Premiership Grounds: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

KingsholmLast week’s poll about the best Premiership grounds was supposed to be as objective as possible, but there were clearly some strong feelings about various rugby stadia.

Fans of some clubs were competing to generate the most votes for their beloved ground, and with over 1,100 votes, it turned into one of the most popular polls we’ve ever run.

The Quins fans were the first to catch on, and The Stoop was the early frontrunner with a lead that looked unassailable for a time, with Alan citing it’s good accessibility and that the prices are reasonable – and 180-odd people clearly agreed.

It wasn’t long though before Kingsholm and Franklins Gardens emerged as the two favourite grounds, much to the delight of traditionalists like Rob Watson who was “glad to see the top two both being proper rugby grounds rather than shared football grounds.” The general consensus was that these are two fine grounds, and few would argue with the results.

Northampton’s ground was lauded for its unobstructed views with no columns in the seats, the fact that’s easy to get to, and the quality of the pork rolls were the subject of more than one comment.

But the winner of the poll is Gloucester’s ground at Kingsholm, with one third of the total vote. The atmosphere was regarded as a key strength – particularly under the lights according to LOTA, and on a “crisp winter’s day to warm the cockles” according to Tom – whilst the quality of the pubs around the ground was also a factor.

Other honourable mentions must go to Sandy Park, which probably would have been higher had more people actually been there, and to The Rec and the Madejski Stadium which both had plenty of support.

In a strange quirk of technology, Vicarage Road ended up on -1%. Even Saracens fans could not build a case for their ground, and EC1 could not wait for the club to move away, whilst waltham was “not looking forward to another cold winter’s day there this season.”

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5 thoughts on “Premiership Grounds: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. We all enjoy these polls but as said everyone was voting for there own ground. Mind you alot of people havent been away to other grounds just stay at home. How many Glos fans go to Newcastle, for instance.

  2. Well as a Saries fan/season ticket holder I think that -1% for Vicarage Road is generous. And I’m sure that not many Saries fans would have voted for their home ground. The only improvement I can see this season is the increased availability of Chiltern Ale straight from the barrel in most of the bars – which is great. Have to say that I’m hugely looking forward to the away game to Sandy Park – the only premiership ground that I’ve not been to.

  3. Well I’ve been to every Premiership ground quite a few times each, barring Sandy Park which I’ve only been to the once (I’m sure I’ll be there a few more times in the next few years, rather than the expensive trips to Kingston Park).
    I actually voted for Franklin’s Gardens as I think it’s the best ground. Kingsholm is of course is where I worship rugby every other week. I enjoy my view from the Shed (all be it obscured by those darn pillars) and quick and easy access on my bike allowing for a few pints in the plentiful bars around the ground. Kingsholm has a LOT more pubs close by than any other ground.
    Hopefully this poll will encourage more visitors to Kingsholm. Yes the atmosphere is vociferous, but very friendly! Gloucester has the better full package, Saints a better arrangement of bricks, mortar, steel and plastic.

  4. If the glaws fan doesnt enjoy the trip to Kingston Park because of cost, then think for the Newcastle fans who travel around the country who spend alot of money. And really Kingston Park West stand has been copied at the stoop and kingsholm.

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