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Rate the match: Lions v Brumbies

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What were the main talking points from the match? Who impressed for the Lions?

33 thoughts on “Rate the match: Brumbies v Lions

  1. Utterly pathetic from the Lions. How can a team full of NH internationals lose to SH CLUB side missing mosts of its best players.

    What a shambles.

    1. I don’t know Trevor but you could ask South Africa how they lost to a Leicester second team not so long ago, how Australia lost to Munster recently and how the All Blacks needed a last-minute try to beat Munster just a few years ago.

      And those aren’t even scratch teams that come together for a month every 4 years.

      The Lions were poor at the line-out and breakdown, the backs looked they’d not played together before (which of course, they hadn’t) and the Brumbies wanted it more.

      Fantastic defence from the Brumbies in the second half

      Best proved that Gatland was right to leave him out, ditto Grant.

      Gray is nowhere near the form he had when he first came to people’s notice.

      Matt Stevens can do a job but nothing more

      Hogg is not an international fly-half

      Shane Williams’ time has truly been and gone

      1. Hold on Pablito weren’t the All Blacks ill for that one, sorry just though I would get it in before Trevor the troll did……

    2. Probably a result of half the team being brought in a few days before the game, no time to gel. You can see the lion regulars brought a lot more solidity in the final 20.

      The lineout was a mess and secured no quick ball for Youngs to provide Hogg. Pressure was put on the backs and we lost it.

    3. Pointless game, pointless tour, pointless the gameshow is excellent, it’s pointless me commenting as I will not get a rise out of anyone, I have no other points to make feel free to point and laugh at me as i’m an idiot!

  2. Wade and Williams didn’t stand a chance today.

    Most of our possesion was coughed up at set-piece but what little ball the forwards secured was scrappy at best…. throw in to the mix a rookie fly-half and an ill-matched centre partnership and it’s a wonder the wingers even touched the ball…

  3. That was really unpleasant to watch. Really thought they were going to snatch the win though. Disappointing.

  4. Wag of Bank.

    Didn’t know jet lag was contagious, certainly infected the pack. With a scratch back line the pack needed to front up, not a game for the tight 5 to go AWOL.

    Congrats to the Brumbies, reaction on the final whistle shows what these “meaningless” preludes to the main event really do mean!

    1. To be fair though, consider the starting pack. Gray and Evans have been unconvincing so far anyway and Stevens and Best were immediately questionable and only one player in the tight 5 (Grant) I felt was a reasonable shout in the first place. A lot of work for one man to do. The backrow were admirable, but Faletau and Youngs having to work off what the tight 5 didn’t butcher was always going to be tough.

      1. Agree it’s the lowest ranked players in their positions this tour, but still experienced internationals. Hibbard made 4 tackles in his 24 mins, the starting front row made 5 collectively in 56. No intensity, no passion demonstrated.

        Faletau, possibly the most aggrieved/concerned at having to play a Tues game, goes at it non stop for the full 80. Check this out for a stat, Faletau made more metres that the other 12 forwards managed between them.

        No blame with the back line, they had nothing to play off and were scratch/retired/out of position. In some ways a useful exercise at it at least eliminates the option of Hogg proving test 10 bench cover.

  5. Why hadn’t Gatland called up Flood for cover instead of Twelvetrees he could have blooded him in this match?

  6. Tough loss, should have snuck it at the end but 2 errors from Murray cost them.

    Really interesting to watch the Brumbies at the breakdown. Unlike us they don’t pick 1 ‘specialist’ to try and dominate, the games moved on. There are 8+ blokes well co-ordinated trying to islate and create turnover and slow ball down. Blocking off the support runners is the major thing I’ve noticed this series, illegal but very clever, something we don’t seem to have worked out and could cost us come test time. Also countering in 3’s and 4’s when we want quick 1/2 at most man rucks. Outdstanding intelligence and discipline from the Brumbies forwards, out-thinking as well as outmuscling the Lions.

    Worrying as that pack can’t use ‘disjointed’ as an excuse, unlike the backline

  7. the Lions’ performance aside, that was a good game to watch. A scratch Lions team and a Brumbies side that saw an opportunity and took it.

    Before the squad was announced I called a Brumbies win in this game (among the 11% of superbru players), simply because I anticipated what sort of game it was going to be. Seeing the entire backline made up of a 10 that has played 10 once, 11-14 called up in the last 4 days and a 15 that while brilliant hasn’t had a lot of game time only confirmed it for me. Coupled with the 3rd best front row in the squad, it was never going to be an easy game for the Lions so well done to those who fought hard and did the work and Well done Brumbies. I don’t have a complaint about the game.

    1. PRECISELY! Not at all scared about the 1st test. Gatlands fault for not having enough backs in the squad or unlucky to have so many injuries? Makeshift, jetlagged outfit that didn’t stand a chance.

    2. I agree Wookie at the start of the tour even before the teams were announced I thought this was the game The Lions would loose, simply because The Brumbies are the best side in Australia and it was solidfied as you have outlined.

      Obviously the team for the tests will be vastly changed but I would expect a simular line up for the Rebels but with a better outcome.

  8. Banana skin indeed. But these things happen.

    Hopefully this will ensure Clive Woodward stfu for the rest of the tour. Too much to ask though.

  9. Meh. The loss, given the circumstances, is understandable – the team wasn’t a Lions outfit so much as a Barbarians one.

    The worry I would have is that players like Wade, Twelvetrees and Barritt would feel that they haven’t been given any real opportunity – they are pretty much bodies for this game and the Rebels midweek fixture. With no established 10 to control the game it makes it so much harder for any scratch team to gel in a meaningful way.

    Thinking of the test team I’d guess Cole, Hibbard, Corbisiero, Parling and O’Brien/Faletau have booked their tickets to the bench at least, while Gray, Evans, Best, Grant, Lydiate and Tipuric will be left the most disappointed.

  10. What I don’t understand is that it would seem the ficture list was done to mean that the matches got harder and harder for the Lions so that come the first test they are battle hardened. So why leave the toughest test until last and then don’t play any of your 1st pick players? Gatland put together a Baba side to protect the “test” team and has sacrificed a clean sweep and momentum. All I can say is he better win the First test to justify it! Otherwise it just devalues the Lions brand if they just ship in nearly half a team for one match!

    1. To be honest, it’s far from unusual for the Lions to lose one of the warm up matches, whether it’s because they’re protecting their best players or trying out combinations that don’t quite work. In 2009 they didn’t lose any, but drew with Emerging Springboks. In 05 they lost to the Maori, in 01 to Australia A, ’97 to Transvaal, ’93 to Otago, Hawke’s Bay and Waikato so you’re going back to 1989 to a tour where Lions won all of their non-test games.

  11. The only reason Gatland could have had for selecting that dog’s dinner of a team was the need to avoid injury to key players. in that, at least, Gatland was successful.

  12. Can’t quite understand why the game against the best aussie side was on the Tuesday before the first test – what sort of programming stupidity is that (or did the Aussies arrange the schedule – in which case, it is a stroke of genius on their behalf).

    1. Canberra is a logistical nightmare for the required television coverage for first rate internationals and lions tour games, also the stadium only fits 20,000 so it doesn’t deserve a Saturday game.

  13. Taxi for Best!

    Never been a fan, but I feel sorry for the guy as you could visibly see him loose his nerve as the game went on.

  14. Eng vs Wales in JWC Final. Both SF’s were considerably better than any of the Lions or England games so far.

    Why dont they get a mention on here?

    1. …. and he’s back …. next you’ll be claiming the U20s would have beaten the rubbish Lions.

    1. fact
      A thing that is indisputably the case.

      A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

  15. This was allways going to be a banana skin, Tuesday before the 1st test, the need to rest,protect the test players. Injuries, theres allways injuries and playing one of the best Aussie sides. This said it was a poor showing and from the body langauge it would appear that some of those playing they had assumed their fate as becoming ‘dirt trackers’.

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