Post Match Reaction: Scotland 17 France 23

All over in Edinburgh, where despite some good patches and great performances from Stuart Hogg and Man of the Match Ross Rennie, Scotland have lost their fifth successive match. What are your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: Scotland 17 France 23

  1. well played France they toke the game by punishing the mistakes that Scotland made, but the France were weak on the left side.

  2. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.
    Accuracy wanting.
    Missed tackles.
    I know a manager or coach can’t do anything once players are on the pitch but we will never win matches like that. The six nations is gone. If we are keeping the Robinson-Townsend team then they need to bring in more of the youngsters. The ones they brought in have looked good.

  3. Flashes of good rugby,Well done Hoggy, You bring HOPE for the future.

    Todays word ,yet AGAIN! Frustration!!! Keep Working Hard!! Move On!

  4. Scotland cannot finish a game off. Until they learn how to do so, then it’s another bottom of the table 6 nations..

  5. Definite signs of encouragement there for the Scots. The loss of Blair affected their game- it tipped the balance in France’s favour

    France were typical France- not really playing to their potential but raised their game when they needed to for points. Dusautoir was immense again

    I think Ireland will fancy a crack at PSA’s side next week given what they saw at Murrayfield, even if the game’s away from home.

      1. The bad part is that they played 20% of their potential and got home by six points.

        If they played 100% every game, they could be bloody effin good and demolish every team in sight.

        Without taking anything away from Wesley Fofana and Maxime Medard, both French tries were essentially Scottish mistakes

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  6. It always depends on tg way you look at things. I honk that Scotland has a fantastic and ambitious game. Please don’t stop in the middle of the stream. We have done that too often in France! You can be proud o your team

  7. Scotland’s best performance so far if you ask me. We finally looked genuinely dangerous and managed to convert pressure into points, i thought the second try was a cracker personally. Stolen by Barclay and before France had time to react, bam, it was a try. That’s the kind of threat we need to pose if we want to stand a chance of ever winning this tournament. I was at this game and, on reflection, it didn’t massively bother me that we lost, purely because while we’re still making mistakes, there is signs of progress. We have to accept that this year may be a washout, but in 2/3 years time, if Robbo sticks at it and we get lucky with some more new players, we’ll be winning 3/4 matches in a tournament. Persistence is the key.

  8. I think Scotland played some of their best rugby for a while and they looked more confident. The French are a formiddable team – in size, speed and skill. I was sorry to see they had lost but it was a great game and the score was respectable overall. We did have some missed tackles which made us suffer; and in the the last 20 minutes from what I could see, it was mostly the substitutes that caused most of the errors. The new people coming through like Denton, Laidlaw and Hogg gives me hope. Richie Gray too has come from the World Cup. From the number of tackles, it seems like France let Scotland tire themselves out with effort, then the French switched up their game. I felt disappointed for Scotland after their effort but they should hold their heads high after such effort and result. They have definitely improved. Well done lads.

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