Quiet times on The Rugby Blog during the Olympics

With the London 2012 Olympics getting underway – coinciding nicely with the off-season in Rugby – things will be a little quieter here on The Rugby Blog over the next fortnight.

We’ll still be keeping one eye on the Super Rugby final next weekend and will complete the season of Super Rugby predictions, but otherwise we’ll just be getting stuck into the Olympic action and resting up before a huge Rugby season gets underway.

Check out our British Olympian XV to get you in the mood…!

It’s Lions season!

From mid-August, we’ll be back with a bang as The Rugby Championship gets underway, and we’ll start the build-up in earnest to the Aviva Premiership and RaboDirect Pro12 getting underway in September.

We have a new editor to introduce you to, and we’re putting together a bigger and better team then ever to guide you through the year, all the way to Australia and the 2013 Lions Tour next summer. Get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

We can’t wait, and hopefully you’ll join us for the ride.


9 thoughts on “Quiet times on The Rugby Blog during the Olympics

  1. Nothing on the Sevens? Irrelevant to the main season, but an interesting and entertaining sideshow nonetheless!

    1. The Premiership 7s? I can’t seem to get too excited about it – the events make for a good evening by all accounts, but I don’t really have an opinion on it that’s worth writing about…

      I’ll be playing closer attention to events like the handball and 3000m steeplechase – very excited about the Olympics!

      1. Might be interesting to see which 7’s squad players have break out seasons this year, and maybe a prediction of which ones might shine – I appreciate it’s a bit late now, and as you say I’m off to the old smoke for four days on monday for a bit of Olympic spirit!

  2. just interested in the sevens for the rio olympics. will it be a g b team ?or will the scots and welsh send their own sides ? . they won’t have the pick of any n ireland player as rugby is of course an all ireland game and rises above the nonsense. going to be a big debate ahead i think. . golf i think will be in a similar position .

    1. There was a question about this in the Olympic delegation when they were deciding whether to let Rugby in. The British guy said that they were used to teaming up because of the Lions, so it wouldn’t be a problem. Then the Irish guy said, ‘well actually, Ireland will be entering its own team thank you very much’.

      I guess we’ll see a combined Scotland, Wales, England team and a separate Ireland team…to be confirmed I suppose.

      1. I think that Northern Irish players would have to compete for GB/UK wouldn’t they? Does anyone actually know who of the Irish team is from Northern Ireland rather than Eire?

        1. no the n ireland players will not compete for g b and ulster rugby have made this quiet clear . irish rugby is made up of four equal provinces and that will never change . and this has been the way since the 1870’s . there is no republic or northern ireland nonsense in rugby. and the will im sure find a sensible way round this as they always have done

  3. The irish olympic comittee might put their own seven aside team together from the top gaelic footballers ( similar skill set) and this would remove a big headace for the i r f u and let irish rugby stay clear of any political controvsey that might arise. This is being strongly debated . and let ireland focus their rescoures on mounting a real challenge for the 2015 world cup

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