Rate the match: Australia v New Zealand

Aus Vs All Blacks
We would like to know if you thought all the hype over the inaugural Rugby Championship was worth it.

This was a groundbreaking match as, not only was the Bledisloe Cup on offer but also at stake was the honour of being able to claim to have won the first every Rugby Championship fixture.

How do you think the game rated out of ten? Was it a barnstorming try-fest or cagey tight nitty-gritty match that turned into a war of attrition.

Rate the match out of 10 and then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Rate the match: Australia Vs New Zealand

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7 thoughts on “Rate the match: Australia v New Zealand

  1. Why did they appoint a referee from a third tier country to run a game between the two best running sides in the world. It was the worst game I have seen between two SH sides since the RSA stopped appointing their own match winners as whistle blowers.
    It is time we got a real international body to run the game rather than the racist Gerrymander aka the irb.

  2. Third tier? Harsh. Regardless of where the referees come from the old school of us must respect their decision, irrespective of if we agree or not. What I am sure we can agree on is potentially the two best running sides won today.

  3. Australia likes to see flowing rugby and the followers of league would have been almighty vocal of Rolland blowing his whistle practically every minute.

    That being side, New Zealand didn’t really move out of first or second gear and Australia never looked like threatening them. Beale, Genia and Pocock had ordinary evenings and the Wallabies’ constant handling errors cost them dearly.

  4. Average game. NZ played well, well below their standard and still beat the Wallabies. It’s a sad time to be an Aussie Union fan. They really are dreadful.

  5. Hard to get out of first gear when the ref stops the flow, “third world” nah, not really, just a ref more worried about the fall out than the actual game. The Wallabies were crap, but they were doomed before the first whistle.
    Best description I’ve heard was they (Aus) were trying to beat the ABs instead of mastering the basics, which is the only way to beat the ABs, get the passes, tackles and set piece right and you’ve got a shot, if you don’t do that theres is no better team that can and will take advantage of that.

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