Post Match Reaction: South Africa 14 England 14

England missed a big chance to win in South Africa after Owen Farrell missed a late drop goal attempt, leaving the final score at 14-14.

What did you make of the game?

35 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: South Africa 14 England 14

  1. Danny Care and Waldrom prove they should have played all the games from the start. DC 20/1 first try scorer, cheers DC!!

  2. Gutted we didn’t win but well done boys you never gave up. Back to school for young farrell kicked too much during the match and 2 terrible drop goal attempts. Again some people have put there hands up. This is a young side they will have learnt a lot.

  3. Plusses:
    Commitment, team spirit, Marler, Johnson, Robshaw, Youngs, Care, Cole, Tuilagi, Brown, Goode, Foden, Palmer, Waldrom (just) and May.

    Not so good but worth persevering:
    Farrell, Morgan, Haskell, Hartley, Joseph, Ashton (much better today).

    Attack strategy, kicking game, Strettle, Botha, Mears, Parling.

    1. Parling? A fail? You must be watching a different game.

      Also Ashton was busier and better than since before the World Cup

          1. Ackfords ratings are terrible. Rarely bears any relation to the match. We got robbed about 4 times in this match alone.

          2. Didn’t see the game (boo hoo!) so can’t comment on how Parling played, but would say that Ackford quite often watches a different game to everyone else. I wouldn’t trust his opinion on any rugby matter. However planet rugby suggested Parling played fairly well and they are normally fairly spot on in my experience.

    2. How can you say Botha and Parling are failures??? Botha was awesome in defence and putting pressure on the 9 and 10 at kick time. Parling had a few wobbles in the line out, but I think that’s mainly due to some excellent play from the SA’s.

      1. Botha is a liability with the ball in hand. His ability to lose the ball in contact with far too much regularity. England seemed to play far better esp. in the scrum when Palmer was on.

  4. I think morne steyn messed the team spirit by reckless kicking. the coach did not change him and i believe that changed the game goes to show that this was the the blou bokke

  5. Why did England accept Walsh to ref twice? He is biased against England and showed it again with the yellow card which allowed s Africa to get back in the game. Grow up England and demand refs to at at least provide an even chance of winning. Would southern hemisphere teams accept refs that don’t favour them!!!

    1. Walsh is a tool but didn’t feel he was that biased either in this series or in 6n. Incompetent at times yes. No the real ar5e at the moment is Rolland esp when France are playing.

      1. “the real ar5e at the moment is Rolland” Hmm. You must have missed the first Australia-Wales game.

    2. Hartley deserved that yellow card. he had been repeatedly offending. But i agree that try in the 2nd test which went straight through the scrum was ridiculous. But i suppose the southern hemisphere refs are all part of touring the southern hemisphere. It will be different when they visit us in November. Can’t wait.

    3. Hartley deserved that yellow card. he had been repeatedly offending. But i agree that try in the 2nd test which went straight through the scrum was ridiculous. But i suppose the southern hemisphere refs are all part of touring the southern hemisphere. It will be different when they visit us in November. Can’t wait…

    4. Subjective, John, subjective. In the past, Steve Walsh has been heavily criticized in South Africa after what Bok supporters have felt were tough calls against us. You can moan all you like, it’s not going to,change a thing. I speak from personal experience…

  6. Lineout generally was a little disappointing. Scrum was pretty solid though and credit to Marler who seems to be improving.

    Care should be first choice 9 now. Waldrom too. Who knows what would have happened today with Robshaw playing.

    The lack of a world class 10 continues to be our biggest issue. Farrell had a bad tour. Flood better but not great. Why on earth did our best 15 spend this tour on the wing? He’s not a winger and shouldn’t have been there, even though wing is another position where we seem to lack class.

    Overall, a pretty good tour for SL with way more positives than negatives. Verdict on Catt’s influence? Mediocre I’d say. Bit tough to judge on just one tour and to be fair at times they looked better in attack than in the 6N.

    1. Why was Foden on the wing? to accommodate for Brown and Goode who shone. And to defend us from the aerial threat. Which saved us a try.

  7. The spirit engendered by Lancaster during the 6 Nations is still there, and that is great to see. Improvements were made all the way through the series. If we had attacked with ball in hand, as we did when we stopped the ineffectual kicking game, then we had more of a chance. Good to see new faces stepping up. Not a great game for the Boks,but a lot more positives for England.

  8. I think we come home with some credit in the bank after that.

    Whilst I don’t like Foden’s diminished influence on the game out at wing I thought Goode was positionally and tactically excellent. I also liked the way he joined the backline. If he can just work on his pace (as Brown has done) and offer a bit more threat as a strike runner he could be stake a serious claim for the shirt.

    Waldrom, carried more than rest of the pack collectively, not error free but the go forward he created was the biggest difference to last week. Tackled destructively too.

    Think Haskell actually added something to the back row, 17 tackles without a miss, and many of the destructive. Croft, Wood, Morgan, Haskell, Waldrom, Armitage, Johnson, Robshaw, Dowson that’s a lot of depth in the back row, which 4 do you pick for a 22 if they are all fit?

    A Palmer powered Marler definitely had his best afternoon in the scrum.

    At least we saw some signs of a game plan based around hard carries, over the gainline and quick ball. Thought Tuilagi had a great game in attack and defence, thoroughly enjoyed the sight of Bismark getting hammered backwards in Tuilagi tackle.

    When Farrell decided to pass it his distribution looked a little sharper, but the aimless hoofs downfield (I think the one landing just outside 22 for Aplon was just luck, sometimes you will hit a bull if you through enough darts) were the lowpoint of the performance.

  9. Generally happy with this tour. As stated above we have found players who want to and can play for England (and some who can’t). More work required but definitely a step forward. Still worried about whether SL has a plan about what type of attacking game we want to play, but he’s showed he’s got his head screwed on so am prepared to give him time to work this out.

    1. I agree with AJS and Benjit.
      ackfords ratings and artciles are toss. we could collectively write a better review.
      hes been doing it for too long!

    1. I think he’s pretty settled at full back. He brings a different dimension than a lot of other full backs. He doesn’t have out and out pace, but he does have a great eye for the space, and the ability to exploit it and put people in the right areas, and he has a good boot……to boot.

      1. Dazza – who would you start tmrw as Englands 22 on the back of tour perfomances, assuming all are fit including people like lawes, wood etc?

        any bolters in there?

        1. Interesting one! Can Palmer and Lawes call lineouts if picked together? Undecided on centre and wing. However if picked tomorrow:
          Cole, Hartley, Corbs
          Palmer, Lawes
          Robshaw, Waldrom, Croft
          Care, Flood
          Tuilagi, JJ (I’d let the pairing develop further)
          Ashton, Sharples, Foden
          Marler, Youngs, Parling (Struggling on this one), Wood
          Youngs, Farrell, Brown

          Am open to comments!!

          1. I like that team. I would really like Armitage in at 7 (He could be picked in the autumn and 6N) with Robshaw moving to 6. Only problem with that is line out time, no Croft or Parling. I’d like Morgan on the bench for impact and he is the future, but that would leave Croft out of the 22 all together. Then i would probably start Brown at 15 and Foden on the wing.

          2. Did consider Morgan and would like him on the bench but what if 6 or 7 get injured? Lawes to the back row? I’d like to try Armitage again, but if I was picking tomorrow Robshaw has played well as a 7 and Croft gives us lineout and attacking speed.

            Foden is the best full back and I prefer him there. Pick a wing for the wing. However it’s all a fine line and I wouldn’t have any issues if SL picked as you suggest

          3. Same starting 15 as Nick for me. Can’t decide if I would go for Croft, Morgan, Johnson or Wood on the bench though.

          4. am I the only one who thinks that ashton needs to be dropped? For May maybe? I’d also like to see Armitage at 7, with Croft and Morgan on the bench for parling and Wood. Between Lawes and Croft we have enough cover for 2nd and back row. I aslo think Farrell needs to go back to his club, but who else to pick is a tough one, especillay give flood’s fragility. If that wasn’t an issue i’d be tempted to have a wild card on the bench in Ford/ Burns or Cipriani (early season form permitting). However i would have Goode ahead of Brown as he is also a viable Fly half option, brown only covers one postion.

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