Post Match Reaction: New Zealand 60 Ireland 0

The All Blacks mercilessly pummelled Ireland in Hamilton to win the series 3-0, Sam Cane grabbing two tries on his first start in a sensational performance.

What did you make of the game?


13 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: New Zealand 60 Ireland 0

  1. The personel looked the same but the performance was terrible. You can only blame the referee for so much (and some of his calls were shite, especially the yellow card on Kearney) but even so this effort was so far removed from last weeks titanic effort as to be embarassing. Perhaps less time in Queenstown and more time on the training field, that’s obviously where the All Blacks were, and its where we should have been.
    SOB take a bow, another stellar effort in a forward pack that was totally dominated, BOD a sad way to end the series for such a great player – but on a happy note it’s been a great tour, me mates (old and new) have had a blast, met some great people, had some great laughs – can’t ask for more than that, except maybe just one test win, that’s not too much to ask for is it? – none the less I’ll take home some great memories of a trip of a lifetime.

  2. Cruden and Sonny Bill won this game in 30 minutes.

    All Blacks did the right thing not letting up the pressure, mercilessly scoring tries.

  3. Game was lost last Saturday when they called on Paddy Wallace. It was like Cruden and SBW looked at his at the target point for all the early attacks. Have no clue how he lasted 54 mins. Poite was garbage at the scrum missing Woodcocks 45° bore repeatedly – but he was not the reason Ireland lost.

    1. Fair call Pat, it wasn’t Paddy’s best game but in fairness to him he was put in an untenable position. A week ago he was on holiday in Portugal enjoying the sun and to be given the call up with minimal preparation time and then thrust into the arena against the most formidable side in the world was a no win situation. In that regard team management must shoulder some responsibility. But as the dust settles there’ll be some hard questions that need answering and no one wearing a green jumper walked off that field last night with their reputations intact. The Blacks were just far too good.

      1. Moroney how about u accept the fact the ireland played poorly and the all blacks stepped up and showed the reason y they are world champions, dont blame the ref, grow up !

        1. Bob – I merely commented on what was (even the Kiwi Commentators agreed) was a harsh call when Kearney was binned. And note I did say the AB’s were just too good, and had you even bothered to read my first post you’ll note I did allude to the fact that we were well below our last performance – so at what point should I grow up? Reasoned debate I welcome, but snide drivel is not something I find particularly interesting.

  4. You guys had us in all soorts of strife, had us in a jam the same way u beat australia last year in the rwc, luckily enough our games in good hands, with promising young talent coming through. Gave us somthing to think about, and needed to turn it around quickly in order to keep the respect with other teams from pouncing us.

  5. The All Blacks are just SO far ahead than any other international team at the moment. Full stop.

  6. Declan Kidney – the proverbial one trick pony. Ireland would have lost anyway but Kidney is always there to ad the poop icing to the cake. Could he not just go off and teach Maths again – all he’s good for.

  7. This team has been going downhill since the moment they won the grand slam…nothing positive or consistent has happened since then…if we are to accept this type of performance from Ireland or any 6natipns side then we accept European rugby is a joke…whilst its not the same our players are able to compete and beat regularly the best in europe regularly…the difference is kidney and his coaching staff who simply dont manage the sum of his parts (compare garland?)….there is only one game in town nowadays and that’s the world cup…kidney,rog,bod,poc,doc,darce, won’t be there in 3 years time so its time to make the big decision , all go now and ship a few hammerings n bring a young Hungary team to the next wc not one who somehow thinks the rug y gods owe them something ….am Irish and its now getting embarrassing ….

  8. Ireland isnt that far of the mark. Taking that game to heart wont do anyone any good. Playing like the way we did, would put any team off thea game. Get to the top five and that mark will be a fine one.

  9. The a bees dont want to confront the backlash of the country if they play below par and let a game get away. Everything rides on our last perfomance. We build a platform and work around it. Our media voices our public opinions and if they dont take note(three wise men, suposedly) they wont normally last very long. There has to be a bigger picture in order for the public to know wat there up to, and then find out if it warrants scrutinizing.

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