Quinlan has himself to blame for putting Lions place in jeopardy

Alan Quinlan’s summer tour to South Africa is in danger after being cited for allegedly eye-gouging Leinster captain Leo Cullen at Croke Park during the Heineken cup semi-final on Sunday.

Alan Quinlan Gouging

Quinlan has been asked to appear in front of an ERC discipline panel after the independent citing commissioner, John Byett, decided the incident warranted further investigation.

If found guilty, Quinlan could receive a 12-week minimum suspension, which would rule him out of the British and Irish Lions tour which commences on May 30th. Previous eye-gouging cases include Neil best who received a 17-week ban and Dylan Hartley (26 weeks).

Quinlan was a surprise inclusion in the Lions squad over Tom Croft and Welsh skipper Ryan Jones. He was chosen for his style and character on and off the field but his presence in this year’s tour is now out of his control after a moment of madness.

A ban would force Lions Coach Ian McGeechan to make a second change to his squad after O’Leary was ruled out last week. If Stuart Barnes had anything to do with it, Tom Croft would surely get the call up, and some might argue that Quinlan has let himself down but has done a favour to the Lions.

What do you think?

By Callum Sheppard

10 thoughts on “Quinlan has himself to blame for putting Lions place in jeopardy

  1. I thought initially that he couldn’t see where he was putting his hands so might be given the benefit of the doubt. Then i thought about my 20 years of playing the game and the fact that i’ve never got anywhere near putting my hands in anyone’s eyes. You can feel where your hand is and he scraped up his face so he must have known what he was doing.

    He will be very lucky if he escapes a ban.

  2. I agree with Spike – having previously been the recipient of a few eye gouges I find it absolutely disgusting. It is simply an attempt to get the upper hand by disabling an opponent, with potentially devastating consequences. I haven’t seen too much of Quinlan prior to this, but if he did maliciously do it then it suggests to me that he isn’t as clever a player as others have said and we are better off with Croft on tour anyway.

  3. He should definitely not go on tour. Rugby has never been more popular in our neck of the woods, part of its increase in popularity is its incredible physicality, given and taken like men. Gratuitous violence has been refereed and cited out of our game, it is not acceptable and it is not the act of a man.

    We all saw what he did in a moment of madness to an opponent that could not defend himself, sadly for him he must face the consequences for something that he will regret for the rest of his life.

    If we lose in South Africa, we will lose playing hard and skilful rugby that is the way of the Lions.

  4. I agree that eye gouging is a bannable offense, however i really like Quinland and watching the match live with replays it seemed to me actually on accident. In the replay Alan’s face is in a fellow munsterman’s back. He is in fact not looking at Leo cullen when he does it. And in watching the motion it seems to me he was trying to pull Cullen by the ear. He reaches well across his face, but a jolt sends him back a few inches as he reached. It seemed he was trying to pull Cullen back by his ear but it he got his eye instead. I could be wrong but i honestly think it was unintetional. Unfortunatly i still think a ban is deserved. It happened, and although he probably regrets it, and it may have not been on purpose, i suspect he will not be in the Lions tour.

  5. I agree, Matt – I’m a fan of Quinlan and think he would be a great tourist, and there was footage of him apologising to Leo Cullen after the game.

    It appeared that he was forgiven as hands were shaken, but I would think that a ban will be issued – what sort of a message would it send out to young players if he got away with it just because there’s a Lions tour coming up?

  6. martin corry got a 6 week ban over an alleged gouging incident against the Ospreys, this even though there was absolutely NO video evedence to support it, a fact acknowledged by the disciplinary panel who banned him for showing a lack of sportmanship! Quinlan on the video evidence is dead and buried regarding his debut Lions selection! The video is clear as day and thats 12 weeks minimum, anything less is an utter whitewash and brings the game into disrepute! I would suggest even if Cullen speaks for him at the hearing (which I expect him to as he is a good bloke) that will only determine intent and not detract from the fact the action took place.
    Sorry Mr. Quinlan you are as guilty as OJ but cant afford his legal team!

  7. Looked bad at the time and if it was a French or Argentinian player there would be moral indignation and maximum bans demanded.I’m prepared to accept that he didn’t set out to do it (see Matts ear explanation ) but a ear feels somewhat different to an eye in my (non-gouging ! ) experience.The post match apology smacks of the amateur days when all these kinds of things were kept in house (and sorted out in the next game if necessary)but those days are long gone and in the case of gouging a good thing too.

    A ban along the lines of Corrys as mentioned could be expected.

  8. GUTTED.
    Quinlan isn’t a test Lion but knowing him and in my years of Captaincy/management an absolute must tourist. Geech will be pi**ed off.
    Commiserations Al’

  9. Listened to most of the worlds’ opinion on “Quinlan the Barbarian”.
    I do hope most of you have played our graceful and at sometimes brutal game????
    There for the Grace of God go I!
    Anyone to cast the first stone??????????????????????

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