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Rate the Match: England v Fiji

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25 thoughts on “Rate the Match: England v Fiji

  1. Reasonable performance from England and about as good a result as we could hope for. Youngs, Goode and Sharples were standout performers for me, a few things to work on ahead of next weekend (restarts in particular) but pretty happy overall.

  2. Just got back from the match!! Why do we have a load of northern hair cuts appearing on the pitch? Could anyone tell me why we have 7 Leicester Tiger players in the team and can someone tell Care that when he is playing for England dump tackles in full view of the linesman are just madness. The match was less than entertaining and not inspiring at all. I suppose they can only get better!

    1. I don’t think it was ever going to be a great spectacle – they scored 50 points though, so perhaps your expectations were a little high.

      The Aussies next week will be a very different story, but there were enough encouraging signs to say that England can win.

    2. I think we have 7 Tigers players because they are the best players in their position that we had available for this game. Is there something you particularly have against Tigers players?

    3. Absolutely nothing wrong with Care’s tackle. Assistant ref was looking at it from an angle whereby he couldn’t see that the player had already landed on the ground when his leg went above the horizontal so he made a poor call.
      T Youngs was excellent, i can see why he’s been fast-tracked. So were Sharples and Goode. Solid performance, something to build on in coming weeks hopefully.

  3. Satisfied with that. But concerned over England’s slow start. This has been a problem for a while. If NZ, SA or Aus had that start the game would have been over. We need to sort out our restarts and have to fly out of the blocks in the next few weeks. Was watching a dvd last night with some of England’s best victories in the the 90s. It was noticeable that the big southern hemisphere scalps mostly came when Eng started well and got a lead. Fingers crossed for next week. Ashton for Monye would be the one change for me.

  4. All those people questioning why Goode was in instead of Brown have hopefully had their answers today. I thought Goode, Sharples, Youngs (Tom), Robshaw and Cole were stand out performers today. Ashton for Monye would be the only change for me for next week.

  5. AVERAGE, PREDICTABLE. These are two words which have been used for England rugby for a while now , The turnout was ok but was expected as well!

  6. Apart from the first 10 minutes, as good a performance as we could expect i reckon. A lot of people picking out the headline performers, Youngs, Goode, Sharples etc. The guy I was most impressed with was Brad Barritt. I thought he quelled any doubts about him being able to carry out a more creative role in the midfield whilst also providing the wrecking ball that we know he is capable of. Tuilagi maintained his impressive try scoring form too so I really hope there are not the usual nay sayers about England’s centre pairing.

    Anyone expecting us to blow Fiji away by 100+ points is delusional. Fiji are a useful side. They can and will score tries against anyone. I think there was definitely enough there for us to go into the Australia game with a lot of confidence, especially considering the France result!

  7. I must admit that I was not blown away with selection of Goode and Sharples when the team was announced. I thought Brown offered more at full back and I thought there were better finishers available (I.e. Wade) for the wing spot. How wrong I was! Goofe was really influential as a second receiver and Sharples finished superbly. Role on the Aussie’s and I bet Ashton is sweating a bit now!

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the game for what it was. Never going to be a tense close affair. Some good skills on offer. Fiji scored the best try with a typical sevens type move, but I thought that there were a good number of positives on offer. All of the starting backline played reasonably well, possibly with the exception of Monye, (albeit not under a huge amount of pressure) and Charlie Sharples was my man of the match – two tries and nearly a fantastic third. Back row was good, and although I’ve moaned about Waldrom before, I think that he did enough to keep out Morgan for the next game. Second row were a bit too annonymous for my liking. Cole and Youngs did their jobs, but Marler was a bit all over the place, with some good work and some poor work in the loose. On the basis of this performance, would want Ashton, Corbisiero and Lawes back for Monye, Marler and Palmer. Before anyone says anything, I know that two out of these three aren’t going to happen probably in this series.

    About what we hoped for this week, and at least the team know that they have to step it up in the next few weeks.

  9. Pretty good, middfield improving but they had a lot of time on the ball.

    Next week is crucial, Aus are the weakest of the big three, we need to beat them to get some momentum going, SA I am hoopeful but they looked really good againsst ireland, no chance against the AB.

    This England team has a lot fo so so players. Some good ones now at least.

  10. Having revisited the match I think Waldrom did not have a great match. Some of his breaks looked good at the time but on reflection were at the expense of some glaring overlaps. I’ll forgive our props messing these up but not the back row. Morgan and Ashton for Waldrom and Monye. I also think that Care’s passing was abysmal. Would be tempted to give Youngs a start before deciding on the first choice 9 for the remainder of the series.

  11. I don’t know what else people were hoping for? Putting 50 points on Fiji is a very good effort. Back line looked very good, I would bring Asthon back for Monye but that is it.

    I think it was a good start; in particular the back line looked much more inventive with Goode at full back and stepping in a first receiver.

    I honestly believe we can win our next two. Obviously no chance of beating the ABs, all I ask for in that game is not to be embarrassed like Ireland were in the summer.

    1. I’d agree. A good game to warm up with, bearing in mind that the 4 main southern hemisphere teams are all fresh out of their main competition, with settled well trained teams. Although it is the middle of our club season, the international teams haven’t had the time together. This was obvious in most of the games but particularly the Wales Argentina game. Hopefully rust knocked off and attacking and defensive structures tightened up for the next bigger test.

      Ashton for Monye definitely. Probably means Charlie will have to shuffle over to the other side. Jury still out on Marler, both second rows, Waldrom and Barritt, but give them more time to state their case, particularly as there may not be any better options available.

      1. Jury still out on Barritt…….really??? What else does the guy need to do. How many centres these days, are that good carrying the ball, defending like their life depends on it, and working as an extra flanker to win ball??? I can’t see Jordan Turner Hall or Anthony Allen putting in performances like Barritt does for England. He may not be the most creative of attackers, but he consistently gets the team over the gain line, and stops the opposing team from doing the same.

  12. Decent hit out for the 1st game in a while. Agree that we need to start a bit faster but there were lots to be positive about but not so much that we feel that we can just rock up and expect to batter the Aussies. I think that as the series progresses, we’ll build up more cohesion and greater understanding between the players.

    Thought everyone had a decent game but agree that Morgan and Ashton should come back in to the side.

    All in all, decent start, plenty to work on but a good solid base to go off.

  13. Yeap Morgan and Ashton back in. Ashton for Monye.
    1 thing that does need to be picked up on is Tuilagi is still to greedy with the ball. I counted at least 3 seprate incidents when he had Sharples on his shoulder and instead of passing/off-loading it, he just ran it into contact or tried to do all the work himself. He has to understand he is not as fast as Sharples.

    Toby Flood should get a mention for how well he played.

    Also Aqupusi Engera was my man of the match for Fiji, outstanding performance!

  14. I would definitely change Ashton for Monye, and Morgan for Waldrom. But I would also seriously consider Launchbury for Palmer, and Vunipola for Marler.

    I like Marler but thought he had a very quiet game. Usually see him popping up in the loose making runs, but didn’t really notice any of significance in this game. I think Vunipola at least did enough to get more time on the field in the next game. Also did Marler go off with a slight injury?

  15. Overall a very good display, I thought, which brought about the things Lancaster was promising. Great attacking rugby at time, but I hope in future matches we don’t see the rustiness for the first 20 minutes.

    Front row looked very good with Youngs being the standout player there for me. Cole was immense, but the Youngs had an outstanding first cap, hit his man in every line-out, solid in the scrum and more than decent in the loose. As others have said, would expect more from the 2nd row, back row were great too, although Waldrom could have been a little more creative on the carry.

    As Quins fan it pains me to say it, but Monye needs to stop waiting on the wing for the ball. Easily outclassed by Sharples who like Ashton goes looking for the ball and seemed to pop up all over the park; he was brilliant.

  16. Thomas the Tank …13 passes, 17 carries, 48 metres, 2 defenders beaten, 2 offloads, 2 turnovers, 10 out of 11 tackles. and he had a ‘crap’ game??

    Ashton on for Monye, Launchbury to start, with Corbs on the bench (Marler starting).

  17. I am a Fijian and I think our weakness was the scrums. The majority of English tries came through the ineptness of the Fiji front three to hold the English off . . . thus the backpedalling backline and the advancing Roses . . . Fiji cannot show the lethal backline it has when it continually is moving back in the scrum. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to play in full huge stadium but we need to get back to the basics which we have been crying over the past two decades . . . and have not progressed one iota.

    1. Agree totally. Your set piece has been your weakness well forever. Your backs showed with two well taken tries that they will happily run, pass, score and entertain for fun, but you need the ball and more time to work as a team. Thoroughly enjoyed the game though and fun atmosphere in the stadium.

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