Quinnell: “Sam Warburton is the best 7 in the world”

This Is The Game returns for the thoughts of Carling, Quinnell, Brooke and Henderson on the semi-finals, as well as the “expert analysis” of Chris Evans.

6 thoughts on “Quinnell: “Sam Warburton is the best 7 in the world”

  1. Okay, I didn’t watch video (and still didn’t), but repeat my comment, based on story title.
    GREAT respect for Sam, but at this RWC it is tough to deny Pocock so far…
    Tough for English rugby fan.

  2. sa has been the most consistent in this world cup …….pocock was awesome against the saffas because he was allowed to be by ref and oppo…he got away with murder…fair play he played the ref…it will be a great contest in the final with these two deciding the game…..from my mouth to gods ears !


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