Post Match Reaction: Wales 27-13 Scotland

Two yellow cards swung the momentum towards Wales in the second half at the Millennium Stadium. With Nick de Luca and Rory Lamont in the sin-bin Wales blazed ahead, scoring 24 points in about 16 minutes and putting them out of sight, though Scotland did finally score a try for the first time in four games with Greig Laidlaw.

What did you make of the game? Let us know.

3 thoughts on “Post Match Reaction: Wales 27-13 Scotland

  1. awesome even with all the injuries,and the loss of our captain still won ! thought scotland gave us a big test ! strength in depth at last …. i believe !

  2. I think the loss of Warburton did affect us particularly in the first half , the Scots came to do a job and for the most part did it . However it seems that Wales can now cope with players being out due to their structure and game plan cue Cuthbert to step forward when North went off for instance .

    i think we can travel to Twickenham with some confidence which hasn’t been the case for a long time , it will not be easy and I hope Warburton is back but yes they should be happy where they are the moment.

  3. Our first turnover came in the 65th minute, which showed three things

    1) Shingler, though he played well in ‘his’ role as a 6, is not a 7 – showed plenty to suggest he is a quality back up 6/2nd row though
    2) wales desperately need a 7, shame Warburton and Tipuric were out injured, and warburtons was too late to call anyone up
    3) The ref was abysmal at the break down, refusing to let Welsh players on their feet and legal, challenge for the ball whilst allowing Scottish to hold on for far too long

    point 3) is mitigated by the fact he also allowed us to get our own hands on it on the deck a lot in the 2nd half, slowing a lot of ball. So not a biased performance, just one that had no clue about the breakdown at all

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