be ratified by the technical overseer, so be it.
    Owens’ short-sightedness enabled NZ to be in a position for Carter to drop a goal and Rolland had a shocker pinging a dominant and rock steady English scrum whilst simply ignoring Bok binding frailty.
    Is it not now time for a second referee or for assistant referees to be given more authority – and responsibility- to intercede?

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