Rate the Match: France v South Africa


Rate the match between France and South Africa, and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

Rate the match: France v South Africa

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8 thoughts on “Rate the Match: France v South Africa

  1. Way to many poor kicks, we work hard to get the ball and then give it straight back to the opposition and more yellow cards. Discipline a little shody and that’s the difference between being no 1 and 2

  2. I think Robert is right to a degree, our discipline at times – Francois Louw again being sent off, poor discipline this time let him down, professionals should not react like that, let the captain deal with it, he was the one smacked on the head.

    I think for me again, the biggest let down was the inconsistency and lack of decision making skills of the referee. Wayne Barnes was very quick to award a penalty in the breakdown for holding to France but took ages the other way. The try in the second half was clearly a try, the ball went backwards, but it gets turned down – do these guys need glasses?

    The refereeing standards need to get better, the games and results are being affected by their lack of decision making skills and their inconsistencies when they do make decisions. The best team won last night, but the game from a spectator’s point of view could have been a whole lot better.

  3. Another totally boring match of “physicallity”, predictability, poise and purpose. A bit like fridge freezers in a ballroom. . The scrums and the constant video referee referrals are killing the game. Soon the lineout jumpers will be offered step ladders to get even higher. With all these stoppages the games are denied impetus.

    In contrast the Rugby league was dynamic and exciting,

  4. “In contrast the Rugby league was dynamic and exciting,”….

    Ha ha, hilarious. Run, stop, wiggle. Run, stop, wiggle. Repeat until you kick. On the off chance you’re in oppo 22 try a pass, especially on last tackle as there’s nothing to lose…

    While I admire the skill levels and intensity of the players involved I find it constantly boring to hear people try and say RL is better than RU in the same way that RL fans will find my assessment above boring. They’re two different sports. This blog clearly follows one of them. Comparisons are boring. I’m sure RL fans we happy enough with their game, they shouldn’t give a toss which is “better”.

    1. I’m going to stand up for this one. I’m not a RL fan at all, but I still loved the England semi, that I think was being talked about above and think it was more exciting than this game of RU. You can have boring games of union and exciting games of league. They’re not mutually exclusive. Not sure that I would ever pay to see a game of league, but on this occasion the point was valid.

      1. I understand Staggy, but my point is that I find such comparisons boring and too often prejudiced – RL fans like RL, RU fans like RU, some (usually the minority) like both. Too often I read rubbish from one side or the other about how their sport is better cost of X, Y, Z. They’re too different sports and for me the comparison is as redundant as comparing Rugby to Formula 1. If you’re happy with RL then great, but as Pablito has pointed out, that game had issues of it’s own that needed no RL comparison to highlight them.

        1. Ooh, terrible typos in there, should have read “…about how their sport is better cos of X, Y, Z. They’re two different sports…”

  5. I’m with Brighty on this. There’s only so much league I can watch as it all gets so same-y

    However, Swiftsure is right to crtictise the never-ending use of the TMO and the scrums in this match. Christ it was painful

    Barnes seemed unable to make any decision whatsoever unless it was backed up by the replay, had absolutely no control over the scrum and seemed to have forgotten the new scrum rules.

    All IRB refs should be sat in front of Nigel Owen’s performances from the NZ/SA game and the weekend’s Ire/NZ game and shown exactly how a proper ref does things

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