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Rate the match: France v Scotland

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What were the main talking points from the match? Who were the standout performers?

6 thoughts on “Rate the Match: France v Scotland

  1. Scotland were narrowly in control of that game in the first half.

    What lost it for them was:

    1. Michalak should have been red carded or at least sin binned for that horrific foul play on Stuart Hogg which, with France not having a Fly Half, would have turned the game around.

    2. Scotland lacked concentration at the start of the second half. France were on the counter and they were panicking and didnt recover.

    3. In that moment of panic there were no leaders who stood up and took contol. Scotland should have retained possesion and stuck it under the arm and played a narrow game until the French Resistance had died down and then opened up again.

    4. Scotland kicked away too much possesion and missed too many tackles. They showed at the end what they can do with ball in hand so why kick it away. Its baffeling

    And finally number 5 is: France needed to win that game. It wasnt a case of they wanted to win, they had to win. To leave the tournament with a table that read P5 W0 D1 would have been catastropic. The French had th mental edge.

    Scotland have improved no doubt about it and I think there is a lot to come from the basis of a good team there.

    Also how about Matt Scott as an outside shout for a place on the Lions tour. I think he has been fantastic this tournament in a position where there arent a whole heep of options. thoughts?

    1. I agree on Matt Scott. He has an outside chance. Roberts has not been on his best form, and although Barritt is great in defence, he’s not the best attacking option, which is what I think Gatland will be looking for.

  2. I agree on the mishalak part, he should of been red carded instantly and that would of changed the game period. However, i am interested to see if he gets any game ban’s after its been fully reviewed etc. The outburst with him on the floor, fair enough emotions run high & it happens. But they were far to long at it – yes the linesman who was told to tidy it up should have done – but come on this is international not school ground they should be professional enough to walk away – whether or not the ref noticed he gave 2jabs to hogg and that is way beyond red card.

    I think Scotland kicked away to much progression but also disagree in a way, I think the long distance kicks were a waste of time but I think after about 20minutes I would of told the lads they weren’t pushing the gain line with possession instead they should get there line sorted and chip over the top and have a few players running onto it as the french line was holding to much for em.

    Oh well the future is looking up for Scottish rugby im sure they’ll get a 6N win in the next 3-4years.

  3. Nuff well said, Shambie. Scott won’t go on tour I expect – too many counter forces at work. Kicking away the ball has certainly been Scotland’s undoing.

  4. Couldn’t agree more shambie

    Scotland kicked too much ball away, I think it was a strategy, they have the backs to hurt anyone, they need better ball retention and the courage to start using them.

    I would love it if Scott toured.

    A – he has been one of the more creative 12’s, with little ball to work with.
    B – his defense is under-rated
    C – After Roberts we don’t have any 12’s, people are talking about barrit, but jesus.

    I fear many deserving Scots will not go. It depends how many irishmen go on rep alone, it can’t be on the back of their performances.

    Scots I would take:

    if 3 of those guys go I will be surprised

    1. Beattie should go. Faletau is the obvious option at 8. Heaslip has lost form, Morgan needs to get fit and find form again, but Beattie has been excellent in this 6N.

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